Banda Islands, the beauty of Eastern Indonesia

There have been many who know the beauty of the islands of Banda and I became ever 2 times creating a post on the island of Banda is about Sail Banda 2010. Banda Islands is one of the islands in Indonesia that is still natural but save a lot of the charm of an unspoiled natural beauty and culture so as if the world is like a hidden paradise.
Previously, in the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia, the island is also an island that was colonized by the Dutch and until the mid-19th century had become the only source of nutmeg spice in the world. As an island that once colonized by the Dutch, it would not be surprised if the houses are still found relics of the Dutch colonial era and because of the Banda Islands is one of the remote areas in Indonesia, then the houses are still preserved.

Banda archipelago consists of ten volcanic islands scattered in the Banda Sea, vast archipelago ± 180 km ² and is included in the Maluku archipelago. There are 8 attractions Banda Neira, the Cultural Tour, Tour of the Sea (above sea and underwater), Religious Tourism, Tourism Scientific Tourism, History, Travel Sports, agro tourism, Beach tourism-Nature. All world-class attraction when diexplor well, all natural, all the traditional still, if you know it when compared with Bali Bali is a beauty that has been modernized. In terms of historical tours only, Banda Neira has a 15th century old market town that only one in Southeast Asia and is now protected by UNESCO. The islands are also popular for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, because the park has a wealth of Banda Sea about 400 species of marine life while the Caribbean sea divers who have worldwide appeal only to have no more than 20 species of marine life.
The best weather for berkinjung is from September until April, when the sea was calm, but to visit the island of Banda should require careful planning because of accommodation in Banda islands have not been as good and complete as accommodation in Bali. The popular hotel Hotel Maulana, who is a hotel owned by the king of Banda who was called Uncle Des, Om DES is the adopted son of the deceased when the bung Bung Hatta Hatta and Syahrir exiled there.
Recorded the celebrity world has come to the Banda Islands, the Princess of York, Sarah Ferguson and Mick Jagger, perhaps many more, but I do not know.


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