Finally I get google PR

Haha.. no need to celebrate my new PR, but I'm really happy that Google give rank on my blog but why Google so stingy to give PR on my blog. I have wait for Google PR about a half a year and just a few days ago Google give PR on my blog after I become back link hunter. haha.. As my friend said that blogger give rank on our blog or website not depending from how many site that give back link on our site. Before I don't believe with my friend's statement but now I can check it on my own blog. I have some blog and other my blog also get 1 PR in same time with this blog. I have checked it, my other blog is "" that only have about 40 posts and only have some back link it's under 100 back links, but Google give rank it also. ya.. 1 rank. And other blog "", its also have back link under 100 but it's have some more back link than but I only writes 20 post but Google hasn't give rank on it. Sadness!! Because I love this blog also.

But at least I have to thanks to Google because it has give me rank and I hope they will give more rank on my blog. :D, Ok just want to share that finally Google give rank on my blog. I wish it will increase soon. I want get high PR that about proud. Haha.. Jiayou!!

I need to focus on my study

As my post's title, I really need to focus on my study or I never finish my study. If I never finish my study then my sister will angry with me and she won't let me to marry. "big lol!"
Ehm..I'm older and I have to finish my study because I want get something new and something amazing that outside from my box. Yeah.. I can't ask my living cost to my sister and my brother always, because they have their own life and me also. So pray for me that I will finish my study on May 2011, I'm really wish and praying for it and I also trying as hard as I can do(but sometime lazy time coming -_-!).
Dear world.. Dear Anjieya.. sorry if I will leave you for a while, I love blogging so much but I don't want my blog hamper my life goal. Blog is only hobby to fill my spare time beside traveling, sharing,chatting, reading,dreaming and reading kaskus's threads. :D I have important study project now (I think it is important but this project isn't really big project but I only can hope that this project will give advantages for people) and it's for finishing my bachelor degree, but I won't totally leave my blog, I only will rarely making post and I will make a post when get bored. And today I will make some post and I will post it on schedule. Sadness.. but I have to do it!!
I have focus on my study and then I can have my own way, new travel way, new story. I want that! I love make blog post and it's also art, because you write your mind in here also.
Jiayou!!! Fighting!!

I change my style

Hi.. wow feel so long not make a post. And I miss it so much. How are you world? I think everything gonna so beautiful but still complicated because of human passion and desire. Ok.. today I will make a post that maybe out from travel discussion, I will talk about my style. I change it!

What that changed from my style?

Is it from nerd to stylist?

Hoho.. no! Actually I change my style from unhijab become hijabi. Maybe some people that from other religion, unreligion or not open minded people will hate the hijabi girl, but I love to wear it. And some of them also feel scary with hijabi girl, or they think its odd and not pretty, ehm...let my new style on the left.
What the reason I choose to wear hijab?
According to my religion "Islam", women and girls have to wear hijab but in this case I feel want to wear hijab so wear hijab is my decide and i choose to wear it, no push!! and i feel love and more comfortable with it. Ehm..look at a picture below, see I'm still cute and still can stylist also. ^_^v haha.
And what the public opinion around me after I change my style from unhijab become hijabi?
What I have to say, Its amazing! They love with my new style too. And they are support me so much. And I feel that "love" is everywhere, lol.
I have wearing hijab regulary about 1 mount now, and I love it, really! There is some my unhijabi pics still on my blog, but I look in small. Before you will find alot of my unhijab pic here, but I love and choose to deleted them. Hehe..don't sad, I still post my pic and I think I more cute with hijab.
Ehm.. sometime I get problem with my hair that will be messy if wind blow it because my hair is dry type and I also love to keep it long, but with hijab then I feel no need to be worry if my messy hair make my style look bad. hoho...

Chili prices as expensive as gold

In Indonesia is going a horrendous phenomenon but also sounded funny, the phenomenon that is the price of chili (cayenne pepper) was very expensive, until they say that buying chili as if buying gold. Whereas the majority of Indonesian people like spicy food. (But I do not like spicy food). According to the news that I read in some newspapers, that the price of chili is translucent IDR 250,000 per 1 kg in Kota Baru, Borneo. Hahaha .. Just imagine the price of 1 gram of gold is currently around IDR 200,000, while the price of chillies 1 kg to IDR 250,000. Due to the soaring price of chili high those many who say that the chili has become a luxury item in Borneo, as the price of chili as expensive as gold.
High prices are certainly troubling chili lovers of spicy cuisine, as chillies 1 kg if no meaning, but to buy chili 1 kg already make wallet be empty now. And for lovers of spicy food, spicy taste like opium, so they have not felt that delicious dish when there is no sense of spiciness. And the funny again, there are issues to overcome a very expensive price of chili peppers, the president will import from abroad chili. The idea to import from abroad chili sounds so silly, we have a vast agricultural land but for the chili we must import.
For landowners chili can smile now, because the chili price is expensive. But for lovers of spicy cuisine chili expensive price makes the head spinning. Um ... why not plant the peppers yourself at home? If the reason is no land, it can be planted in pots. Though planting chili in Indonesia is easy because the soil fertile.

Pempek from Palembang, Indonesia

Maybe Pempek a new thing that you've never known before. But for me, pempek is one of my favorite foods. Pempek is a typical food from Palembang, Indonesia. Pempek is a food made of corn starch and fish are generally served with a sauce flavor vinegar and palm sugar. Um .. yummy ..

Various kinds of Pempek
Pempek submarine (kapal selam)
Pempek submarine is my favorite kind of pempek. Pempek submarine is pempek which there is an egg inside of it.

Pempek Lenjer
Is a type pempek which is also used to create menus laksan. In Palembang typicaly serve with yellow sauce like an opor soup. Lenjer itself can be fried and eaten with a sauce cuko. It was the same as pempek submarines but no egg contents.

Pempek Lenggang
Pempek is mixed with duck eggs and then placed on banana leaves that have been shaped like a plate and set on fire. Can also be fried. Although the same as good, but pempek lenggang grilled is more popular than fried.

Pempek Tunu
Is pempek that during manufacture did not even hit the frying oil. After the round shaped and filled, this pempek directly roasted. Contents tunu own various kinds, there are fill with dried fish and soy sauce, but there is also a fill with dried shrimp, soy sauce and chili. Usually this pempek into whether someone in the smart size makes pempek. Due to the absence of oil untouched dough, then we can feel whether pempek the fishy fish or not. If fishy, we can be sure there are errors in the making.

Pempek Curly
Usually for Palembang people this pempek serving without fried. But for those of you who prefer savory like me, it's better fried. Because when pempek curly fried, the taste so savory taste. Yes, judging by the shape can be imagined, each of the ins and outs of a crisp. Nyaaam delicious ...

Pempek Pastel
Is pempek which contains young papaya.

Pempek Tofu and Pempek Model
Actually, as the twin pempek of different fat. If pempek tofu, its contain tofu and then covered with a thin batter pempek, pempek tofu is more delicious if eaten by frying. While Pempek Model pempek more dough than pempek tofu. This model is much better cooked in the soup instead of fried.

Eruption tourism on Merapi

After the catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi in late November and early December 2010 that then, now trim the activity has subsided and the area that used to be a dangerous place will be the effects of eruptions, now a tourist attraction of interest to visit. As the slopes of Merapi in Cangkringan district, Sleman, Yogyakarta, which is now visited by tourists.

The three highest hamlet near the peak of Mount Merapi, which was once a hot clouds glide danger zone, namely Hamlet Kinahrejo (Village Umbulharjo), Kaliadem (Kepuharjo), and Kalitengah Lor (Glahagarjo), now becomes the most favorite tourist destination. Disaster area turned into a tourist area. In Kinahrejo, the main attraction is the house of the deceased Mbah Maridjan. Despite living mere rubble, the former caretaker's house Merapi is one of the most photographed places of tourist destination

What is interesting here was the local population is no less clever, with the tourists signed into Merapi has become other fortune for the residents who had also become victims of the eruption of Merapi. Agricultural lands and plantations have not been able to produce again, now a field of fortune that is a tourist attraction. In addition, residents are also offering itself as a tour guide. But unfortunately, there is no good professionalism in the management of the Merapi eruption this tour, so many visitors who feel the lack of a good reception and complained about the number of levy collection that makes them have to spend a lot of money.

Merapi eruption tour was interesting, because there is educational value and social value there. It should be remembered that the location of Merapi has not completely safe, indeed the danger of tooth eruption has subsided, but there are other dangers dangers of transporting the material cold lava eruption of Merapi, so that the visitors should remain alert and adhere to official regulations or pay a guide who is familiar with the location tourism.

That's the latest information about Merapi from me that I edited from I do not like copy-paste, I love to create stories with my own language. Picture also from Congratulations tour.

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