7 bizarre festivals in the world

In Indonesia there are many strange and bizarre festivals, but perhaps the festivals in Indonesia is still less weird with 7 festivals which I will mention in here:
1. Thaipusam
If we talk about the strange, nothing is more bizarre than this. The festival is celebrated in the southern part of India, or better known as the "Thaipusam" is also popular in Singapore and Malaysia, but the celebration of this festival in South India is beyond imagination.
Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated by the Tamil community on the full moon day in January or February. Thaipusam literal meaning of the word, means the star at its highest point and the festival is celebrated because on that day Goddess Parvati gave Murugan a lance so that he can defeat the evil demon Soorapadman. This festival starts where people cleanse themselves by bathing. They spend most of their time in prayers and prefer to fast on that day. However, meat is the main attraction of this festival. It is believed that the greater the pain that is received it will be blessed by God and therefore the fans through the mouth, tongue, cheeks, chest, abdomen, and back with a sharp needle. If you are someone who is easy to pass out, please stay away from the festival.

2. La Tomatina

Do you like tomatoes? in Spain you can enjoy the bizarre food festival known as the La Tomatina. This festival occurs on the last Wednesday of August and thousands of people took to the streets and throw tomatoes each other. Many international tourists also like to participate in this festival and therefore Spain received many international visitors in August. If you want to join, make sure that you are not wearing anything but your clothes because people will throw a few tons of tomatoes to one another so that everyone is drenched in tomato pulp. This festival lasts for a week and store owners choose to wrap them with plastic sheets store to avoid a dirty mess. Women usually wear white dresses and men prefer not to wear the shirt when they entered this great tomato battle.

3. Kanamara Matsuri
Let's go back to another festival in Asia and one in Japan. Kanamara Matsuri is an annual Shinto fertility festival in which people make a giant penis illustration of each object. People worship the idols of the penis during the festival due in accordance with Japanese culture, the penis stands as a symbol of fertility which is the road to the next generation. This festival is usually celebrated on the first Sunday in April but varies according to the Japanese calendar dates. People prefer to make the penis illustrations of various objects such as candles, candy, decorations, and vegetables to be exhibited on parade throughout the city. Prostitutes offering and prayed to the objects of this giant penis as a way to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and AIDS.

4. Rolling cheese and Wake
The festival is not just sound weird but also stupid because there are hundreds of people running behind a piece of cheese. Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake is celebrated in Gloucester, England. This event took place at Cooper's Hill and thousands of people gathered here to watch and participate in this event. This event is very simple where the cheese is rolled from the top of the hill, and participants must catch up and get it before it reaches the foot of the hill. This tradition nearly 200 years old but now people are very opposed to it because of an injury that should be borne by the participants. Due to security concerns, the British government has canceled the Cheese Rolling Festival 2010.

5.Hadaka Matsuri
Another festival in Japan which is one of the world's weirdest festivals are Hadaka Matsuri. This festival is done by thousands of naked in public, and therefore people from all over Japan come in the way the city and then they were naked. Well, most of them try to at least wrap a piece of cloth around the waist around their organs. The festival is nearly 500 years old and in Japan is believed to be a human person without clothes are more likely to absorb the bad and the evil omen whoever touches the naked will be free from all evil and the evil spirits that haunt him.

6. El Colacho
El Colacho also known as The Devil's and celebrated in Spain where little new born baby or a few months old which is above the mattress and then people jump on it. This festival takes place in the streets and therefore anyone who wants to participate, can skip this mattress. Many social activists argue that the festival is dangerous and offensive because it could hurt the baby if people jump out of control, but the Spaniards believed that all the sins of their previous lives will be forgiven and awake infants from disease and evil spirits.

7. Boryeong Mud Festival
This one is a mud festival in South Korea where people are all about messing with Boryeong mud which is considered very effective for any skin problems. Many international visitors who have skin problems and they benefited by participating in the festival.

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