Cultural Tourism of West Sumba

Culture is the heritage that must be preserved because the culture is the image of the nation and is the nation's wealth can be an attraction and as a wealth of tourism. There are plenty of interesting cultural attractions, unique and still preserved by the people of West Sumba until now. Several tours of West Sumba, namely:

Sumba-Kampung Tarung (Waikabubak)
Sumba-Kampung Waitabar, Waikabubak
1. Village Customary / Traditional and Traditional House

Community of West Sumba generally build a traditional village on the hilltops. This is related to security issues. In the past frequent intertribal wars to fight over territory that residence in areas of high can be a kind of fortress. Additionally Development on the hilltop village can be attributed to pre conception of history which assumes that the higher the residence then the closer residents with ancestral spirits and gods.

For the people of West Sumba tradisoinal home or custom home is not just a place to live alone but also functions as a center for social and ceremonial life of them.


Grave Stone
2. Megalithic culture
 a. Gravestone
The archaeological often called Sumba as the living megalithic Megalithic culture or cultures that continue to live. Since the megalithic tradition on the island of Sumba / boulder appeared about 4500 years ago is still practiced by the faithful followers on the island.

In West Sumba relics of megalithic stone tomb decorated with statues and reliefs of interest can be found in every village customs. Sumbanese society set up right in front of the grave stones their homes. Tomb stone custom home and is considered as a manifestation of life and death, as well as to create a sense of unity because of the presence of a stone tomb believed to be able to maintain closeness with relatives who had died. Stone tomb made ​​large and stately as a form of homage to the ancestors who have died as well as a symbol of social status owners.
 b. Pull the Stone Ceremony
Pull the Stone Ceremony
Pull the stone tomb or in a language called Sumba tingiwatu / sala welawatu is one of the largest and grandest ceremonies, because of cost, time and energy is not small. Manufacture of stone and withdrawal resistance was preceded by preparatory to discuss technical and financial issues. Further
- Resistant material search, location and type of stone should not be the origin selected. Vantage point is usually the main choice in order not to complicate the process of withdrawal. This type of stone should also be fitted. Should not be too hard to be easily carved but at the same time easy to be strong so as not porous.

Pull the Stone ceremony
- Pieces of stone, after the material and determined the location of the next process to cut and carve the stone into slabs of stone tomb according to the desired shape. The procession begins with the reading of prayers and gift offerings of roosters, betel nut, egg in order to banish the spirit guardian stones.
- Pull the stone made to pull the stone that has been cut from the location of materials to the village or designated place.

In this ceremony a reflection of a culture of mutual cooperation, which directed the planning system and an orderly division of labor.

3. Pasola
Pasola derived from the word "sola" or "hola", which means a type of wood used for javelin throwing from a horse that is being driven hard by two opposing groups. After obtaining affixes `pa '(pa-sola, pa-hola), it means to be a game. So Pasola or pahola mean game of dexterity wooden javelin throw of each other on horseback who were driven tight between the two opposing groups. Pasola is part of a series of traditional ceremonies are performed by people of Sumba are still adhered to the original religion called Marapu (local religious communities Sumba).

Pasola held in West Sumba once a year in February in Kodi and Lamboya. While the month of March in Wanokaka. Pasola carried out in broad expanse of desert, witnessed by all members Kabisu and Paraingu from both groups that competed and by the general public.

While the game is the male participants select a match from the second Kabisu must master two skills which once rode in a super high speed (super speed power) and the javelin throw (hola). Pasola usually the climax of the whole series of activities in order to feast Nyale (marine worms are tasty).

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