Rally Yacht on Launching of Sail Banda

Launching Sail BandaWow ... great event which I have been waiting with theme "Small Islands for Our Future" that is Sail Banda, already launching on July 24, 2010. In launching of Sail Banda was held Yacht Rally that started from Cullen Bay, Darwin, Australia to Ambon. Yacht Rally was released by the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare Agung Laksono and Minister of Fishery Fadel Muhammad.

Number of participants yacht rally from Darwin to Ambon in 2010 reach 107 ships from 19 countries with a total crew of reaching 210 people while the total participants who took part in the 319 boat people.

Origin couLaunching Sail Bandantry participants include Australia, Argentina, Austria, Canada, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (U.S.), Vanuatu.

Participants will enter Indonesia through three points namely Banda, Bitung, and Kupang. Type of ship used participants include catamaran, cutter, sailing ship, and the sloop.

Hopefully Sail Banda that will end on the anniversary of Indonesian independence day on August 17, 2010, will promote the marine tourism and fisheries of Indonesia especially Maluku region and this event can be run successfully.

Sail Banda

Ancol Sky become colorful because of International Kite Festival

festival layanganAs the title above, today the sky in the region Carnival Market, Ancol, North Jakarta into a colorful because of the International kite festival in 2010 in Jakarta. The festival is held during the second day today on July 24 and July 25, 2010.

The participants of this international kite festival not only festived by participants in the country but also from nine friendly countries. Various events organized to enliven this kite Festival. Among the kite competitions creation two-dimensional and workshops by professional kite pelayang Arirang Korean origin.
On July 24 there are night-flying a kite flight display lighted.

kite festival, jakartaBesides watching kite flights attractions, visitors can follow a kite-making workshops from paper and plastic, the exhibition of Indonesian traditional kites and bazaars selling various kinds of kites.

On this day July 25 from 9:00 am, has lasted three-dimensional kite contest. And will also be held an international kite exhibition.

Anyway, the show really exciting, just imagine forms such as tigers, crocodiles, fish, spongbob rickshaws and even decorate the sky and make a colorful sky. Indeed participants held an international kite in the Jakarta area are not as many kite festivals held in Padang Galak, Sanur Beach, Bali, the approximately 720 participants. But at least 150 kinds of kites that enliven the kite festival held in Jakarta was also not lost its merry.:puppyeyes:

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Vacheval, strange animal combination of cow and horse, its Vacheval ever exist and existed?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was surprised, including believe it or not about the ever presence of a strange animal called Vacheval. Vacheval is a combination of horses and cows, believe it or not you try to set aside a little time just to see the video below:

After watching the video, so what your opinion?
I get picture below from the video footage above, looks they are very strange and so chic right?

As source that I found from some website about Vacheval, they said Vacheval ever reported from Belgium Television in the 1960's. Alain du Monde, an Eco extraordinaire who worked for Belgium Television at that time, recalls the Vacheval; “The Vacheval were magnificent, they were not only Eco but they were chic too, those behind the Vacheval were clearly visionary in recognizing the future environmental issues facing man-kind” he says.
So about belief that Vacheval ever existed or not, that's up your confidence. And if Vacheval ever existed and still exist today, wow...its must be so great and so cool? Think it! Horsepower combined with the delicacy of cow's milk. And vacheval also can be the alternative as CO2 reducing transportation. But do not get too excited, because no one knows whether they actually exist today. There are rumours they all now live on a special retreat in the Alps, whilst some say they fled Europe in search of work. With little records about of their existence, who knows what actually happened to the Vacheval?

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Enchantment Cetha Temple, the beautiful scenery of tea plantations and the road that climbed down and winding

Indonesia has a beautiful nature, rich culture and also has many historical heritage of building or things. Historical heritage of building like as temple. It was noted by UNESCO that Indonesia has a relic of the largest Buddhist temples (Borobudur) and the highest Hindu temple (Prambanan) in the world. Both temples have I told to you, if you want to read about the article just click the name of the temple.
This time I want to introduce a Hindu temple which is approximately 2 hours from my hometown, the name is Cetha temple. When I was in high school, Cetha Temple became our favorite places to visit when it came from school early. What we like when visit to Cetha Temple is take an adventure into the jungle area (I thinks its become not challenge as before now, because already change and build like a garden). We are joking, enjoy the fresh-cool mountain air so much and enjoying snack that we had brought. Um .. so miss that times.:inlove:

About Cetha temple:
Cetha temple situated on the slopes of Mount Lawu, in Cetha Hamlet, Village Gumeng, District Jenawi, Karanganyart, Central Java Province, Indonesia. This temple is a temple with staircase discovered by Van der Vlis in 1842. Archaeological Service in 1928 to conduct research through excavation to find the materials more complete reconstruction. Existing buildings, including buildings pendapa of wood, is the result of restoration carried out in the late 1970s. It is unfortunate that the refurbishment or more accurately called the reconstruction is done without regard to the archaeological aspects, so that the authenticity of its forms can not be justified scientifically.

Found a mark at the site of the temple, it is known that the temple was built around the year 1451-1470, ie during the late reign of Majapahit Kingdom. Cetha Temple is a Hindu Temple which was built for the purpose of 'Ruwatan', ie Ruwatan (pray to the God and give some dedication) when get disaster and rescue efforts from various forms of pressure due to the ongoing turmoil at the time. The fact that this temple is a Hindu temple is very interesting, because the kings of Majapahit embraced Buddhism. 'Diversion' is alleged to have strong links with its development objectives. At that time Majapahit Kingdom is undergoing the process of collapse with the mounting social turmoil, political, cultural and even religious order before finally experiencing a total collapse in 1478 AD

I do not quite understand about history, because Indonesia is too much history. hehehe. For fun, we better take a review about Cetha temple area. Travel to Cetha Temple is very challenging for me because it guts the way to the temple through the road that climbed down and winding. So if you decide to visit this temple with your own vehicle, its would recommend that you have a good stamina vehicle and an expert driver. You as the passengers would enjoy the scenery surrounding the trip to the location, due to travel to the location you will be treated tea plantations of Kemuning stretch up to the location of a magnificent temple. We love visiting the Cetha temple because we feel equal with what we get after going through a hard trip.

When you visit a temple should come also to Cetha Sukuh. Usually the tourists visiting the Grojogan Sewu (Tawang Mangu) first then Sukuh Temple and then proceed to the temple Cetha. Sukuh Temple is famous as the temple that was controversial, I'll tell you later on another occasion.

Well... my photo display here may not be a recent photo of the temple Cetha, because the last time I was there about five years ago, this temple had begun to be rearranged.

Grojogan Sewu waterfalls, hundreds stairs and michievous monkey

grojogan sewuGrojogan Sewu is a famous waterfall in Tawang Mangu, Karang Anyar district, Central Java, Indonesia. Thing that impressed when visiting Grojogan Sewu waterfalls is to get to the site should be down hundreds of stairs that makes pretty tired for those who are not familiar. On the way down the stairs you will find some of gazebo that can be used to rest when you are exhausted, looking at scenery-trees towering pine trees and dozens of funny monkeys and very mischievous. Well .. you have to be careful of the monkeys, because they like to steal supplies the visitors. If you bring a plastic bag, they will immediately suspect that it was food, so secure your luggage or the monkey will steal it.
grojogan sewuAfter you finish down the stairs you will find various stalls selling food and a swimming pool with cold water, be advised Grojogan Sewu location it was in the mountain Lawu so the water around here is very cool for those of you who used to live in the lowlands. Then to get to the location of the waterfall, you follow a path made of stone mountain neatly. And you came to a waterfall called Grojogan Sewu (Thousand falls). You should come to Grojogan Sewu when the rainy season and you'll know why the waterfall was named Grojogan Sewu. But the water often dirty when in rainy season.hehehe ..

grojogan sewuOnce satisfied to enjoy the waterfalls, you can try the food sold at area locations. There are many menu options are also here, notably satay. You can choose from a variety of semi-private dining is to enjoy the food in the middle of crowded as trees and the bush (perfect for couples) or in the middle of an open field. And should I recommend a safe location from apes. hehehe.

It's enough to enjoy the scenery and waterfalls surrounding Grojogan Sewu and you still want to be adventurous, you first have to exit the location and boarded up hundreds of stairs. tired .. :sigh: hehehe .. then you can shop by location-in the outside or go to the market Tawang Mangu or a visit to Hamlet Nglurah tourist village to buy ornamental plants, Hamlet Nglurah is about 3km from Grojogan Sewu. And there is also a religious site that is Goa Maria (Mary cave) also about 3km from Grojogan Sewu. When I visited Tawang Mangu on last time ago, I find that many garden strawberry around the location of Grojogan Sewu, um .. well ya eat fresh strawberry by your picking.

Well .. Grojogan Sewu waterfall is also always crowded with visitors, especially on holidays.

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Let's talking and gain money with SocialSpark

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Miss climb to Lawu mountain

Some time ago, Let's go around the world invites you to climb Mount Rinjani and Mount Bromo, this time Let's go around the world invites you to climb one of mountain at the frontier of Central Java and East Java, Indonesia namely Mount Lawu. Climb to mount Lawu will give different experience from climbing other mountains in Indonesia, because every mountain in Indonesia has its uniqueness. And Mount Lawu is also totally unique and save a lot of mysteries and legends. On the slopes of Mount Lawu many tourism place such as the Tawang Mangu with Grojokan Sewu, Sarangan Lake, Sukuh Temple, Cetha Temple and much more. Well .. if there's time I'll introduce all for you, now we visit the peak of Mount Lawu first.
Mount Lawu is a sleeping volcano, so any time this mountain could explode. Huh ... scary. Lawu mountain has three peaks, peak 1 (Hargo Dumilah), uncak 2 (Hargo Dalem) and top three (Hargo Dumiling). Hargo Dumilah is the highest peak with an altitude of 3265 masl.
There is a famous cemetery at the top Hargo Dalem, according to the beliefs of this tomb is the tomb of Prabu Brawijaya Pamungkas or known by the name of Sunan Lawu. It is said that Prabu Brawijaya after his resignation from the Majapahit later he was appointed as the ruler of mankind in the mountains Lawu. horror .. ouch again ..
Besides the tomb of Sunan Lawu, the other famous places is crater of Mount Lawu that have famous name Crater Condrodimuka, which according to the trust is a place used for galvaizing of Gatutkaca.

In these mountains are also many sacred places such as Spring Drajat, Sendang Inten, Sendang Panguripan, Well Jalatunda, Market Dieng, Stone Monument "berundak punden", Barn Selayur, Telaga Yellow and many more. The mountain is also overgrown Edelweis flowers pink, yellow and white.
There are two popular climbing route is via Cemoro Sewu and Cemoro Kandang. The distance between the climbing lane is only about one kilometer.
1. Cemoro Sewu
Cemoro Sewu known as the gate from the direction of East Java, the length is about 6.5 km through forests of pine and acacia. In this climb we will pass the four shelter of shelter one at 2100 m, second at 2300, 3td at 2500 m and reached the shelter four with altitude 2800 m above sea level with a time of 4-5 jam. After these four shelter began heading lower until we had to run along the ridge, the way in the form of flat land and on the right side there is the abyss.
2. Cemoro Kandang
Cemoro Kandang (Cage) is known as a gate or climbing from the direction of Central Java. This more gentle ascent route, but also longer which is about 12 km. The view from this point is also very beautiful. I ever once time climbed the mountain Lawu through the Cemoro Kandang. Yah..Unforgettable memories.
Heading through the ascent of the Cemoro Kandang also consists of four shelter namely a first shelter as Taman Sari Bawah (Bottom), 2nd shelter as Taman Sari Atas (Above), shelter 3td as Penggik and 4td shelter as Cokrosuryo. Between the 2nd shelter and 3td shelter, there is an emergency shelter but are advised not to stop long here because the smell of sulfur is very strong, it is also my recollection that you will pass your left side is a ravine called Ravine Pangarip-Arip. In 4td shelter, you will find a wide field but deeply felt horror atmosphere here and I can not forget the memory. Because apparently there are two graves here (hopefully not increased) which seems tomb climber who died and was buried in that place.
Well so information about climbing the mountain Lawu, tips for hiking Lawu should not talk dirty, bring waterproof clothing, bring adequate supplies, and should pass through the existing climbing lane because would be very dangerous if not,many of the abyss there. Hix .. miss Lawu want to climb the mountain again, but it seems the soul of my adventure began to decrease. Well ... but I'll always be a passion for screaming Let's go around the world.

Article source http://apvalentine.students.uii.ac.id edited by Anjieya

Natural Beauty of Green Canyon

green canyonI've always wanted to write about the beauty of the Green Canyon, in Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia. I am fascinated by the beauty of the Green Canyon when I watched a coverage from private TV about travelling around a year ago, when I was really amazed that my country is indeed extraordinary complete beauty of nature. At first when I heard the name of Green Canyon, I think it is a place name in the U.S.. But it was Indonesia also has a Green canyon itself, which you can see for yourself the beauty of the Green Canyon from the pictures that I insert here.
When I looked for information by internet, most information I found in Indonesian language. Um .. and therefore I should make a post about the Green Canyon in the English language. Hopefully, the discourse that I took from various sources is sufficiently complete for those of you who want to know about the Green Canyon. Well .. If you have not, or incomplete or do not believe it, I suggest you should visit it yourself. lol.:astig:
According to sources and information I can, Cayon Green initially Cukang Taneuh real name in local language means a land bridge. Green Canyon referred to as Cukang Taneuh or bridge above the ground because there are cliffs that farmers used the land bridge as a shortcut to the agricultural estates in the area. Green Canyon real name was popularized by Frank and Astrid, a tourist from France and Switzerland, who in 1990 came to Cukang Taneuh.
green canyonGreen Canyon is located in the Village Kertayasa, District Cijulang, Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia, ± 31 km from Pangandaran, or about 393 km from Jakarta. . Green Canyon is a tourist attraction is the river flow of Cijulang through the cave with stalactite and stalagmite a fascinating and flanked by two hills with rocks and trees provide a natural green landscapes, beautiful and fascinating. Not only that, if tourists want to see more beautiful scenery can swim about 10m into using buoys. Once there, the most stunning scenery emblazoned in front, relentless rush of water that resembles the rain soaked walls and rock cliffs. This area is called Eternal Rain, because the water alaways fall even in dry season, water coming out from the cliff wall was never subsided. Still have not finished admiring and preserving this beauty, try to move up the cliffs as high as 15 meters toward the bathing pool. It is said that anyone who believed that bathing in the place will stay young, smooth soul mate and livelihood. Do not believe yah ... I think it's just a myth. :puppyeyes:
Also on the way to Green Canyon is along the river Cijulang, you'll see a lot of jodang and fins are nets to catch fish. Jodang has a shape like a house on stilts beneath it installed netting and placed in the middle of a river. Sirib a half a part of the handle jutted riverside land. Jodang and Sirib add information on the our travel book .. um .. horay
green canyon To reach the location of Green canyon you can use the services of a motorboat or canoe paddles are widely available at Pier Cisereuh. Green Canyon open from 10:00 until 16:00, boat costs Rp 70,000 (return ticket). Rent buoy USD .5000 per buoy. Prepare also a change of clothes and towel if you want to swim. Believe it or not there is no prohibition for dirty words and mention 'crocodile' while he was in Green Canyon. Fair when giving tips to the crew of the boat, because they have a long wait, when you are swimming upstream.

Well .. I'm already sleepy .. .. um ... hopefully I'll dream of a trip to Green Canyon. Lol .. Lets Go Around the World baby ..

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