If time traveler machine really exist, where do you want to go?

Ehm... I want to laughing because I'm starting posting crap post. Hehehe, this is my right although I use blogspot for free but I had reserve this place so whatever I want to post on here is my right. So let's talk about crap. Yea.. If time traveler machine really exist, where do you want to go?
Let me think it, usually time traveler machine use for travel pass the time so there is choice want to go to the past time or future time?
I better choose go to future time, why?
Yes.. why, because for me to know the future is better than change the past. What do you want to change from your past, for me nothing. Past is past, its memory so leave it and the future is more important but the most important is now, present. Your quality, your life and everything is happening now, and if you took a mistake, wrong way or wrong decision you will regret it in you future from your present now. So.. make your present have quality.
This is crap, right? I don't want talk a lot about it. Actually I just remember Doraemon the cartoon movie from Japan, Doraemon has pocket that can produce magic stuff like travel door and everything . I miss this cartoon and this cartoon was happy ending after I watched hundreds or thousand episode from kid till old,hahaha. Ok..enough for this creepy posting today. Its just for updating my blog that I am ignoring now. Ca...!

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  1. Actually, this type of machine is existing in novels and stories. I never heard about this machine in a real environment. So, people should to not thinking this type of machine and academic writing companies because no one can make this type of machine. This is so mean less information.


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