From where I got the idea for my blog?

Now days I am busy thinking about my project, no significant progress till this day, still many error and errors. It made me really feel sad. I remember with this blog, one of my entertainment when I feel bored. This time I made a post not about traveling again, but about blogging. That is about where I got the idea to update my blog.
Yesterday I visited one of my favorite websites, ie kaskus. Kaskus often give me ideas to make post. Yah .. The idea to make blog posts often come from and online newspapers such as is a forum, and this forum is a forum with the largest number of members in Indonesia. Kaskus founder is Andrew Darwis, many site talk about the kaskus history and I wont talk about it again. I just want to share that much quality of knowledge that I got from kaskus. A few weeks ago I became one member who is active in making thread there, but obviously I return to the passive member again. Have joined since 2009 but I'm still a newbie till now and only have 3 threads post that I made a few weeks ago. hahaha is another source which gives inspiration to create the idea of posting. But I am not a plagiarist 100%, from's thread and's news as source of the idea of my posts then I developed my writing style and the result of my blog has a new post. Well ... took the idea from other site and give credit to the source does not violate the copyright, but if co-past 100% it was plagiarism and that the law prohibited. hehehe.
Okay much for sharing about where the idea of writing in my blog, which obviously I do not like co-past 100%. I can tell my blog purely from me, but taking ideas from other places (with a little co-past). See.. I'm honest blogger.


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