My Great Adventure Indonesia

Salam... Wow.. almost 20 days I'm not updating my blog. Actually I was not busy, just feels little bored lately. Ehm.. according to the title, "My Great Adventure Indonesia" it wasn't me but I want to talk about great advertisement.
Ehm, so long not watching TV (don't thinking that I'm alien because I don't know about TV program and channel, I just don't like watching TV) when I was watching it then I watched very good advertisement. This advertisement created by smoke company, PT. Djarum. I don't like smoke but this advertisement although less special effect but its totally "GREAT!".
great nature adventureThe advertisement talk about adventure of 3 men that took nature adventures around Indonesia from west to east of Indonesia (but not displayed in series like from west to the east), this advert also presented the beautiful nature and scenery of Indonesia.
Yea.. there is still some review on this advertisement, like day 2 Sumatra then day 5 Way Kambas, as we know Way Kambas is in Lampung and Lampung is part of Sumatra. Hehehe And some people also thinking that this adventure advertisement very great but why this job doing in days, why not in weeks quantification. I don't care with that I just thinking this advertisement should use as "visit Indonesia advertisement". Hehehe. Ok let watch the video advertisement "My Great Adventure Indonesia" bellow:

P.S. not only me who love "my great adventure Indonesia" from Djarum Super, many people love this advertisement Hehehe.. "My Life, My Adventure"


  1. wah, enak berpetualang kemana-mana? :D

  2. @nova13 talked about advertisement, its so great if was me


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