Objects that should be taken when traveling

If you are planning to go on vacation, at the end of this week or at the other leisure opportunities. We recommend that you prepare the things that make your event enjoyable and traveling with comfortable. These tips are quite important, namely that the event your travel fun and comfortable, there are some things that should be taken such as clothes, towels, toiletries, and some other items that must be taken. As quoted from the Times of India, here it is eleven items that must be brought.

1. Sunscreen or Sunblock
Want a vacation to the beach, mountain or city, sunscreen or sunblock is a thing that must be taken. Exposure to the sun's rays can still damage the skin even though the climate was cold.
Many thought that the sun block is same with sunscreen. Actually these are two different products. Sunscreen, as the name suggests, serves to filter (screen, filter) ultraviolet light. That is, sunscreens absorb some ultraviolet radiation and reduce the harmful radiation to the skin. Therefore the experts classify it into chemical products.
While sunblock, as the name suggests, serves to block or reflect ultraviolet light. Sunblock contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that reflect UV radiation function. The protection provided sunblock is physical and can only block the UV-B rays.
Choose creams with high SPF, at least SPF30. For hiking activities or activities in other places very strong sunlight exposure, select a SPF50. Sunscreen with an SPF of 70 or 90 does not really improve the protection of the skin, and your skin is exposed to chemicals even two or three times as much.
P.S. You can use sunscreen or sunblock daily if you are go out and and your skin possibility to exposed by direct sunlight

2. Drugs
If you have certain illnesses such as asthma or heart attack, it is important to need to ensure that you have sufficient drug supplies until the last day of vacation, because not all cities or states have a supply of medicines similar to your residence. Also if you suddenly feel your disease relapse then you can immediately take medicine that you brought.

3. Hand Sanitizer
 Gel hand wipes can keep your hands free of germs and keep it clean at all times. This is important, especially when you go to areas, where clean water is not always available.

4.First Aid Kid
First Aid Kid, this one thing should not be left behind because it can help you, especially if traveling in a place that has a different language. The first aid kid which I most bring is bandage.

5. Wet tissue
Despite carrying hand sanitizer gel, you'll to carry wet wipes/tissue also, because if you visit a hot/tropical country , wet wipes can serve as swabs excessive sweating and can refresh the skin.  Also if you have a baby or small child, you should always carry wet tissues everywhere  when you bring your baby and child because baby or small child likes to play and their skin also still very sensitive.

6. Sunglasses
Sunglasses are not just for style, but also can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

7. Plastic Bags
Useful to put dirty clothes or wet for the rest of your clothes stay clean. The bags are also useful as a place for vomit when you easily to have carsick, seasick and airsickness.

8. Copy of Documents
Copy of document are important such as passports, plane tickets, ID cards and driver's license must always be in your suitcase. If something bad happens like a bag stolen, you can more easily to administer of her loss.

9. Padlock and Key Koper
Do not forget to bring a spare suitcase lock and key, if at any time your lock is damaged or has an extra suitcase due to the many souvenirs purchased.

10. Chewing gum
When traveling by plane, you should prepare a chewing gum because it can reduce ear pressure during take-off.

11. Books, Magazines or Toys
Traveling to distant places and took many hours would make you bored. Therefore, bring a book, magazine or crossword puzzle cross to eliminate boredom. I usually play games or listen to music from my mobile phone.


  1. My advice is to buy small things like sun block at your destination, they are usually cheap and just take up room in your bag, but definitely important to wear it!!!!

    1. You wrote the comment about 1 year ago but sorry to reply now.
      I agree with your idea because sun block is important before I didn't care about till my face got burned because of the sun and still can't find any product which can remove it.


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