The first museum children toys in Indonesia

The first museum children toys in Indonesia named Museum Anak Kolong Tangga that location in Jl. Sriwedani no. 1, Hall Theater 2 Ft, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta on the west of Progo shop or near Taman Pintar. The museum has a toy of some areas in Indonesia and several countries in the world. There are wooden puppets from Sunda, Poland, and Beijing, children's toys from Papua, bird toys from Java, Lombok, and Japan, from African wooden animal toy, mini puppet of Beijing and many more. The Museum Anak Kolong Tangga Yogyakarta has almost 1000 more traditional child's toy collection.
The meaning of Museum Anak Kolong Tangga is a museum children games that places under the stairs. Rudi Corens, nationality Belgian artist who has lived in Yogyakarta since 1991. Promoting child's toy museum. Once donated all his personal collection of more than 900 items. Working with Dyan, head of Yogyakarta Cultural Park, the Museum Anak Kolong Tangga officially opened on February 2, 2008.

The museum collection includes toys for children from the Majapahit era thus indirectly also sat as a center for conservation. A variety of traditional toys from various regions in Indonesia archipelago and abroad are presented here.
The museum is really interesting, in addition to aspects of the exhibition, the museum is also active in a workshop (story telling, crafts, etc.) as well as programs of "The Museum Comes to Visit You, " intended to visit pediatric patients at the hospital. Activities held on the weekend to make a museum filled with children.
Is it interesting that the progress of technology which makes the children have a sophisticated games such as electronic games, but a place that offers the children to enjoy the ancient game world even liked by children. Museum Anak Kolong Tangga, is a place to enjoy an active game while studying the rich cultural heritage of the nation, and also recognize the traditional game of wealth nations in the world.
The ticket price also cheap, free for age under 15 years old and IDR 2.500 for adult upper 15 years old. Nice place make me remember my kid stories.. ^_^

In my eyes children are innocent and unspoiled, and can always make me laugh. What a pity that today they can’t get a good education. Traditional games have scientific and educational values, and moral messages which to this day have been recognized by European people. But how sad that in the past 10 years one plaything has been lost every year” — Rudi Corens


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