Wisteria Tunnel, Japan like a fairy tale garden or Avatar Tree of Souls

Back when I was watching the movie Avatar, I was amazed with pink trees where they gather the energies. Pink tree is called the Avatar Tree of Souls. I never think that there are several parks in Japan like Fuji Garden Kawachi, Wake Wisteria Park and Ashikaga Flower Park which has a tree that is also very amazing. The tree has white flowers, pink and purple. The beauty of tree's flowers make Avatar Tree of Souls like really exist. Flowers of this tree blooming after the celebration beautiful floral of the cherry blossom or sakura matsuri which is famous throughout the world. Celebration of this beautiful floral is called Wisteria Tunnel or fuji matsuri. Generally fuji matsuri flowering from mid-April to mid-May.

Here are some collection pictures of fuji matsuri, credit to http://www.buzzfeed.com. 

What do you feel after seeing those pictures?
It is amazing like fairy tale, isn't it?  And the last picture and before the last which are made me remember the Avatar movie. Here is one picture of the Avatar Tree of Souls. 

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