Tips on Choosing Equipment : For backpackers beginners

Interested to have vacation trip with backpackers style? Backpacking is an economical vacation alternative and promising an exciting of adventure.

To have success backpackers vacation are always supported by adequate equipment and supplies. Backpackers who already experience certainly know how to choose the equipment and what is important to carry on. But who don't have any experience may be confused, mostly who are not have any experience bring the useless equipment. What must be remembered, chose equipment must be careful because that's what determines comfort or even safety of a backpacker.

Well here are some tips specifically for backpackers who want to try or a beginner, we will give some tips to make you do not wrong to buy the right backpacking gears.

Tip # 1
Prioritizing the essentials first. If you want to buy equipment, buy the first primary needs such as backpacks (no bacpack no  successful trip), sleeping bag, appropriate clothing with the destination conditions, emergency tents, hiking boots, stove and bb, matches, compass or GPS, and first aid kit.

Other items such as portable radios and camping chairs, truly make the trip more cool but it's not the major needed. Without those things we still survive right?. So, first thing first. You can choose others complete primary needs by yourself. Create a checklist so there is no good that maybe forgetfulness.

Tip # 2
Always high priority. Do not buy just because it is cheap. The true backpackers know exactly if the equipment must be brought really able to function optimally. A good quality equipment usually more expensive, but if buying a cheap equipment it may be broken too fast so it is just the same, perhaps even more wasteful because it must be replaced. Sometime buy a cheap equipment can make sense of annoyance or panic because the goods are suddenly not functioning when needed.

Tip # 3
Try to brought simple and not too heavy. For backpackers, three things are important for items that are brought; performance, durability, and weight. Expenses that are not too heavy enable us to walk further and faster. It indeed takes foresight and experience. The more often we are backpacking, the better our ability.

Tip # 4
Adjust to the conditions with what we will do it later. For example if just going hiking during the day alone, do not need to bring too much food and tents. But if you want to go in the forest or the edge of the mountain until a few days will definitely need to bring full equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and clothing to withstand cold weather.

**More tips
because we will have trip use bakpack so as much as possible we have to bring enough stuff but so essenstial need and also specialy created for traveling indeed.

goods that really important to bring:
1) backpack + the raincover (if rain sudenly then the goods inside the bag will stay safety)
2) travel towel (it is travel towel which made with microfiber material, it is so thin, compact and easy to bring for everywhere because it is not weight and no need wide space, plus easy to dry but also have power to easily absorbed water)
3) pans specially for travelers which made from material that is easily washed and dried quickly (a lot in store of traveling gear, there are some short-long reply)
4. if want to go for long travelling, don't bring too much clothes, avoid to bring jeans
5. bring sling bags to carry small essential goods that often be needed ie: passport, wallet, camera, hp, etc. So yo don't need to be mess when need them.


  1. berarti bawa aja yg simpel tapi berguna di sepanjang perjalanan
    membawa 1 backpack lalu berkeliling

  2. @attayaya-warisan
    Iya... kalau bawaannya banyak akan bikin kamu cepet capek then kamu gak bisa menjelajah lebih banyak.


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