Romantic proposal on photography shot

Photography became the most popular hobby in recent years due affordable price of a regular digital or digital photography camera. In addition with a digital camera we can see the direct results of our shots and when the results are not perfect then we can repeat. Long ago before there were digital cameras we are worried that the negative film roll stock we will run out and we cannot see the results of shooting immediate, to see the shot results then we need to wash the negative film using liquid C-41 and must be processed in the darkroom. Now with a digital camera and memory card as media storage which can accommodates thousands of our shots and captured it easily with the printer, or just want to save it. With those modern stuff, then the cost of photography hobby feels more cheaper than cheaper. Editing the captures of digital camera become more easily too because there is computer and kind of image editor tools such as Photoshop. So there is no ordinary photography again because ordinary photo become more significant, life and beautiful. They are the lovers of photography was able to convey what the message of photos that they captured, here I want to share some photos that I like that I got by browsing in Internet, I choose specific theme that is romantic proposal photos.

1. 9 Photos of Romantic Proposal from 
I don't know the story behind this, but this photo collection just like a dream. So sweet moment with great   exact atmosphere. And they shot those look so perfect. Let see the collection, I will try to express them:
Baby... the weather so great, let's have a walk.
"yes let's go"
Do you know, I asked you to have a walk is on purpose?
We know that we already quite long under this relationship.
We quite know each other, sometime fight sometime bored, etc.
I want to tell something, please accept it.
"What is it?"
Let me to say my apologize, baby I'm sorry if I ever hurt you.
I'm sorry if I ever ignored you.
You are perfect but I can't....
I feel.. I can't leave you, will you marry me?
"Yes, I will."
"Yes, so sure, no doubt."
Baby... I love you
2. Romantic proposal in the middle of forest 
This may be one of the most adorable marriage proposals we've seen to date... and trust us, we've seen a lot. Nathan and his friends found a nearby forest with a grove surrounded by trees. During the day, they set up over 200 battery-powered tea lights and struck then all along the trees.Later that night, Nathan met Katie on the beach to go for a walk. As they approached the woods Nathan tied his sweater over Katie's eyes and brought her to the lit grove. What is even sweeter is that once he uncovered Katie's eyes Nathan stumbled over his proposal because he was so nervous, and Katie simply kept nodding her head yes unable to speak. <--- really was great complete surprise, let see the photos collection: 

3. Leap year movie proposal.
Sorry I choose this scene because I like this scene. 
I reject your proposal.
I don't want to not make plans with you.
I want make plans with you.

4. Romantic proposal in garden in spring season.

5. Proposal on beach with flowers of love

Still many pictures just want to share some of them. What I think about romantic proposal is when a boy give to his gf surprise then say it with his mouth that he really want to marry her. Nervous it doesn't matter because you are in take a big and serious decision in your life. Because marriage proposal is a not a joke but it is serious thing. 
Anjieya let me to be guest post then I post about this romantic marriage proposal, say it with romantic because everybody love romantic things.


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