Mentawai used to be paradise for surfer before earthquake and tsunami

mentawai wavePerhaps more famous Bali for foreign and domestic tourists, but for the surfers they know where the waves are challenging. Mentawai and Nias is a favorite for surfers because the waves are exotic. In Mentawai, surfing is usually done in Nyangnyang Island, Coral Majat, Masilok, Botik, and Mainuk. The peak tourist visit there in July and August because the height of waves in the Mentawai reaches 7 meters.
In addition, the island of Siberut in the Mentawai become one of the biosphere reserve by UNESCO so that its existence must be protected and kept away from exploitation. Exoticism of Siberut compounded by the four endemic Mentawai primates, namely simakobu or pig tail monkey (Simias concolor), bilou or dwarf siamang (Hylobates klosii), joja or Mentawai langur (Presbytis potenziani), and monkey Mentawai (Macaca pagensis).

However Mentawai now being sad, on October 25, 2010 at 9:42 pm, an earthquake with magnitude 7.2 has shaken the power of the Mentawai. 7.2 magnitude earthquake that caused the tsunami as high as 3 meters in Pagai Island. The earthquake and tsunami that flattened as if the coast in the Mentawai.

mentawai gempaVictims of the earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai recorded more than 400 people died. Team evacuation difficulty doing evacuation victims and to distribute aid because of difficult terrain. Some aid distribution point has been done by land, air or sea, he said the distribution of which may pass through the sea using a ship KRI. Unfortunately the ship KRI can not be docked because of the sea in shallow coastal water due to the many Mentawai reef. So for the distribution of aid is done by relay from the ship KRI then transported by boat speedboat.
We hope our brothers there are fortitude, hopefully with this article many people know that our brothers in the Mentawai need help.

Borobudur closure due to volcanic ash

borobudur covered by volcano ashMount Merapi volcanic ash that fell like rain threatening complex of buildings in the world's largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur.

Some parts of the Borobudur temple was closed to the public so that the workers can clean white blanket of volcanic ash. Borobudur cleaning done since October 27, 2010, because of eruption of Mount Merapi on October 26, 2010. But on October 30, 2010, occurred eruption again that more terrible than the eruption on 26 October.
On October 29, the tourists are still able to enter the courtyard outside the temple, but has not been able to get into the gate. However, due to rumored that the eruption of Merapi is not maximized, and predicted there would be subsequent eruption, so the possibility of Borobudur will be closed for a long time.

Some archaeologists are concerned and worried because acidic substances contained in volcanic ash can accelerate the decay of stone, said Marsis Sutopo, head of the conservation office of the temple. We hope Borobudur will be fine, because Borobudur only one in this world.

For tourists who want to visit Borobudur do not be disappointed if not to witness the splendor and beauty of the temple of Borobudur. For convenience together and protect the world cultural heritage that is the masterpiece of Borobudur temple. 2 days ago I also plan to visit Borobodor to deliver tourists, because of the closure news Borobudur temple so we changed destinations to the Prambanan temple complex. Fortunately, tourists are not disappointed with the replacement of a tourist destination, for the comfort and safety. Have great for your traveling.

30 October 2010 Merapi volcanos was erupt again

Merapi erutionMerapi eruption dated October 30, 2010, at 0:40 am have a more devastating eruption from previous eruptions. Hot clouds sliding distance farthest reaches 10 km. Ash rain occurred during about 22 minutes, it seemed rain ash reach till Bantul which is about 60 km from Merapi and the house where I live also feel the rain of volcanic ash. The house that I live close to UGM (Universitas Gadjah Mada) so its more near Merapi than Bantul to Merapi. The leaves, streets, courtyards and roof covered with white ash but not so thick, but it interfere the vision and breathing.

Street cofered by volcano ashAlong the Kali Urang street, the streets become white. Full with volcanic ash that covered the road Kaliurang, the ash is quite thick so it make difficult for vehicle users to accross there. People are encouraged to wear masks when going out, so their breathing is not disturbed. However vulcanic ash not only disrupt breathing, but also interfere with the view that not only masks is very need of the refugees victims of natural disasters of Mount Merapi, but also eye drops and food and other supplies. Eye drops is necessary considering the dust vulcanic make eyes painful.

Kinahrejo and Kali Adem, after Mount Merapi Eruption


After the eruption of Mount Merapi, two villages in Sleman Jogjakarta looks like a dead area. Kali Adem village is only about 5 kilometers from the peak of Merapi. Kinahrejo village, only 4 kilometers away. News of the result of bursts of hot clouds (wedus gembel) from the eruption of Mount Merapi, noted that the human victims who died as many as 30 people. Domestic animals such as cattle that die of 180 tails.

mbah maridjanKinahrejo Village is home Mbah Maridjan. Mbah Maridjan is the caretaker of Mount Merapi. Caretaker is the person who won the trust to keep something and Mbah Maridjan is the one who was trusted by the Sultan to keep the mount Merapi. But after about 40 years served as caretaker of Mount Merapi, reported that on Tuesday (26/10/2010) Mbah Marijan found dead in a prostrate position. To identify the dead body in prostration is Mbah Marijan, it is necessary to research by a team of forensic because the bodies were no longer recognizable.

kinahrejoThe eruption of Mount Merapi this year has brought disorder to the village of Kali Adem and Kinahrejo, thick dust of fallen trees close, the ruins of homes, and as well as dozens of dead animals is pathetic. But we are citizens of Yogyakarta is still grateful for the time of the eruption occurred despite bursts of rain and the wind blew towards the south but to the west, so the city of Yogyakarta is located in the south of Mount Merapi are safe from exposure to volcanic ash. I live in Yogyakarta today, although the city of Yogyakarta quite far from Mount Merapi for my sensitive nose, I also felt uncomfortable to breathe, there is a burning sensation in my nose when breathing. But I am grateful, because the city of Yogyakarta is still in a safe condition. Thanks GOD.

The stone boat in Maluku

There is a heritage which is estimated to come from the megalithic era in Maluku, Indonesia. This stone relics that are prepared with shape resembles a boat.The stone boat become the community center, such as when it will build a house and various other traditional ceremonies.
The stone boat places on a hillside overlooking the sea, which lies Yamdena Island, Village Sangliat Dol, District Wertamrian, West Southeast Maluku District, Maluku. The stone boat often used as a ceremonial place of the villagers.
To see the stone boat, usually held a ritual ceremony on there first because people still believe that the spirits of their ancestors still be there. The ritual is usually led by landlords.
Stone boat was not too big, the size only 8x5 m and height of 1.2 m. Uniquely is, not everyone can rise to the top. Only the elders can go upstairs and they were selected.
Apart from being the center of the village, there are also stone boat and in the middle of it there is a well as a sacred spring and not everyone will permit to take it. The uniqueness of this spring is situated near the beach, but the water was fresh and very clear.
There are so many unique things found in Indonesia, like talking about Indonesia is no endless, from the unique, cultural wealth, natural wealth, and others. Indonesian should proud to be Indonesia.

There are so many unique things found in Indonesia, as if talking about Indonesia is endless, from the unique, cultural wealth, natural wealth, and others. Proud to be Indonesian.

The Eruption of Mount Merapi

merapi eruptionThousands of citizens are now in the process of evacuation following the blast of volcanic material from the belly of Mount Merapi on Monday (10/26/2010) at 17:50 pm. The panic occurs when the direction of the peak gliding dense blob rolling direction and Kinahrejo Samburejo territory, or to the residence Mbah Maridjan.
Motorcyclists drive his vehicle while constantly honking. Likewise, four-wheeled car that had been on alert at the rallying point of junction Kinahrejo and the highest areas on the southern slopes. Most of the residents were evacuated to the barracks and Hargobinangun Umbulharjo this afternoon visited the vice president.
Ash rain
The rain of ash is still happening around the region Kinahrejo. Weather on the southern slopes thick and dark clouds, but not yet raining. In Yogyakarta, light rain occurred sporadically. From the reports of which survive in Samburejo and Kinahrejo, this time a thick cloud-covered peak of Merapi and have not heard thundering avalanches of volcanic material again.
Volcanic dust from the material slide from the peak of Merapi at 17:50 am falling into the southern region, such as Turgo, Kinahrejo, Ngrangkah, and Samburejo. Residents in the southern slope of Merapi Samburejo in great panic at around 17:50 pm when it appears there was a big slide that allegedly led to the hot clouds and Kinahrejo Samburejo region.
Residents were evacuated to the barracks immediately prepared. Appears also reports that a number of car carrier fleet instead of fear and scrambling to leave the village.
The atmosphere is recorded over the radio communications of citizens, hazard warnings and cries for the people down to a safe area sounded continued. And glide avalanches of volcanic material from the summit of Mount Merapi is continue to be monitored until Tuesday (10/26/2010) evening. The number in the hundreds of times.
At around 17:15 pm, there was a large avalanches that could be seen from the southeast and east. In Turgo, some residents smell the sulfur and see the drift of volcanic ash. Lackey, residents in Samburejo, estimate the distance of slide material has more than 2,000 meters, or 2 kilometers from the summit.
Generally leads to the upstream Senowo Kali, Kali Boyong, Kali Kuning, and Kali Gendol. This information is based on direct visual observation of the residents in Turgo, Kinahrejo, Samburejo, Tunggularum, and pure-bred. Merapi summit area itself is very thick cloud, but occasionally at the top of the dome visible from the junction Kinahrejo, who became the central rallying point of the refugees.
Hotspots so far not been seen despite ongoing deformation dome and quite extreme growth. Merapi activity this time is very different from previous eruptive events since vulkaniknya very radical changes in the activity.
Within a month turned into "Awas Merapi"(Merapi in danger) status, the highest level in the phase of eruption. The data recorded in the Central Investigation and Technology Development Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Yogyakarta, dome inflation reached 42 cm / day. Measurements were taken with the electric distance measurement (EDM), with a reflector mounted in the vicinity of the peak of Merapi.
Preparing to evacuate
Thick foggy night and not see an area of the peak of Merapi to make extra precautions to be high. In Kaliadem, Kepuharjo, and Cangkringan, Sleman District, local residents this afternoon completed the postal buildings monitored by mutual cooperation.
Post of view in the highest villages on the southern slope of Merapi was a bamboo hut as high as 10 meters. Local residents confirmed to directly monitor the movement of Merapi, with high confidence.
"Not that we do not believe the information and decisions, and volcanology. Most of the residents had come down to evacuate," said Ronggo, residents in Kaliadem.


Its always so fun when visit Borobudur temple

borobudurTwo days ago I visited Borobudur temple with my best friend. I've been many times to visit Borobudur, but I was never bored to visit there again. I am always happy when visiting Borobudur temple, especially with my best friends.
For those who visit Borobudur in first time, they will so enchanted because the architecture of Borobudur temple is beautiful, majestic and wonderful. The pictures that we taken on there was very good. Although we have take a lot of pictures there, but when we got home, we feel that we take very little picture. Lol .. because we really like being photographed (narcissistic).
My trip to Borobudur that time was very nice, although when we are there was rainy for 2 times but the weather is supposed to make us despair because shelter in Borobudur temple far enough. Luckily we brought an umbrella that time, so if you visit the Borobudur in the rainy season should bring an umbrella like us.

borobudurRemember the adage "Ready for umbrella before rains." But for those of you who do not carry an umbrella, you also can hire an umbrella there, the rental price I do not know because I've never rented an umbrella when visiting Borobudur. The function of umbrella when visit Borobudur not only protect you from rain, but also protects you from the hot sun, because normally the weather is very hot when in Borobudur. Of course, Borobudur is a building that made from pure natural stone, so its normal that the weather so hot on there. But the beauty of Borobudur can make us forget that the weather is hot, when the weather is slightly overcast but not foggy like the time we felt yesterday, definitely will make you feel convenience although you were at the top level of the temple or called "Arupadhatu" (which means do not form or intangible). Because the view from Arupadhatu very beautiful, from here you can also see a very famous Amanjiwo resorts, but the unique and majestic resorts are looks small because it is quite far from there.
I've visited Borobudur many times, but I still want to visit Borobudur again. Are you interested to visit it? Let's prove just how beautiful and magnificent of Borobudur the world's cultural heritage in Magelang, Indonesia. So if your trip to Yogyakarta, do not forget to visit the world cultural heritage, the temple of Borobudur, Prambanan, Ratu Boko, Sultan's Palace and other places around Yogyakarta. Have a wonderful holidays and do not forget to care the cleanliness of tourist places so will be always beautiful and comfortable, let's go around the world.

Enjoy Sunset on Ratu Boko

Ratu Boko is a name of a beautiful architecture the temple of King Boko (King Boko Palace). King Boko Palace was constructed during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran, descendant of Sailendra dynasty. The palace that initially was named Abhayagiri Vihara (that means a monastery on a peaceful hill) was built for seclusion purpose and to focus on spiritual life. This Palace was built by Buddhist but there are Hindu elements in it. This can be seen from the presence of Lingga and Yoni, Ganesha statue, and golden plate with the writing "Om Rudra ya namah swaha" on it as form of worship to Rudra as the other name of Shiva. The Hindu elements proved religious tolerance that is reflected in architectural works. In fact, Rakai Panangkaran who embraced Buddhism lived side by side with Hindu people.

This palace is located 196 meters above the sea level. The area of the palace as wide as 250,000 m2 is divided into four, namely center, west, southeast, and east parts. The center part consists of the main gateway, square, Combustion Temple, pond, square terrace and assembly hall. Meanwhile, the southeast part includes hall, platform, three temples, pond, and a complex for princess. The caves, Buddha effigy, and a pond (mysterious well) are in east part while the west part consists of hills only.

Because the location of King Boko Temple located in the hills, and scenery in the west is a city of Yogyakarta that flatland, the views of the sunset at King Boko Palace very often looked forward to the visitors, because the sunset at the King Boko Palace was very beautiful, majestic and enchantment, see it by yourself. Picture a long beside a few sunset photos in King Boko Palace which I get from the internet, is so lovely, isn't it?t

Watch the dolphins attraction, beautiful sunrise and sunset at Lovina beach, Bali

Love it .. I still remember that I ever promised to someone on to make a post about the beaches in Bali. And now I am interested in the beach of Lovina, Bali. Lovina Beach is the beach which is famous for dolphins attractions.

Lovina located on north of Bali tourist region, +2.5 hours from Kuta. Lovina is also a leading tourist area of Bali, because here the tourists can enjoy the natural atmosphere which is very different. Mountain landscapes that look very close to the beach make this area more attractive to visit.

Hotels, villas and other lodging types are also very much built here. In the morning, at sunrise, here we can watch the dolphins swimming on the ocean surface. If we want to see dolphins up close, we can rent fishing boats there, then not too far into the ocean we can already see hundreds of dolphins swimming in their habitat. cool.
And if you sunset lovers, I think Lovina beach also give a different sunset scene. lol. Yah..As I know each beach have different sunset sensation. So dont forget to your gf, bf or your lovely family to visit Bali and dont forget to visit Lovina beach also. The most important dont forget to bring your camera to capture the best moment, best sunrise and best sunset with the hundred dolphins in Lovina beach.

The Glorious of Jogja Java Carnival 2010

Finally I had time to post about Jogja Java Carnival ....

Because of the success of Jogja Java Carnival in 2009, that make Jogja eager to hold a great carnival again. At this time the carnival theme is Harmony in the Night,it is held on October 16, 2010. Jogja Java Carnival aims to celebrate the anniversary of the city of Yogyakarta to-252.

Jogja Java Carnival was held on Malioboro street, starting from point zero to Inna Garuda hotel. The Carnival very lively, forming a cultural sequence that begins with a row of Ramayana ballet, then the ranks of other cultures. Participants of Jogja Java Carnival is derived from local, national and even international.

Jogja Java Carnival is lively, but there are still shortcomings. It is still a lack of coordination of the committee. So visitors who witnessed this event yet orderly rows, resulting in difficulty moving carnival participants. It's still understand because Jogja was still young in organizing cultural carnivals like that. What I can say, that carnival is great job...

For tourists who were visiting Jogja this time, certainly feel so special because of the event of Jogja Java Carnival, so if you plan to vacation to Jogja next year, should your visit coincide with Jogja's anniversary so you can watch Jogja Java Carnival.
Stay passion for travel, Let's go around the world ...

Tour guide de Kraton (Yogyakarta Sultan's Palace)

After shopping in Malioboro, you must visit Kraton Yogyakarta also. Kraton (Palace) in Yogyakarta (Jogja), not as fancy as the palace in general. Kraton Jogja is a simple palace but highly respect of Javanese culture. For me, Yogyakarta palace is a unique palace. It's just that not all areas can we enter carelessly, when we visited the palace we could only look around.
Our main trip to the main palace where there is a throne hall of King and marquee which is the embryo of the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM). In the middle of the building between the king's throne hall and UGM there is a gate that looks like a small hall. Stand in the middle of this gate, then when you scream or clap your hands then the sound will bounce, the myth that there is a midpoint between Mount Merapi and the South Seas. But in my opinion, architect design the building that makes the sound can bounces.
Then the tour continues towards the palace where the king's residence, where you can watch dance performances, gamelan performance and macapat, also can see the white palace which have floors made of marble and decorated with lights cristal, golden palace ( just the painting color like gold so it is look very glamor), the king's collection like gifts from around the world that was already very old, the collection tells king's life story, a collection of paintings and batik collection. Many can be seen there, but it looks simple.
The next tour is the area outside the palace like a museum Sana Budaya, Museum Kereta, an Old Great Mosque architecture, and Taman Sari. In museum Sana Budaya, you can see many kind of puppet and if you like, you also can to see the puppet show. The puppet show held at the night, this show will be held for 2 hours. And at museum Kereta or carriage museum, you can see many old carriage that still can be use but you can't ride on it, and next to the bath of the king's daughter and mistress, it is called Taman Sari (Water castle).

According to the story, formerly Taman Sari is the area that surrounded by the lake so it is called water castle. But the area become a settlement for the servants for palace, so the lake was flattened (too bad ...). All you can see in the Taman Sari, which is an old pool that should not be used for the public, the former king rooms, and an old mosque that have good architecture (unlike the mosque in general). Then when night come, you also can visit the South Square to play masangan.
That my story when I become tour guide to Kraton, If you want to know more about the Kraton story, you can visit wikipedia or yogyes. I have been visit Kraton for many times but I still like to visit there again, lol.

Tour guide along Malioboro street

Malioboro MarketLet's get a walks. .. Anjieya this time will invite you to visit the city of Yogyakarta, namely to Malioboro st,Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Malioboro street is the most famous street in Yogyakarta (Jogja). Because Malioboro street is a shopping center, it is about 1km so that was one of recreation destination in Jogja.
When you walk in Malioboro street, do not just go for shopping. Because along Malioboro street and around many places you can visit. If you like to take a walk, would take a walk along the Malioboro is exciting. Our journey started from Hotel Ina Garuda headed to Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta. Options trip up to you: walk, ride tricycles or wagon ride.
From Ina Yogyakarta Hotel, we walked to the Malioboro Mall. Malioboro Mall is my favorite mall in Jogja, because the mall for me was not monotonous. In this mall you can taste the delicious donut that is "J. CO Donut" and buy an original Dagadu t-shirt and souvenirs. Dagadu t-shirt a famous shirt in Jogja because of the unique words on her jersey.
After the Malioboro Mall, you want to buy batik so many choices of batik and souvenir shops that classy example Danar Hadi (Solo), Keris, Margaria, etc. When you pass through the Mutiara(Perl) hotel, do not forget to stop by the mister who although blind but very intense to play Angklung(traditional music from bambo). If you like his play so give charity for him. He was a very loyal to play Angklung in front of the Mutiara Hotel. After the Mutiara hotel to enjoy the Angklung music concert, you can visit the tourist information center to ask about tourism in Yogyakarta. If you do not need to go to tourist centers, then you can go straight to Beringharjo market.
Malioboro MarketBeringharjo market is the largest traditional market in Yogyakarta. In Beringharjo you can buy batik and souvenirs. Because the market then you should be good at bargaining, if you do not like to bid then you can visit Mirota Batik. But for those not familiar, the smell of incense which became characteristic of Mirota will greatly disturbing your smelling.
Finished shopping let us travel history to the museum fort Vedeburg. The ticket to entrance Vedeburg fortress, it is very cheap. What you can see inside of Vedeburg fortress there are a diorama(maket) story of Indonesia's independence struggle. In front of the castle Vedeburg there is a large white building, the building was once the Istana Negara Indonesia (Indonesia white house) at the cabinet RIS. Well .. in front of the castle and Vedeburg fortress which is called point of zero kilometers and became a favorite in Malioboro street to spend the time and enjoy the scene of busy road.
Malioboro MarketFrom zero kilometer, you also can see Monuments of General Offensive 1 March, this monument quite crowded because it is often used as a festival, such as culinary festivals. Looking south, you will see a white building which has colonial architecture period. The building is a bank of BI, the post office and bank BNI, indeed it is a heritage building of Colonial period. To the south again is the square of Yogyakarta Palace and Malioboro tour ended and now we tour the Sultan palace.

Let's travel to Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Planning a vacation to Cambodia, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the beach there? I have recommended place that is Sihanoukville. To find out more detailed and unique information about Sihanoukville, you can visit the website Sihanoukville.

In, provides complete information such as hotels, tourism place, travel guide and others. Hotels that offer on website of also varies, with full information.
For hotel information visit this link You can choose what kind of your favorite hotels view, such as beach, pool and others.

Is easy and cheap to go to Prambanan Temple

prambananI live in Jogja (Yogyakarta) now, but I rarely even talk about Jogja. The topic of my post now, will talk "is cheap and easy to go to Prambanan temple". Yes it is. When you visit Jogja and you want to shop in Malioboro and also wanted the tour to Prambanan temple, and you do not have a personal vehicle to go to two places that then you can take a bus named TransJogja.
Transjogja in jogja identical to the bus which has a green color, these bus are not big as Busway bus in Jakarta but the bus is more convenient if compared with regular public bus. Bus ticket is also relatively cheap, and can be said to be very cheap. With the money of Rp 3,000, then you can have get around the city of Jogja.


So in a day you can visit the Prambanan Temple as well as Malioboro. We recommend you visit the Prambanan first then visit Malioboro. The reason usually you will feel want to take long time to enjoyed the beauty of the temples of Prambanan + you can also visit the temple of Queen Boko for free.
Tickets to enter the temples of Prambanan are indistinguishable to an Indonesian citizen Rp 15,000 but for foreign tourists will usually be more expensive 10x. Do not be fooled, it seems to apply in some places of tourism in Indonesia. Understandably, for foreign tourists to pay 10x more than the local tourist price of course was not expensive. hehehe.

Let's travel to the city of the Rainbow Troops.

Rainbow Troops film adapted from a novel of the same title, takes original place according to the novel and the author's place is in Belitung, Indonesia. When we look at the Belitung Islands have a nice beach scene and unique, usually beach decorated with a steep rock or sharp but not in the Belitung Islands. Granite boulders that adorn the coast of the Belitung Islands that make the scene at the beach be beautiful and unique.
Formerly Belitung known as the island of tin producer, but now the government already knows how great the potential of tourism on the island of Belitung. The Indonesian government also has made the Belitung Islands as a national tourist icon, to start it then the government will hold a Sail Belitung in 2011.
Um .. wait Sail Belitung in 2011 is still quite long. In the near future, namely in November 2010, the festival of Rainbow Troops will be held.
Rainbow Troops festival will be held for 1 month of 1 to 30 November 2010 with the theme "Dignity Respect for Culture and Tourism East K-State of the Rainbow Troops". This festival will be held in the village of Linggang, Belitung. Linggang Village has the advantage of owning a fishing community, the unique community's of Sawang, Malay and Chinese communities are elderly, and various other tribes. Our landscape consists of rivers, valleys, lakes, mountains, beaches, the location of mines, plantations, fields, and forests. There is also industrial Archaeology, namely facilities and old mining machinery from the Dutch and PT. Tin. It said the village is the deadline Linggang Malay culture. Thus, in this rainbow festival, will also be lifted malay culture. All performances will be held in the middle of specialty coffee shops like the picture of Andrea Hirata in his novels. The Rainbow Troops Festival is a festival of folk and managed by the Office of Letters Linggang Village and will become the largest festival of arts and culture in East Belitong. All festival events are open to the public, free, vibrant education, welfare, and cultural value.
Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Rainbow Trropss in the real world, let's travel to the village of Rainbow Troops.

How to cook opor?

oporI have talk about ketupat on my post before. And ketupat best eaten with chicken opor. And this time I want to post about receipe of chicken opor. Here is one of method how to cook opor.

Material (ingredient)
1 chicken, cut into 12 sections
1 tablespoon lemon juice
3 bay leaves
2 stalks lemongrass, take a white, crushed
2 cm ginger, crushed
5 pieces of orange leaves
1 liter of coconut milk from 2 coconuts
1 tablespoons water of Java tamarind
3 tablespoons fried onions, for topping
3 tablespoons oil, for sauteing
salt to taste

Ingredient to blend:
6 pieces red onion
3 cloves garlic
3 pieces of pecans, toasted
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon pepper grain
salt to taste

1 tablespoon ketubar or coriander, toasted
Rinse the chicken, coat with lemon juice and salt, mix well, set aside 30 minutes, wash, drain.
Heat oil and sauté the smoothed spices until fragrant.
Add chicken, bay leaves, lemongrass, ginger and lime leaves. Stir until the color changes.
Add tamarind water Java. Cook until chicken is cooked, remove from heat.
Shortly will be presented, reheat the chicken, pour the coconut milk.
Cook until boiling. Remove, sprinkle with fried onions. Serve with ketupat.

To: 12 servings

Happy cooking..let's go around the world.

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