Traveling When Pregnant

Just because you're pregnant, doesn't mean you can't take a family vacation right? The condition, the pregnancy is in safe and healthy condition. How do you know that your pregnancy is a healthy condition and not troublesome, certainly after a check with your doctor.

Ensure that everything is safe and well-planned, it will help to make you comfort during the vacation. It isn't fun right, when you have fun time, but you are worry with the condition of your fetus?

Basically, a safe travel during pregnancy is in the second trimester. At the time, nausea, vomiting has been reduced and your body is adjusting to the fetus in the womb. However, the safest anyway, you consult the condition of your pregnancy with your doctor before traveling. Is transportation or where you're going to have bad effects on pregnancy? When selecting a mode of transportation, consider latency. The fastest transport was the best, but who knows there are side effects to consider as well right?

By plane

If your pregnancy is healthy and robust condition of the fetus is, traveling by plane is safe. You need to know, traveling by plane can increase the risk of complications due to certain conditions, for instance, blood clotting disorders and sickle cell disease, blood disorders disease that can reduce the life expectancy of the fetus. Your doctor may restrict travel by whatever transport after 36 weeks of pregnancy, or if you are at risk of preterm birth.

Inside the plane, pregnant women should choose a chair in the hallway. Point in order for you more quickly get up when I want to go to the toilet. Seats in the hall also allows you to walk just off fatigue. If you must remain seated, stretch your legs as often as possible. Do not forget to drink plenty of water because of low humidity in the cabin can cause dehydration.

By car

When traveling overland by car, always wear a seat belt (this also must be done even if you are not pregnant). In the event of surprising movement due to braking, plus not wearing seat belts, pregnant women may experience the trauma that caused the death of the fetus. And, with vehicle accidents are the cause of most severe trauma for pregnant women. Wear a seat belt at the bottom of the lower abdomen and above the upper thigh, then navigate a diagonal shoulder strap between the breasts.

If the mileage is quite far away, take frequent stops to stretch. This can keep prevent blood collected in the leg, causing blood clotting. Avoid conditions remain seated for more than two hours, and limit the travel time of day to six hours. Just like driving an airplane or in any circumstances, you should also drink a lot.

By boat
Choosing a boat to reach the destination, or you are on a cruise, safe for the condition of being pregnant. Most cruises allow passengers the first 26 weeks of her pregnancy. The safest anyway, make sure that the ship has adequate medical facilities. Find out if your destination is also equipped with modern health facilities, in case you need emergency care.

All you need to remember, the swaying motion of the boat followed the water can cause nausea, vomiting. If you are worried about seasickness, take medications and personal supplies for first aid. Be careful when walking on deck, because it will likely be slippery.

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If time traveler machine really exist, where do you want to go?

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If I can move in a glance

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