Traditional Javanese Wedding

Finally I have passion to write a post about my sister wedding party and celebration. My sister wedding was held in February 12, 2012 and it was great wedding party. What I can say about my sister wedding is a sweet moment and sweet memory celebration because it was been waiting for long time finally it was happened. I didn't think before that my father arranged the party as great as that, I just see everything done. Ya.. surely I also help to arrange the party also (^_^). 
My family feel honored because many guests also came even guests from other country also came, they are Yhsun jiejie and Clarise jiejie. Yhsun jiejie and Clarise jiejie are from Taiwan, they are specially came to Indonesia to attend my sister wedding party. Yhsun jiejie was sister teacher when my sister learn Chinese language in Taiwan. Many thanks for them because they attended to the celebration make my sister wedding more life and more fun. Yap... because we feel so special because of their visit.
Ok.. come back to talk about my sister wedding party. I know this kind of celebration maybe out from travel topic, but I want to share that my sister wedding party also was held in traditional Javanese wedding ritual ceremony so for people who love custom and cultural maybe my sister wedding party like something that need to know. My sister wedding party not very traditional but also quite modern with Muslim style. Ok..let start to talk about the wedding  ceremony.

The marriage settlement (Akad nikah) 
I didn't see the akad nikah ceremony because I was being make up even how my sister was looked like I also didn't see because when my make up already finished, the akad nikah also already finished. But don't worry because we have the pictures and the video about it also. The akad nikah is in Javanese Muslim style, my sister wore white dress called as kebaya. Here is the picture:
When the  groom gave the Muslim praying cloth (I designed it)

Akad nikah dress (  I want to wear it in my wedding too)
The wedding party
In my sister wedding party (reception), my sister wore red and silver dress. She was looked really beautiful.
When my sister in red

The ceremony were like this:
When my sister in silver
That boys bring ornament that called kembar mayang (twins coconut flower)
Master of ceremonies (introduce groom's family to the bride family)

The groom came from my neighbor home then they are met in in front of my home. Before the bride and the groom made, they have to thrown rice. Thrown rice are symbolic that before Adam and Eve met they thrown stone to the each bushes they found then finally they met.

Prepared stuff before the bride and the groom meet.
The bride and the groom met, the groom is giving flower to the bride 
The groom step on egg (I don't know the meaning of this ritual)
The bride washing the groom feet
(Maybe it is symbolic that wife should give dedication service to husband)
The bride's father bring the groom and the bride to place where they have to put
(maybe it is symbolic that parents should treat their son of law like their own children)
The mother giving blessing to the new couple

The groom is giving rice to the bride
(Symbolic that husband should giving basic necessities of life to his wife) 

Giving the rice to the bride parents
(Maybe symbolic as the groom ready to care the bride)
The decorations:
My sister's hair decoration

The throne of the bride and the groom

The gamelan (Javanese traditional band)
The singers & gamelan

The stuff complement
the blessing rice
My other grandma arrange the small stuff, in Javanese they are called "Cok Bakal"

Rice for the couple

Food that put in the roof

Bonus pictures:
The man called as "cucuk lampah", this man followed by 6 girls and 2 boys
(2 boys called "manggolo yuda", 6 gilrs called "putri domas")
The kids in front of couple called as Patah
The receptionist
My brother, Yhsun jiejie, My sister husband, My sister, Me and Clarise jiejie


  1. Weeeh....ternyata ribet yah pake adat Jogja, kebayang gimana capeknya setelah acara, sempat malam pertama-an gak yah sehabis pesta pernikahan..hehe...

    Aku aja yang sangat-sangat-and sangat sederhana cuma sehari selesai juga cuapeknya minta ampun and hampir gak sempet malam pertama-an, untung aja suami siap perang jadi tetep indah meskipun udah ngantuk dan super capek....upz...*ntar Xc malah jadi pengen cepet2 married nih

  2. Wah.. mbak jovie mampir lagi. ya begitulah super capek. tapi setidaknya cota2 bapakku terlaksana

  3. selamat ya mbak eksi.. mbak nya dah nikah,, selamat menempuh hidup baru, hehe..
    mbak xc kapan nih.. xixi..
    oya, kok postingan nya yg baru kok di apus yak?

    Thanks nov.. nggak dihapus cuma ganti tanggalnya aja.


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