A piece of Heaven On Karimata Island

Karimata is a piece of heaven in Borneo,KalimantanBack to look at Borneo, Karimata is a piece of heaven in Borneo(Kalimantan). Karimata Islands are located approximately 100 kilometers west of the town Ketapang. Geographically, the region is at 108o40 '- 109o10' east longitude and 1o25 '- 1o50' LS and currently included in the District of North Kayong. Karimata have amazing ecosystems such as mangroves and tropical forests and underwater scenery is quite stunning. For it is appointed Karimata Islands Marine Nature Reserve in 1995 with the broad conservation area is an area of ​​77,000 hectares. Karimata Islands consist of two large islands namely Pulau Karimata and Serutu Island and several other small islands. Both these islands have a very beautiful scenery, friendly people-friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Suitable for holiday choice without interference. So ane call this island "A piece of Heaven."
Karimata is a piece of heaven in Borneo KalimantanKarimata
Topography of this region of the lowlands up to high, from 0-1030 meters above sea level called the Mountain Branch (there are two peaks in the mountain, so people call it the Mountain Branch). Only in these two islands are inhabited by the population. For Karimata Island there are two villages namely Desa Jaya Betok (consisting of Hamlet and Hamlet Betok Kelumpang). The second village road access does not exist yet, so if you want to play the next village is obliged to use water motor / fishing boat. A second and largest village of Padang village (which consists of Dusun Padang and Tanjung Ru). Here the transport access is easy because the existing concrete footpath built between the two villages and residents here that have a lot of motorcycles.

Karimata Islands can be reached from the city of Pontianak using a motor boat and takes about 18 hours. Given the difficulty in reaching the area, activity area management is still relatively small compared to other regions. Can also be reached from Sukadana and Ketapang. Also almost the same latency. However, there has been no official transport serving the route. We can only ride a fishing boat or mobile health center owned by a local government district of North Kayong.

Karimata Islands ecosystem diversity both terrestrial ecosystems and marine ecosystems, including coral reefs and various marine ornamental fish. Due to the separation of Karimata archipelago with the island of Borneo, then some kind of endemic flora and fauna considered quite unique in these islands. However, these types of research in full until now has not done. Islands are also famous for its ferociously Karimata malaria who were there. But there are some restrictions from the local population to prevent malaria, especially for migrants. That is strictly forbidden to sleep under at 12 noon (better wake up late than get up early then go to sleep again), drinking coconut water before the seven-day stay there and do not drink raw water (must be cooked before drink, we afraid of eggs/mosquito larvae that might be you drink).

Pictures and article source from http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=7302890 thanks to bro wkeyfh.

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