Madakaripura Waterfall, the hidden beauty in Bromo

Madakaripura waterfall is a waterfall that located in the district of Lumbang, Probolinggo. This waterfall is one of the waterfalls in the area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Madakaripura waterfall-shaped niche surrounded by hills that dripping water on the entire area of ​​the ridge as if it's raining, 3 of them even form a waterfall pouring down again. The waterfall is named from Madakaripura, fief of land owned by mahapatih Gajah Mada of the Majapahit empire.
To achieve these attractions are not too difficult. Visits should be done if we are going to Bromo from Probolinggo direction because the direction of travel or while in Bromo and conducted the morning. Location can be reached by private vehicle or rental car (rented from Probolinggo Panther Rp 150.000, - round-trip + driver, 12/2003). If we come from the direction of Probolinggo Sukapura then when she reached the village we turn right., We will pass the road paved with treats its sights on either side of this part of the high mountains which refreshes the eye. Less is more after about 5 miles to travel, we will meet with the entrance waterfall Madakaripura tourist areas are characterized by large parking area and a statue of Gajah Mada. Here, many local residents who volunteered to be a 'guide' who will accompany her to tell the history of these attractions until we return to the parking lot.

Next we had to walk about 15 minutes, passing through a path made of gravel so that the cement will not be slippery when wet. At this walk we were also treated to beautiful scenery and cool, right next to us there is a rocky stream, we are flanked on either side of the high cliffs with lush trees and its accompaniment of chirping birds and beetles derikan. Sometimes in some parts of the road, blocked by fallen trees or no trace of avalanches, however this road is relatively flat and can be lived with ease, if exhausted there are several places along the road that could be used to sit down to rest.

On arriving at the location of the waterfall we will meet with small shops, post guards and toilet (can change), there are also rental of umbrellas if we do not want to get too soaked. The waterfall originates from water that flows from the cliff elongated and formed a curtain, so that we can walk underneath an umbrella ria. In the end, we will meet with a diameter circular room approximately 25 meters.

Standing in the room of this nature will feel as though we were at the bottom of a tube, where there is a waterfall with a height of about 200 meters, with an abundance of water falling from above with the swift and turned into a soft cotton to greenish pond. Water that falls on this ponds pose a rhythmic sound, sometimes the resulting sound louder because the water that falls more rapidly. The uniqueness and coolness of this waterfall makes us feel at home for a long stare.
For you fans of photography, this location can be the object of endless, ranging from the entrance until the arrival of the atmosphere as a waterfall in the tube.

Some people in Probolinggo either in hotels or in which we ask our travel agent about this waterfall has never been admitted there. This is probably because of this waterfall which occurs when landslides or flooding, then we are at the bottom of the tube will be trapped. So are in the 'tube' is a feeling we will be mixed between awe at this natural beauty and misgivings. Seeing this condition is expected to occur if a landslide or flood, area attractions Madakaripura will be closed for visitors.

After playing water content and cold, we can enjoy a hot drink in a stall near the waterfall before walking back toward the parking lot. In general, this place has managed quite well, can be achieved through the smooth asphalt roads, trails are convenient, public facilities such as bathrooms, mosques and parking lots. But the lack of information about this place and the security guarantees that there is no cause very few people know and want to visit this tourist area. With enough promotion, visitors will be able to add to the list Bromo tourist destination.

This article I take from (re-post) and here more pictures about Madakaripura Waterfall:

I can't believe this waterfall exist in Indonesia..... But see... this waterfall really exist in Indonesia.

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