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My friend just got back from his business trip in Chicago, United States. Usually when he's traveling on business he would tell the facilities a hotel or apartment which he occupied during the business trips. He was staying in an apartment across the Millennium Park. He loved this apartment so much, which is very strategic and has stunning views of the night. He promised if there is a chance on a business trip to Chicago again, he would stay again in this apartment if the opportunity arises. He highly recommend this place to me, but I said that I need a good vacation rentals Seattle then finally he said to find it in because he found the apartment from there too

When checked the website, I love all of them but I love the LUXURY GARDEN APARTMENT mostly, its have good room and facilities with the appropriate price. I read reviews about this vacation rentals Seattle and they are very recommended to find a room by
Here 1 picture from Luxury Garden Apartment:

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  1. In addition to rentals, I've heard there are also a ton of really nice hotels in Seattle! It's nice that those who visit the city have a variety of options to choose from in terms of accommodations.


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