6 Australia's monuments

Australia.... what the first thing which come to your mind when you heard about Australia? Well.. first word that come to my mind when I heard about Australia is Kangaroo. Yes... Kangaroo is the first word that I remember about Australia. But don't ever think that only Kangaroo which you can find in Australia, there are many unique animals too. But I don't want to discuss about animal now, I want to discuss about monuments in Australia. There are 6 monuments to see while traveling in Australia, yap let see all of them.
1. Sydney Opera House 
Sydney has been voted as the "worlds best city" for the 10th time in a row. Sydney have many attracted places from gorgeous beaches, the best harbour in the world, world renowned shopping and rich of history. Of course Sydney would not be complete without its 2 biggest icons - the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.  The best view to climb to the harbor bridge is at sunset time, the view will blow your mind! Sydney Opera House located on Bennelong Point in Sydney, Australia, this magnificent ship-like structure is a monument you really must see to believe. Designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, this amazing vision took 14 years to construct and wasn't open to the public until 1973.

2. Sydney Tower 
If you like high place and like to feel like walking in the sky then you need to visit Sydney Tower because The Sydney Tower is the tallest building in Sydney and it is also have SKYWALK the highest Sydney outdoor adventure. Sydney Tower also have alternative name as Centrepoint, AMP Tower, it has 360 views of Sydney. The SKYWALK is 260 meters above Harbor Bridge, they said it is the best view of Sydney. I think it will raise your adrenalin because you will walk on glass floor. But don't worry they said it is the most safety tower in the world and you also will be in fit with skysuits.

3. Australian War Memorial
Why we need to visit Australian War Memorial? Because the Australian War Memorial is Australian nation’s most solemn place of tribute, reflection and commemoration to 102,000 of their fellow Australians who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their nation. It is a place for all Australians to show their respect for those who served and did not come home from the battlefield.
The Australian War Memorial contains the remains of the Unknown Soldier, symbolising the thousands of Australians killed in northern France with no known final resting place. The Memorial is home to the nation’s pre-eminent collection of military history, including the famous ‘G for George’ Lancaster bomber responsible for bombing raids in Europe during World War 2.

4. Shrine of Remembrance
The Shrine of Remembrance set in park lands, dedicated all those who have served in the Armed Services and enlisted in Victoria. The monument comprises the Shrine and forecourt, a post WWII conflict memorial, the Eternal Flame, Cenotaph and flagpoles. Upon closing each day, the Last Post is played as the Australian flag is lowered. The Shrine is a building listed on Heritage Victoria’s Buildings of Significance Register.

5. Quarantine Station 
If you like ghostly place than I think Quarantine Station is a good place try to visit.  Quarantine Station  is a historical monument was once a temporary home of sorts to immigrants arriving into Australia. For many, it was a short-lived residence – a safety measure put in place to prevent disease and infection from being introduced to the people of Australia. Others were not so fortunate – it was here that they met their untimely deaths. Scary... 

6.  Dinosaur Stampede National Monument
In the heart of Queensland at Lark Quarry Conservation Park, you could find the only trackways of a dinosaur stampede recorded in the world!!! It is AMAZING, and it's more amazing knowing that most people in the world, even in Australia will never see it. The site has been preserved by being sheltered from the elements and wildlife, in an environmentally sound building. It is truly a breathtaking site that it is recommend for everyone to see if they ever get the chance.


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