I change my style

Hi.. wow feel so long not make a post. And I miss it so much. How are you world? I think everything gonna so beautiful but still complicated because of human passion and desire. Ok.. today I will make a post that maybe out from travel discussion, I will talk about my style. I change it!

What that changed from my style?

Is it from nerd to stylist?

Hoho.. no! Actually I change my style from unhijab become hijabi. Maybe some people that from other religion, unreligion or not open minded people will hate the hijabi girl, but I love to wear it. And some of them also feel scary with hijabi girl, or they think its odd and not pretty, ehm...let my new style on the left.
What the reason I choose to wear hijab?
According to my religion "Islam", women and girls have to wear hijab but in this case I feel want to wear hijab so wear hijab is my decide and i choose to wear it, no push!! and i feel love and more comfortable with it. Ehm..look at a picture below, see I'm still cute and still can stylist also. ^_^v haha.
And what the public opinion around me after I change my style from unhijab become hijabi?
What I have to say, Its amazing! They love with my new style too. And they are support me so much. And I feel that "love" is everywhere, lol.
I have wearing hijab regulary about 1 mount now, and I love it, really! There is some my unhijabi pics still on my blog, but I look in small. Before you will find alot of my unhijab pic here, but I love and choose to deleted them. Hehe..don't sad, I still post my pic and I think I more cute with hijab.
Ehm.. sometime I get problem with my hair that will be messy if wind blow it because my hair is dry type and I also love to keep it long, but with hijab then I feel no need to be worry if my messy hair make my style look bad. hoho...

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