Finally I get google PR

Haha.. no need to celebrate my new PR, but I'm really happy that Google give rank on my blog but why Google so stingy to give PR on my blog. I have wait for Google PR about a half a year and just a few days ago Google give PR on my blog after I become back link hunter. haha.. As my friend said that blogger give rank on our blog or website not depending from how many site that give back link on our site. Before I don't believe with my friend's statement but now I can check it on my own blog. I have some blog and other my blog also get 1 PR in same time with this blog. I have checked it, my other blog is "" that only have about 40 posts and only have some back link it's under 100 back links, but Google give rank it also. ya.. 1 rank. And other blog "", its also have back link under 100 but it's have some more back link than but I only writes 20 post but Google hasn't give rank on it. Sadness!! Because I love this blog also.

But at least I have to thanks to Google because it has give me rank and I hope they will give more rank on my blog. :D, Ok just want to share that finally Google give rank on my blog. I wish it will increase soon. I want get high PR that about proud. Haha.. Jiayou!!


  1. kalo nulis review2 gini...
    masukkin juga biar google tau kalo kamu masih sodaranya blog yang PR 4, ntar kan ada nepotisme dikit...rank mu ikutan naik...:))

    btw, congratz ama PR nya,
    dapet 2 PR deh ntar...di Google PR1 di rumah PR banyak
    Pekerjaan Rumah...xixixi

  2. congratulation friend, ne udah setahun lebih gak naik kelas :D

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