Derawan, the exotic island

I want to have a vacation on the island with a beach that has white sand, clear water, has a beautiful underwater scenery and a place of repose from the bustle of the city. I think I know what place that I want, is it Raja Ampat, hihihi ... maybe someday. Now look around to the other islands which exciting as Raja Ampat, namely Derawan Island. Ok .. Let's go there!!!
Derawan is an island located in the strait Sulawesi, not far from the border with Malaysia that is in Berau, East Kalimantan/Borneo. Derawan is one of Indonesia's tourism potential that Indonesian people themselves are still many who do not know about it (including me), but they said that Derawan already well known abroad there. (Ehm. .. good!)
How to go to Derawan?
derawan exotic island
At first you have go to Balikpapan (East of Borneo) by flight (by flight more faster than by ships) from Jakarta, Jogjakarta, or Surabaya to Balikpapan (flight from Indonesia) or flight from Sabah-Malaysia or Singapore to Balikpapan. There are several alternatives go to Derawan from Balikpapan, one of is from Balikpapan to Tanjung Redep using plane for about 1 hour then cross Tanjung Redep, From Tanjung Redep to Derawan use motorboat for about 2 hours. To reach Tanjung Redep also can be reached by sea from Samarinda or Tarakan.

What's special about Derawan?
vacation in exotic island
Derawan is an exotic island that has beaches with white sand, blue water and clean sea and underwater scenery is beautiful. Beach Derawan much nicer than the beaches in Bali or the Park. Derawan also has a Sunset and Sunrise are really beautiful.

Sometimes when sitting on the edge of a wooden bridge that leads to the sea, we can see the green turtles and from on the surface of clear water. Occasionally even the turtles that seem to roam around the cottage is located on the coast of the island. At nightfall, several turtles climbed ashore and lay eggs there.
For you lovers of snorkeling and scuba diving, Derawan overlooking the beautiful sea with clear water. About 50 meters from the beach, you have to enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater Derawan. Dr. Carden Wallace of the Museum of Tropical Queensland, Australia has examined marine wealth Derawan Island and found more than 50 types of Arcropora (marine animal) in one coral reef. Snorkel rental prices are also relatively cheap, that is 30,000 IDR, wow ... great.
What about the inn?
Derawan Island provide accommodations facilities (cottages), rental of diving equipment as well as restaurants. There is also a cheap lodging-inn fare that is managed by local people. The range of prices ranging from Rp 45 thousand to USD 100 thousand / night.
Still want more?
Um .. Ok, you can also review the other islands around Derawan. For example: Charitable Island, Maratua, and Kakaban which has its own uniqueness. Pari Fish Blue (Manta Rays) that had reached 3.5 meters wide with a population on the island of Charitable. In fact can also be found-if lucky enough, black stingray with wide "wingspan" 6 meters. While Kakaban have uniqueness in the form of a prehistoric lake in the middle of the sea, the only one in Asia.

indonesia exotic islandisland paradise
white sandtropical exotic island
derawan tropical exotic

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