Trips to place that manufacture Phinisi ships

In accordance with the title of my post this time, that invites you to travel to where the legendary ship of Phinisi is manufactured. Indeed, I also have never visited the place Phinisi shipbuilding, but it seems very interesting to visit.
It is said that the boat building Phinisi, Bonto Bahari Bulukumba in Sulawesi, Indonesia is the actual maker Phinisi ship. But it was other countries that develop Phinisi such as Japan, Malaysia, Brunei and Australia. So that citizens of Bonto Bahari Bulukumba Phinisi concern that boat will be given a patent in the making. And already there is evidence that Phinisi is a ship that pride of the nation of Indonesia, namely in the form of reliefs on temple of Borobudur.

Phinisi architecture
Internationally, new Phinisi ship known since 1906 ago. The boat is the most modern form of traditional boat of Bugis-Makassar who have undergone a long evolutionary process. The ship was built as a sailing boat with two poles and seven to eight strands of the screen. In general these are small boats with a carrying capacity of between 20 to 30 tons and length between 10 to 15 meters. Almost the entire boat building done with simple techniques and using the engine power is very minimal.

The parts of the ship Phinisi

> Anjong = triangle in front as a counterweight.
> Sombala = main screen, large-sized to 200 m.
> Tanpasere = small screen triangle on each main pole.
> Cocoro pantara = auxiliary screen in front of
> Cocoro tangnga = auxiliary screen in the middle
> Tarengke = auxiliary screen in the back.

Phinisi Nusantara has recorded the historic moment successful voyage across the Pacific Ocean to get to Vancouver, Canada. This vicious famous Ocean conquered by a ship made of wood, Phinisi archipelago. Although initially the mission of this spectacular cruise doubt many people, but the Captain. Gita ardjakusuma along with 11 people crew managed to accomplish this task properly. Obstacles on the notoriously dangerous shipping lanes in the Pacific Ocean can be overcome by good until Phinisi archipelago docked safely in Vancouver.

Wow .. a lot of wealth of this nation. I Love Indonesia. (Traditional Phinisi Architecture has arrange again same as in Borobudur Relief and its also success sail the ocean, and you can see it in Borobudur museum now).

*this article source from kaskus, edited by me.


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