Stay stylish, holiday packing tips for girls

Stay stylish during the holidays does not mean to bring the entire contents of your closet. Simply select a few luggage that right and you really need because you do not need to carry a heavy suitcase. The key is easy. Before packing, determine the purpose of your trip: business or vacation?  Then select them:

Convenience is the key to enjoying the holidays. If you go on vacation to relax, just take a thin T-shirt and comfortable pants. Choose a large bag containing equipment such as a snack or relax to your favorite music player. 
When you go in business to tropical places, just leave a heavy jacket. Neat-cut dress that looks good enough for professionals already worn when meeting with clients. Choose one official bag large enough to carry documents and all purposes. Bring a neutral color that can be worn with different outfits. 

Mix and match 
It is important for determining the weight of your suitcase. No need to bring five pairs of clothes for five days vacation. Select superiors and subordinates in basic and neutral colors to be easily combined and match - so you need not bother to bring a lot of clothes. To eliminate the boredom, take cardigan or pashmina to add color in your appearance. 

Accessories are important elements to eliminate boredom while solid-match. Red dress that you already use on the first day will surely look different with the addition of a chunky necklace or a scarf with bright colors. Surely accessory takes up less space in your suitcase to bring extra clothes rather than one pair.

Try bringing a lot of clothing that is easy to switch functions. Black jeans or plain dress can be easily changed from casual to formal with the right accessories and shoes. Sometimes you do not anticipate a formal event in a vacation. Dark blue dress that is fun to wear on the beach during the day, could turn into a semi-formal with the addition of jewelry and high heels are gorgeous. Likewise with black jeans are comfortable for walking when combined with a tank top and sandals. But the casual impression could disappear if these black jeans combined with a formal blouse and shoes. 

Choosing shoes is one of the hardest part. Bring a maximum of three pairs of shoes and sandals. Three types of footwear that is required is: lightweight sandal for casual, comfortable flat-heeled shoes for a walk, and a shoe with just the right fit for the show semi-formal or casual. No need to force myself to bring gym shoes, if not definitely be used. Swimming is a sport the right choice for the holidays because not need much equipment. 

Beauty and care tools 
Bring the beauty equipment sufficiently. Generally, the hotel provides toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, even a hair dryer. No harm in checking whether the facility is available at your inn. Beauty of the most important equipment for a vacation is just sunscreen and body moisturizer. For make-up, simply take the powder, mascara, and lipstick. If you need to bring toiletries, bring a small suitcase so you are not getting heavy and dense. Especially if your bags are taken into the aircraft cabin. Maximum volume allowed for one bottle of liquid was 100 ml.

Beaches with the most charming of sand color in the world

Everyone will surely enjoy the symphony of sighs swept up when the light wind and the roaring sound of the waves that framed fine white shining sand. But one day maybe we will find a beach with sand that is not white color and texture of strange, who knows the beach with sand colors and textures are a little different or strange because this is your first time I saw it actually even make your vacation more memorable. Maybe you'll think of which would color sand a strange and unusual you see this coming? Of course instead of food coloring or dye cloth, but from solid minerals and other earth materials are destroyed thanks to the linkage between the onslaught of waves connected with the earth's surface until finally menggerusnya into small granules. And from the cool glow of Hawaii to California, he's four sand beach with the most incredible colors.

1. Green sand beaches in Papakolea, Hawaii
 Papakolea beaches rich in mineral olivine (one of the main elements generated by the deposition of volcanic lava in Hawaii) has a curve that was almost like a cone-cylinder sand-colored dark green with a surreal, spread like a prairie. This beach can be found in the south of the Big Island, protected by a fairly high hill. There are only 2 beach in the world which have green sand color, Papakolea has one of its.

 2. Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California
At night, when moonlight bouncing off slowly, then the manganese particles that color the sand until you see the purple will look luminous, and its reflections on the water surface looks like the aurora. Stretches from the southern coast stretches to the north, the color of the sand will gradually appear more and more concentrated. In daylight, the color still looks stunning. 

3. Pink sand beaches on Harbour Island, Bahamas
 Sand in the area of ​​Harbour Island is made from natural formula that consists of little pieces of coral, shells, and the calcium carbonate of marine invertebrates is very small, as well as additional secret ingredient content of Foraminifera, a microscopic amoeba that has a shell body red or bright pink. With patience which only the nature, process millions of years produce a grain of sand beach that looks beautiful, flushed pink.

4. Red sand of Kaihalulu or Red Sand Beach on the Island of Maui
 Located on the far side of Ka'uiki Hill south of Hana Bay is Kaihalulu, better known as Red Sand Beach. The sand gets its red-black color from the crumbling cinder cone hill that surrounds the bay. Swimming is poor except when the ocean is very calm. The path to the beach is slippery due to the crumbling cinder and pine needles from the ironwood trees. But the view of the red sand against the blue sea bracketed by the green ironwood trees and a rocky lava sea wall is unmatched! This beach is very isolated and nude sunbathers sometimes visit the area.

 5. Sandy beach glass at Fort Bragg, California
 Locations that had once been a garbage dump has now become one of the manmade beach of the most stunning in the world. The process of tidal beach that has been running for several decades has been smoothed shards of glass to become comfortable jagged crystal grains in the foot. Gravel expanse of glass that conspired with a grain of sand Fort Bragg is one of the tourist destination you must visit among all California Cities.

 6. Punalu’u Beach on Hawaii ‘s Big Island
 Punalu’u Beach is the most visited of the few black sand beaches on Hawaii ‘s Big Island and the stunningly black sand is actually volcanic rock, deposited as lava and subsequently cooled when met by the ocean. Apparently to take any of the sand home would result in being cursed by a volcano goddess by the name of Pele.

Objects that should be taken when traveling

If you are planning to go on vacation, at the end of this week or at the other leisure opportunities. We recommend that you prepare the things that make your event enjoyable and traveling with comfortable. These tips are quite important, namely that the event your travel fun and comfortable, there are some things that should be taken such as clothes, towels, toiletries, and some other items that must be taken. As quoted from the Times of India, here it is eleven items that must be brought.

1. Sunscreen or Sunblock
Want a vacation to the beach, mountain or city, sunscreen or sunblock is a thing that must be taken. Exposure to the sun's rays can still damage the skin even though the climate was cold.
Many thought that the sun block is same with sunscreen. Actually these are two different products. Sunscreen, as the name suggests, serves to filter (screen, filter) ultraviolet light. That is, sunscreens absorb some ultraviolet radiation and reduce the harmful radiation to the skin. Therefore the experts classify it into chemical products.
While sunblock, as the name suggests, serves to block or reflect ultraviolet light. Sunblock contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that reflect UV radiation function. The protection provided sunblock is physical and can only block the UV-B rays.
Choose creams with high SPF, at least SPF30. For hiking activities or activities in other places very strong sunlight exposure, select a SPF50. Sunscreen with an SPF of 70 or 90 does not really improve the protection of the skin, and your skin is exposed to chemicals even two or three times as much.
P.S. You can use sunscreen or sunblock daily if you are go out and and your skin possibility to exposed by direct sunlight

2. Drugs
If you have certain illnesses such as asthma or heart attack, it is important to need to ensure that you have sufficient drug supplies until the last day of vacation, because not all cities or states have a supply of medicines similar to your residence. Also if you suddenly feel your disease relapse then you can immediately take medicine that you brought.

3. Hand Sanitizer
 Gel hand wipes can keep your hands free of germs and keep it clean at all times. This is important, especially when you go to areas, where clean water is not always available.

4.First Aid Kid
First Aid Kid, this one thing should not be left behind because it can help you, especially if traveling in a place that has a different language. The first aid kid which I most bring is bandage.

5. Wet tissue
Despite carrying hand sanitizer gel, you'll to carry wet wipes/tissue also, because if you visit a hot/tropical country , wet wipes can serve as swabs excessive sweating and can refresh the skin.  Also if you have a baby or small child, you should always carry wet tissues everywhere  when you bring your baby and child because baby or small child likes to play and their skin also still very sensitive.

6. Sunglasses
Sunglasses are not just for style, but also can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

7. Plastic Bags
Useful to put dirty clothes or wet for the rest of your clothes stay clean. The bags are also useful as a place for vomit when you easily to have carsick, seasick and airsickness.

8. Copy of Documents
Copy of document are important such as passports, plane tickets, ID cards and driver's license must always be in your suitcase. If something bad happens like a bag stolen, you can more easily to administer of her loss.

9. Padlock and Key Koper
Do not forget to bring a spare suitcase lock and key, if at any time your lock is damaged or has an extra suitcase due to the many souvenirs purchased.

10. Chewing gum
When traveling by plane, you should prepare a chewing gum because it can reduce ear pressure during take-off.

11. Books, Magazines or Toys
Traveling to distant places and took many hours would make you bored. Therefore, bring a book, magazine or crossword puzzle cross to eliminate boredom. I usually play games or listen to music from my mobile phone.

9 Hidden Resorts in Indonesia, perfect choice for honeymoon

Do you think to spend your honeymoon and your holiday for best tropical vacation in Indonesia only in Bali? I think you have to see the 9 resorts list that I will post in here. I'm sure you will become confuse where have to go, because Maldives look nothing than these. Yes... I love Indonesia and I love to talk about Indonesia because I'm Indonesian and I'm proud to be Indonesia. Hehehe... ok, I think people will agree why Indonesian people very proud with their country, let's become drooling for exotics vacation..

1. Amankila Resort

 Amankila or 'peaceful hill' is a secluded oasis of tranquility in the district which can be accessed through Ubud, Bali, the most traditional district. This area offers a wide range of activities from mountain biking and diving, cultural tours to the temples and palaces of ancient water.

This approach gives the impression of Amankila anticipation as the wind which was then a long trip down to the spacious lobby. Surrounded by frangipani trees, the lobby with superb sea views, as well as three-tiered view of the pool. Under the resort, lies a private beach surrounded by coconut groves.

The resort is close to the Mangosteen, Candi Dasa, Tenganan and other villages where traditional crafts still produced. Tour to explore the natural beauty around of the area  is another unforgettable experience. It is in Bali. (Aman resorts group always have good taste in resort ^_^)

2. Amatoa Resort

Amatoa Resort is set on a cliff at the southernmost tip of Sulawesi. You can directly jump into the sea superb clarity with beautiful tropical fish.

Travel by boat to small islands with white sandy beaches can be arranged, diving and snorkeling can be done. Easy access via the International Airport Ujung Pandang / Makassar or a cruise from Bali.

Enjoy your holiday unforgettable and unique in Amatoa Resort with elegant style, tropical, from beachfront bungalows.

3. Cubadak Resort

Located just two hours from Padang International Airport, the island paradise of Cubadak offers unexpected tranquility and peace, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our wooden bungalows stretched along the white sandy beaches are set to welcome you with all the necessary comfort.

4. Kura Kura Resort

Kura Kura Resort is located on an island in the archipelago of 27 islands Karimun Java. Covered with a series of palm trees and surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs.

5. Losari Coffee Planatation Resort

Losari offer different flavors of Java in activities and programs such as healthy diet, exercise, relaxation, stress management, cultural and educational programs, restrictions on smoking and alcohol consumption and various activities inclusions exceptional health and the package is designed specifically to support your health.

6. Menjangan Resort

 Menjangan is a peaceful resort located in the heart of an unspoiled national park on the northwest coast of Bali.

This place is a resort with an area of ​​382 hectares which offer guests the chance to get close to nature and relax in a beautiful setting.

Elegant accommodation in Menjangan, delicious cuisine and exciting and inspiring range of activities presented to guests experience a unique holiday and revitalization.

Menjangan is a world away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, it is a true heaven of tranquility in direct contact with nature.

7. Nihiwatu Resort

Nihiwatu, is a small and exclusive island in remote eastern Indonesia, is one of the most extraordinary resorts in an island nation exceptional. Offers privacy, exclusivity, romance, and the view from one of the most stunning locations on earth. Among the travelers, Nihiwatu unparalleled reputation - for beginners, anglers world-class surfing and diving are sensational and right outside your door. All these are activities that are unforgettable and truly remarkable.

8. Joyo Island Resort

Joyo Island is a classic Robinson Crusoe island, surrounded by white sand beaches and clear blue sea. Easily accessible from Singapore, equipped with every corner of luxury, and superb food and wine. We are experienced to make your experience truly unforgettable ... Joyo Island is a place full of satisfaction to walk barefoot on white sand!

Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive diving resort and conservation center located in the southern part of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This private island resort located deep in the vast archipelago of uninhabited islands, in the heart of marine biodiversity. Island and scuba dive were surrounded by 1220 sq km of protected conservation area. Come and see by yourself to the world's richest of scuba diving and coral reefs.

Romantic proposal on photography shot

Photography became the most popular hobby in recent years due affordable price of a regular digital or digital photography camera. In addition with a digital camera we can see the direct results of our shots and when the results are not perfect then we can repeat. Long ago before there were digital cameras we are worried that the negative film roll stock we will run out and we cannot see the results of shooting immediate, to see the shot results then we need to wash the negative film using liquid C-41 and must be processed in the darkroom. Now with a digital camera and memory card as media storage which can accommodates thousands of our shots and captured it easily with the printer, or just want to save it. With those modern stuff, then the cost of photography hobby feels more cheaper than cheaper. Editing the captures of digital camera become more easily too because there is computer and kind of image editor tools such as Photoshop. So there is no ordinary photography again because ordinary photo become more significant, life and beautiful. They are the lovers of photography was able to convey what the message of photos that they captured, here I want to share some photos that I like that I got by browsing in Internet, I choose specific theme that is romantic proposal photos.

1. 9 Photos of Romantic Proposal from 
I don't know the story behind this, but this photo collection just like a dream. So sweet moment with great   exact atmosphere. And they shot those look so perfect. Let see the collection, I will try to express them:
Baby... the weather so great, let's have a walk.
"yes let's go"
Do you know, I asked you to have a walk is on purpose?
We know that we already quite long under this relationship.
We quite know each other, sometime fight sometime bored, etc.
I want to tell something, please accept it.
"What is it?"
Let me to say my apologize, baby I'm sorry if I ever hurt you.
I'm sorry if I ever ignored you.
You are perfect but I can't....
I feel.. I can't leave you, will you marry me?
"Yes, I will."
"Yes, so sure, no doubt."
Baby... I love you
2. Romantic proposal in the middle of forest 
This may be one of the most adorable marriage proposals we've seen to date... and trust us, we've seen a lot. Nathan and his friends found a nearby forest with a grove surrounded by trees. During the day, they set up over 200 battery-powered tea lights and struck then all along the trees.Later that night, Nathan met Katie on the beach to go for a walk. As they approached the woods Nathan tied his sweater over Katie's eyes and brought her to the lit grove. What is even sweeter is that once he uncovered Katie's eyes Nathan stumbled over his proposal because he was so nervous, and Katie simply kept nodding her head yes unable to speak. <--- really was great complete surprise, let see the photos collection: 

3. Leap year movie proposal.
Sorry I choose this scene because I like this scene. 
I reject your proposal.
I don't want to not make plans with you.
I want make plans with you.

4. Romantic proposal in garden in spring season.

5. Proposal on beach with flowers of love

Still many pictures just want to share some of them. What I think about romantic proposal is when a boy give to his gf surprise then say it with his mouth that he really want to marry her. Nervous it doesn't matter because you are in take a big and serious decision in your life. Because marriage proposal is a not a joke but it is serious thing. 
Anjieya let me to be guest post then I post about this romantic marriage proposal, say it with romantic because everybody love romantic things.

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