Enchantment of the West Sumba

West Sumba is one of island of Sumba regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia which consists of six sub areas namely: district Loli, district Waikabubak, district Tana Righu, district Wanokaka, district Lamboya and district West Lamboya. The city is located in West Sumba Kabupten Waikabubak.

West Sumba is situated between 9 ° 18 '- 10 ° 20' South Latitude and 118 ° '- 120 ° 23' East Longitude. The total area of ​​737.59 km2 of West Sumba with a slope of 14 ° - 140 °. West Sumba topography consists of plains, mountains and hills, all of which produce beautiful scenery of valleys stretching to the hills. But on the other hand, the topography of this sort lead to soil vulnerable to erosion.

Marosi Beach
Many of the potential of nature tourism in West Sumba such as white sandy beaches, lakes, waterfalls, National Parks Land Manupeu Daru, the hills and green valleys.

1. Marosi beach
Marosi Beach located in District Lamboya, about 32 Km from Waikabubak. Marosi beach is one of the prettiest beaches in West Sumba. The beach is close to the arena Pasola Hobba Kalla (Pasola Lamboya) and a number of traditional villages.

Rua Beach
2. Rua Beach
The beach is located in district Wanokaka. Because it is relatively close to the City of Waikabubak is about 27 km, then on a beach holiday is becoming a major alternative for the local tourists who want to unwind while swimming, fishing and soaking up the sun. From Waikabubak can be reached by motor vehicle about 1 hour drive.

3. Nihi Watu beach
Nihi Watu Beach
Nihi Watu beach is also located in Wanokaka. The beach is located in a small fishing village and is a place of execution in the early morning ceremony before Nyale Pasola. Located 21 Km south of Waikabubak. Waves at this place is one of the fastest anywhere. No doubt if Nihiwatu is one of the beaches with the best waves in Indonesia and even the world. Not only surfing, it also allows enjoyed for a variety of other exciting activities such as riding a horse on the beach, fishing, diving, birdwatching, mountain biking to trekking to the waterfall.

4. Laipopu Waterfall
Laipopu Waterfall
The waterfall is located in the village Katiku Loku, district. Wanokaka, precisely in the National Park Land Manupeu Daru. Waterfall located in the region TNMT (Taman Nasional Manupeu Tanah Daru) has the advantage of the beauty of the water passage so that the stratified water droplets spread in different directions. Discharge water that is always stable in the set throughout the season beautifully verdant moss and plants around the waterfall object.
Things you can do is enjoy the beautiful waterfall with a picture taken, doing massage and feel the cold water with a water bath at about a waterfall that is relatively safe for visitors.
Laipopu way to the waterfall where it provides its own challenges that will reach every tourist attraction is faced with a suspension bridge made ​​of bamboo, and passes down the watery path composed of stands of woody trees. to achieve Laipopu Waterfall can be taken approximately 45 minutes from the settlement through a varied trail.
Other potential that can be enjoyed by tourists is a parrot habitat, landscape of paddy fields and the village community craft Katikuloku of woven fabric and webbing.

Wow... as I said I can't stop to talk about Indonesia, there are too much beautiful nature scenery, I found many interesting article about how enchantment of some place but I don't have enough time to share in here but I will try to update my blog and will try to update information about West Sumba, see my next post on next week.

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