When the design and the results do not correspond

My sister will be married on February 12, 2012, my father went to order the wedding invitation card but from of all the examples given by the office printing, none of us liked it. Then I tried to design the wedding invitation card by myself. After I finished designing, I point out to all of my family member if they like my designs? And guess, they all loved it. After that we bring the soft copy design of the wedding invitation card to office printing. They said the pixel of my wedding invitation card design are broken, and change my wedding invitation card design. They said the results of their design and mine are exactly the same. They do not show the results of their design after the first printing, but they immediately send the entire copy of which amounted to 1500 pieces. Actually I was disappointed with the results of their wedding invitation card design, but since 1500 pieces have been printed, it feels too cruel if I refused and asked them to replace exactly as same as my design. Finally, like or not, we  try to accepted invitations printout.
Perhaps you ask how and why the design and the result can be not the same, the answer may be on his printing machine which is still manual and archaic that is not yet using digital printing. It is disappointing when the design and the results are not in accordance with the request that we want. But because it was printed as many as 1500 pieces, whether we will reject it? Actually for me to print a little expensive but the quality is better than  the resent printout, it doesn't matter. But see, the mold is really bad quality, both paper and coloring. I was disappointed but had to accept and I promise not want to use these printing services again. And don't want to recommended him to anyone. Yeah... we can order other printing service but how about the 1500 pieces of mold? Not only the mold that useless but also we will lose more money.
Here are the pictures between design and results.

not maroon but red bright

not maroon but brown

Maybe his design better than mine but I like my design more.

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