Tanjung Bono is a river which has wave, challenge for surfer

 Tanjung Bono Surf tides

Wow ... I just know that in Indonesia there was a unique phenomenon that is the river that has waves. This phenomenon is called Bono. Bono phenomenon can be found in estuaries Kubu river and Kampar river, Riau Province, Indonesia. According to the people around there, high of Bono wave in Kampar and Rokan river can reach 4-6 meters. Ripcurl Team tried to have experience and new sensation doing surf there. You can find many video about it in youtube but I also embedded some of them on the bellow.

About Bono:
Bono Tides
Bono is a natural phenomenon because the conditions in the estuary of the river, heavy silting that occurs when the tide comes from the sea, tidal water moving upstream can not smoothly but prevented by the estuary of the river sediment and form a contract. Bono is a natural phenomenon caused by the tidal waves that meet current Kampar River. Condition of estuaries in the form 'V' enables

The second meeting of these kinds of flows, ie tidal currents and river flows from upstream, generate the formation of Bono. Bono waves including
Tidal Bore in the category, namely hydrodynamic phenomena associated with mass movement of water where the tidal wave propagates toward the
upstream with the power of a destructive nature. Not all mouth of the river or bay tidal wave can generate a kind of Bono.
Tidal in Kampar River Estuary have a wave height of about 4 m (Deshidros, 2006). Ebb tide in the form type to the Daily Double Mixed Lean, where within 1 day happened twice and both times ebb tide with high tide of the first and second different. The period of the tidal wave about 12 hours 25 minutes.
In the Kampar River, the estuary of the river shaped like the letter "V", the mass of water entering through the wide mouth of the bay and then restrained, until high tides meet the estuary area. The collected water mass and then pushed towards the upstream that causes such a strong pressure effect when passing through the narrow and shallow areas are constantly in the mouth of the bay. This situation led to a wave that varies in the upper bay, the only form of small waves up to several meters in height.
Video Ripcurl team who tried to surf in Cape Bono. "Seven Ghosts: It Is True" Some where in Indonesia... check it out!

*P.S The water look dirty because the river bring mud from Sumatra forest.

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