I don't want to eat fish before go to travel with public bus

This time I love to talk about travel tips like the title "I don't want to eat fish before go to travel with public bus".
Yess.. It's about my own experience and I have take a research on it many time. Do you sometime I get vomit when I go for traveling with public bus and sometime I don't get it. Then I have question "Why?" I try to find what the reason that make me can vomit when go by bus. As I feel vomit in bus is something shameful for me, yah.. because I hate it, it's disgusting, it's uncomfortable, it's smelly, it's make me look bad, and other people hate vomit people in the bus (me also) because it can make other people get nauseous feeling (me also!).

Some people thinking that when I got vomit in the bus because of I get dizzy on my head. But I tell that they are wrong!! What happening is my stomach feel so week, I don't get any dizzy feeling but its suddenly feel like want to vomit. And I think it must have some reason. Then I try to remembering about what I ate before I go. I found it, I eat something fishy. I get weak tummy, maybe it's gen from my mom because she also has weak stomach and my sister also.
Here is about my weak stomach:
I know that I have weak stomach since I'm kid, I can't see something disgusting like as a piece of small house lizard feces, it can make me vomit. Then I also can't smell something bad and smelly, its also can make me vomit. I can't eat strong food like to much spicy or other, it can make me get stomachache (it's worst after I get typus symptom and I ever feel want to falling down because can't hold my stomachache).
Back to I don't want to eat fish before go to travel by public bus, so what the connection between fish and bus?
I try to answer it, my weak stomach feel not comfortable because of bus's vibration and it's become worst if I ate fishy food before go by bus (i feel like i get burning on my stomach). Then without any dizziness, a disgusting vomit come out. najis
So.. if you feel that you get weak stomach and you want to travel by bus so you better eat prevent vomit medicine and avoid to eat fishy food. And don't forget also to choose comfortable bus that you have trust on it. And enjoy your travel!!
But I suggest you, if you have weak stomach and you want to travel by public bus then what does and don't:
1. Eat anti vomit drug for travel at least 30 minutes before going to travel.
2. Don't eat something fishy.
3. Bring plastic sack.
4. Bring tissue.
5. Bring aromatherapy which has smell like mint or you like the smell but not make you dizzy.
6. Don't feels guilty when you vomit, because actually you are sick.
7. Don't angry with your self.
8. If you can get fresh air then go to get it.
9. Avoid perfume that smell to strong.
10. Choose good and comfortable bus.
11. Don't forget to pray before go, because it will make you feels better.
Good Luck.


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