9 Hidden Resorts in Indonesia, perfect choice for honeymoon

Do you think to spend your honeymoon and your holiday for best tropical vacation in Indonesia only in Bali? I think you have to see the 9 resorts list that I will post in here. I'm sure you will become confuse where have to go, because Maldives look nothing than these. Yes... I love Indonesia and I love to talk about Indonesia because I'm Indonesian and I'm proud to be Indonesia. Hehehe... ok, I think people will agree why Indonesian people very proud with their country, let's become drooling for exotics vacation..

1. Amankila Resort

 Amankila or 'peaceful hill' is a secluded oasis of tranquility in the district which can be accessed through Ubud, Bali, the most traditional district. This area offers a wide range of activities from mountain biking and diving, cultural tours to the temples and palaces of ancient water.

This approach gives the impression of Amankila anticipation as the wind which was then a long trip down to the spacious lobby. Surrounded by frangipani trees, the lobby with superb sea views, as well as three-tiered view of the pool. Under the resort, lies a private beach surrounded by coconut groves.

The resort is close to the Mangosteen, Candi Dasa, Tenganan and other villages where traditional crafts still produced. Tour to explore the natural beauty around of the area  is another unforgettable experience. It is in Bali. (Aman resorts group always have good taste in resort ^_^)

2. Amatoa Resort

Amatoa Resort is set on a cliff at the southernmost tip of Sulawesi. You can directly jump into the sea superb clarity with beautiful tropical fish.

Travel by boat to small islands with white sandy beaches can be arranged, diving and snorkeling can be done. Easy access via the International Airport Ujung Pandang / Makassar or a cruise from Bali.

Enjoy your holiday unforgettable and unique in Amatoa Resort with elegant style, tropical, from beachfront bungalows.

3. Cubadak Resort

Located just two hours from Padang International Airport, the island paradise of Cubadak offers unexpected tranquility and peace, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Our wooden bungalows stretched along the white sandy beaches are set to welcome you with all the necessary comfort.

4. Kura Kura Resort

Kura Kura Resort is located on an island in the archipelago of 27 islands Karimun Java. Covered with a series of palm trees and surrounded by white sand beaches and coral reefs.

5. Losari Coffee Planatation Resort

Losari offer different flavors of Java in activities and programs such as healthy diet, exercise, relaxation, stress management, cultural and educational programs, restrictions on smoking and alcohol consumption and various activities inclusions exceptional health and the package is designed specifically to support your health.

6. Menjangan Resort

 Menjangan is a peaceful resort located in the heart of an unspoiled national park on the northwest coast of Bali.

This place is a resort with an area of ​​382 hectares which offer guests the chance to get close to nature and relax in a beautiful setting.

Elegant accommodation in Menjangan, delicious cuisine and exciting and inspiring range of activities presented to guests experience a unique holiday and revitalization.

Menjangan is a world away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, it is a true heaven of tranquility in direct contact with nature.

7. Nihiwatu Resort

Nihiwatu, is a small and exclusive island in remote eastern Indonesia, is one of the most extraordinary resorts in an island nation exceptional. Offers privacy, exclusivity, romance, and the view from one of the most stunning locations on earth. Among the travelers, Nihiwatu unparalleled reputation - for beginners, anglers world-class surfing and diving are sensational and right outside your door. All these are activities that are unforgettable and truly remarkable.

8. Joyo Island Resort

Joyo Island is a classic Robinson Crusoe island, surrounded by white sand beaches and clear blue sea. Easily accessible from Singapore, equipped with every corner of luxury, and superb food and wine. We are experienced to make your experience truly unforgettable ... Joyo Island is a place full of satisfaction to walk barefoot on white sand!

Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive diving resort and conservation center located in the southern part of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This private island resort located deep in the vast archipelago of uninhabited islands, in the heart of marine biodiversity. Island and scuba dive were surrounded by 1220 sq km of protected conservation area. Come and see by yourself to the world's richest of scuba diving and coral reefs.

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