About snorkeling

About Snorkeling

Snorkeling (diving surface) or shallow diving (skin diving) is the activity of swimming or diving with equipment wearing a diving mask and snorkel. In addition, divers often wear the tool motion in the form of frog legs (Fin subs) to increase the thrust on the foot.

Scuba gear snorkel is a J-shaped tube with a protective mouth at the end of the bottom. This tool serves as the entrance of air when breathing with the mouth without looking up from the water surface. Underwater scenes can be seen while swimming with her face to the surface of the water and breathe through a snorkel. Divers can take a deep breath before diving into the water. Scuba divers use a snorkel to conserve air in the tube while swimming in the water.

Snorkeling activities can be done everyone. Divers who can not swim or float can be wearing a life jacket. When diving in low-temperature water, wearing scuba divers to keep the body from the cold. In addition, suit diving can protective body from coral reefs graze wound or jellyfish stings.

In addition to mastering how to breathe with his mouth through snorkel, snorkeling activities do not require special education. Beginners who have never done snorkeling can learn in a short time of the dive guides. How to wear a mask, snorkel, and frog legs can be learned from the dive guide, dive shop or dive equipment rental place on the beach. Nevertheless, like scuba diving, snorkeling activities not to do it alone, but together with friends or in groups.

Snorkeling is a popular water recreation activities, particularly in tropical beach resort and scuba diving locations that shallow. Divers can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna under the sea, such as coral reefs, fish, shellfish, starfish, seaweed, jellyfish, shrimp, and turtles. In addition, snorkeling is also done in freshwater lakes or rivers.

Snorkeling Tips:

1. Better not doing snorkeling alone, try to always bring a friend beside you.
A friend not necessarily better than your ability. However, this friend will be able to help if you get any difficulty or problem. At a minimum he can tell someone if there is a danger befall you.

2. Always check in tools would you use.
Checking tool is very important because snorkeling for beginners is bit much of risk. Check whether the goggles or mask is not leaking, the snorkel should not leak or crack and fins (flippers) are not torn and is still flexible to use.

3. Wear goggles / mask correctly
Wear goggles or a mask properly help to prevent water entry into the goggles. True in this case is already being felt attached to the face feels without any incoming wind flow. Please check with a blow to the nose if there is wind flow that comes out. Also make sure no hair is stuck to the mask / google it.

4. Wear your snorkel and breathe through the mouth before entering the water.
There was no denying that the activities of breathing wearing snorkel equipment although it seems easy, but often encountered several people who have trouble doing it.

5. Wipe the mask with soap or Saliva
Before benar2 enter the water, wash your mask with soap or your spit. Then wash with water. This is useful for the non-condensing masks when in use.

6. Wear properly Fin
Fin is correct usage help for fin can not be separated when in use. Wear is also in accordance with the size of your feet, do not let the greatness or smallness.

7. Bring communication devices (whistle)
This is very useful if you are left behind from the group, or separate from the group. If in urgent circumstances, almost impossible to hear the cries of your other friends because of distance and wind speed. whistle is very helpful for you.

8. Make sure the snorkel above the water when snorkeling
When snorkeling whatever happens make sure the snorkel hole above the water. Snorkel serves as your breathing air flow. Where to go in the water can-can you suck water.

9. Note the wave
note the direction and magnitude of the wave. Apabilang waves getting bigger and think you are not eligible for snorkeling. Do not delay longer immediately stop snorkeling.

10. Do not panic
when snorkeling try as relaxed as possible. Do not be afraid, do not panic and do not take hasty decisions. Just enjoy the natural beauty that God created for you. Good snorkeling

11. If you are farsighted eyes, then you are always near with your friend who edged normal

12. When going to snorkeling see the ship's position, then clearly mapped (near what ship color, the ship's position from the nearest island make sure you mark it with see the shape of a tree / rock / something unique)

13. If the water entered the snorkel pipe, then blow it with a vengeance so that the water will come out.

14. And most important of all is do not forget to pray before doing snorkeling

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