Bis Mania Community, we love explore the world by bus.

This article is for fun because I got interesting topic about Bis Mania Community (Community Bus Enthusiasts-BMC). What is BMC? BMC is a community bus enthusiasts in Indonesia, whose members are scattered in various cities in Indonesia with a majority on the island of Java and Sumatra. We are the people who made ​​the bus not only transportation but also various creations and hobbies. All matters relating to our bus accommodations in this community ranging from inter-city bus, City Bus, Bus Tourism, minibus until technological world of the bus-an as well as all matters relating to the world of the bus's. Bis Mania Community has a diverse members of all ages and all walks of life but in a whole heart "Community Bus Enthusiasts Indonesia. "
BisMania Community not only as a means of unifying the bus enthusiasts in Indonesia but also hopes to contribute to contribute and care to develop the nation, especially in transport infrastructure as a liaison between the regions in Indonesia.
Also BisMania Community hopes to support various business activities of the Indonesian automotive world, into value added benefit for entrepreneurs, consumers, or even other industries related to bus transportation world.

BMC love backpackers also, they love to travel with minimum budget. When BMC has plan to travel to the some place they will announce it through Indonesian forum, why they announce it? Because if there is many people that join the travel plan, it will decrease the budget.
Why? Because they can share some travel service through people who join the travel trip, its like bus, car transfer, canoe, and others.
What BMC activity?
BMC not only traveling trip community with bus but they usually also good community management. This is what BMC offical activity:

  • Visits and discussions to Beating a bus company, Manufacturing & Related Industries
  • Participate and play an active role in discussions of transport held by the Institution / Agency concerned.
  • Community Social Activities
  • Activities Socialite / community expo / exhibition related
  • Gathering internal activities such as community, touring, family gathering.
  • Visits and discussions into the Body and supporting industries
BMC very creative, have good community management and they also has a website, this is the link

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