Chili prices as expensive as gold

In Indonesia is going a horrendous phenomenon but also sounded funny, the phenomenon that is the price of chili (cayenne pepper) was very expensive, until they say that buying chili as if buying gold. Whereas the majority of Indonesian people like spicy food. (But I do not like spicy food). According to the news that I read in some newspapers, that the price of chili is translucent IDR 250,000 per 1 kg in Kota Baru, Borneo. Hahaha .. Just imagine the price of 1 gram of gold is currently around IDR 200,000, while the price of chillies 1 kg to IDR 250,000. Due to the soaring price of chili high those many who say that the chili has become a luxury item in Borneo, as the price of chili as expensive as gold.
High prices are certainly troubling chili lovers of spicy cuisine, as chillies 1 kg if no meaning, but to buy chili 1 kg already make wallet be empty now. And for lovers of spicy food, spicy taste like opium, so they have not felt that delicious dish when there is no sense of spiciness. And the funny again, there are issues to overcome a very expensive price of chili peppers, the president will import from abroad chili. The idea to import from abroad chili sounds so silly, we have a vast agricultural land but for the chili we must import.
For landowners chili can smile now, because the chili price is expensive. But for lovers of spicy cuisine chili expensive price makes the head spinning. Um ... why not plant the peppers yourself at home? If the reason is no land, it can be planted in pots. Though planting chili in Indonesia is easy because the soil fertile.


  1. salam kenal ya kk.
    ini kunjungan pertama ane disini.
    iya sekarang lombok harganya hampir setara dengan emas :p

  2. @kumpulan hot threads kaskus
    Thanks udah berkunjung,aku juga mau berkunjung keblog agan ah..

  3. Sekarang bantak orang berlomba tanam cabe karena tergiur harganya mahal
    Nah dengan ini harga cabe kan berangsur normal karena melimpah :)

  4. @cucuharis
    betul gan.. tapi kan butuh waktu sampai bisa dipetik hasilnya

  5. kunjungan perdana dimalam hari
    disuguhi dengan Cabe yang Merah
    kebetulan 1 kilo harga sudah mencapai 100 ribuan

  6. memperkenalkan apa yg ada dalam negri... ide bagus :D


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