I need to focus on my study

As my post's title, I really need to focus on my study or I never finish my study. If I never finish my study then my sister will angry with me and she won't let me to marry. "big lol!"
Ehm..I'm older and I have to finish my study because I want get something new and something amazing that outside from my box. Yeah.. I can't ask my living cost to my sister and my brother always, because they have their own life and me also. So pray for me that I will finish my study on May 2011, I'm really wish and praying for it and I also trying as hard as I can do(but sometime lazy time coming -_-!).
Dear world.. Dear Anjieya.. sorry if I will leave you for a while, I love blogging so much but I don't want my blog hamper my life goal. Blog is only hobby to fill my spare time beside traveling, sharing,chatting, reading,dreaming and reading kaskus's threads. :D I have important study project now (I think it is important but this project isn't really big project but I only can hope that this project will give advantages for people) and it's for finishing my bachelor degree, but I won't totally leave my blog, I only will rarely making post and I will make a post when get bored. And today I will make some post and I will post it on schedule. Sadness.. but I have to do it!!
I have focus on my study and then I can have my own way, new travel way, new story. I want that! I love make blog post and it's also art, because you write your mind in here also.
Jiayou!!! Fighting!!


  1. hahaha,i have a same problem too!

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