If I can move in a glance

Hahahaha... I want to talk about a super power that I like to talk it now. Yea... If I can move in a glance, yes... how if I have that special power. It will be so amazing. I don't need visa, vehicle or other if I want to move to other place. Just think what kind of place that I want to visit and then say it. Tra..tatata.. then I'm there. No miss any place, I will visit all. hohoho.
Oh...it is so amazing if come true, so go around the world is not dream anymore it will come true without spend money for vehicle and visa.
But if that really happen maybe I will have other problem like when I ate drugs so there is contraindication. But I don't know about it, I just want can move in a glance( I don't like easting drug).
Maybe move in a glance is the most super power that I want. So what super power that you want to have?

I'm depress now, and like usually I will blogging when it is happen. Poor me... feels worthless and can't do what exactly I want to do. Feels stupid too, so I make this ridiculous post. And sorry for my blogs I want to fill you with some stupid story but can't for now. Just will update you at least 1 in a week or 1 in a month. So I won't make this blog totally abandon, but the other like FL, I have many subject that I want to talk about but for now, I can't do it. Pending..pending...pending. Hufff I don't like to be pending girl.

Btw, I always put a picture on my blog and I download it from some site but I don't put the source. If you own those pictures that I put on my posts, thanks for sharing your pics and sorry if I use it without your permission. I don't use it for commercial, I just want to make my blog look interesting.

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