Bali Safari and Marine Park

Once again road to Bali, I think your adventure in Bali will not complete if you forget to have adventure in the Bali Safari and Marine Park. There are many things that can make your vacation full of memory and fun when you visit Bali Safari and Marine Park. The attractions which offered all sorts, including: Animal Education show in Hannuman Stage, Elephant Bathing in Ganesha, Balinese Procession Holy Water at Tirta sulasih, Balinese Bamboo Music in Terminal Bali, Balinese Dancing Class at Bale Banjar, Tigers of Ranthambore.

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And here are the attraction:

Animal Education-show at Hannuman Stage. Hanuman Park has a stage where there are animal show, but it also provided knowledge about endangered species.
  • Elephant Conservation 
    Education Show in Kampung Gajah (Village of Elephant). This is an area where there is a museum of elephant, elephant barn, riding elephants, souvenirs, and, elephant stalls.
  • Elephant Bathing in Ganesha.
    Ganesha Park has a statue of Ganesha as high as 9 m which is the entrance to the Balinese Theater. Here also can be seen in the relief replica of Mount Kawi. In Ganesha Park you can watch the elephants being bathed in Tirta Gajah. Visitors can interact closely with the elephants that was in the shower.
  • Holy Water-Balinese Procession at Tirta Sulasih.
    Tirta Sulasih is a place for bathing and is a sacred bathing place. Tirta Sulasih pecan can be seen on the way to Bali, which is a place full of nuances of Balinese culture. You can watch the daily activities of the Balinese with their culture. Art crafts and souvenirs can be purchased here.
  • Balinese Bamboo Music in Bali Terminal.
  • Balinese Dancing Class at the Bale Banjar.
  • Tigers of Ranthambore is an ancient fortress located in India.
    This fortress became the indwelling of the very rare white tiger. Visitors can interact more closely with the white tiger is through the glass that was in the pool. Here you can also take pictures with a white tiger.

For the visitors who want to spend the night so here are available Mara River Safari Lodge. This is the first bungalow in Asia. If you stay here, then you will be able to see the variety of wildlife that freely roam the savanna. Enjoy your vacation.. cheers..

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