Segara Anak Lake, unique and beautiful

For mountaineers Rinjani, Segara Anak is definitely one of the reasons, purpose and favorite climber to Rinjani Mt. That is the truth that Segara Anak lake is different and exotic.

Segare Anak (Segare means Sea and Anak means son) that formed due to volcanic eruption of Mount Rinjani. Community called Segara Anak as ocean/ sea because of the color of this lake is blue like the sea. This lake is situated at an altitude of 2800 M, there are plenty of fish and other flora and fauna. The fish are numerous in this lake are carp, tilapia and fish Harper. Segara Anak Lake water smelled of sulfur, the temperature differs from one place to another.

Area lake is approximately 1100 hectares, a depth between 160-230 meters. In the middle of this lake appears like a small mountain. It is a new volcanic mountains that are still active and growing. This mountaint called Baru Jari Mount. Segara Anak lake by the surrounding communities have trusted the magic that can cure disease, also for the cult to get the magical objects.).

For Sasak tribe, the lake Segara Anak is considered a sacred place that must be guarded purity. The lake is a bluish green color was used also as a place of pilgrimage and worship, Hinduism, Islam Wettu Telu (Hindu-Muslim syncretism) and reliance on God Almighty.

So if visit Segara Anak do not be surprised if you smell the flower offerings or Dupa around the edge of the lake. Sasak tribe believed that the lake Segara Anak is the reside place Goddess Anjani so Segara Anak Lake highly respected . Dewi Anjani also as a trusted guardian faerie Mount Rinjani.

Facts for the climbers that Segara Anak can relax the muscles tense as a day of climbing with some swimming baths around the natural sulfur. And the wild monkeys with the sharp-toothed will be fun watching your shower and bathing activity. hihihihi.

And most exciting is when the climbers said to burn the fish (bake fish) in the edge of the lake. Fish that breed in the Segara Anak lake like Mas fish, Oreochromis mossambicus and Harper. If you are tired of fishing and do not get none of fish, you can buy fish from local residents that they usually sell around the lake when the vacation time. According to some stories, the fish in the Segara Anak first time in the scatterplot by Alm. President Suharto, I am less sure does .. But many climber say that the fish which live in this lake does have a large size.

Um ... Yummie ...

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Interesting places in Mount Rinjani

Here is some place that you get if you climb to mount Rinjani Mt and maybe they are be reason why climb to mount Rinjani is the five star trekking (climbing five stars). Check it out :

1. Segara Anak Lake
This beautiful lake was formed from the former crater, an area with a depth of 230m square 11.000.000m. This lake is very rich with fish. Not only climbers are fishing here, but many locals also come to here for fishing. Rinjani climber said if you climb to mount Rinjani without spend the night at the Segara Anak area it seemed there is something missing.

2. Goa Susu
Goa Susu in English will mean Dairy Cave. Its called Goa Susu because the water of this lake have color white as milk because containing sulfur that came out from a crack rock in this cave. Gap to enter this cave is very narrow and very difficult to pass. Locals believe anyone could enter into the cave it means the person has a pure heart.

3. Air Kalak
Air Kalak or Inverse water in the local language which means hot water, flowing from the top down and form small pools which have different temperatures. If you want to soak, just select the temperature you like hot, warm or lukewarm.

4. Gunung Baru Jari
Gunung Baru Jari (Tribe Sasak language) meaning mountain incipient. If translate to English, Gunung Baru Jari mean New Mount Finger. Mount Rinjani is a typical mountain scenery and is second to none. It is rarely that can to the top of the Baru Jari mountain even though according to the information there is already a path to get there, maybe it is because Baru jari Mountain is still active and out of gas.
5. Traditional Village of Sasak tribe
The village is located right beside the Senaru Post Dasional Park. This village is very unique because it features da house building in this complex Sasak village still maintains the authenticity of the Sasak ethnic culture. As with Baduy tribe in Banten, Sasak tribe house without wearing spikes and looks very neat. in addition to this traditional village in a waterfall Senaru also called Sindang gile, which is located not so far from Senaru.

I ever climbed the mountain once, namely Mount Lawu, at the border of Central Java and East Java . And I'm still eager to climb the mountain again. Let's Go Around the World.
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Let's climb to The Mountain Rinjani

Mount Rinjani with altitude 3726 meters above sea level, which is administratively into the territory of West Lombok regency, East Lombok and Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The mountain is also part of Mount Rinjani National Park (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani (TNGR) ) which has approximately 41 330 ha outside. Mount Rinjani is also a volcano that has the potential Geotourism, besides it also has a panoramic caldera, lake Segara Anak the peak, craters, waterfalls, hot springs, caves, historical eruptions and a new lava flow.

Mount Rinjani is a favorite spot for hikers climbing Indonesia, many hiker says that make a climb on Mount Rinjani is the five star trekking (climbing five stars), signaling and call of those who ever reach Rinjani's peak, if a hotel then it is the highest class, five stars. Currently there are three official channels ascent to the summit of Mount Rinjani, is path-Torean Senaru and North Lombok and East Lombok District Sembalun Line.

Climbing route (channels ascent ) to Mt Rinjani:
Rinjani's Peak can access from many places and each route has different a specific scene.

1. The route from Bayan - Torean (northeastern North)
From Bayan walk or ride the local transportation of the Bayan to Torean, after that hug the river directly into the White crowing basic caldera. The journey takes one full day and a bit difficult.

2. The route from Bayan - Senaru (North)
Senaru can be reached from Lombok's capital Mataram by motor vehicles (day trip). Then walk from Senaru to Babanan (north caldera rim), continued to Kokok Putih. This route also takes one full day. From Kokok Putih will be more difficult because the climbers will start to climb towards the summit of Mount Rinjani using path from Plawangan Mt. Nevertheless climbing using this route is the easiest path from other.

3. Route Sembalun Lawang (East)
Ride vehicle from Mataram to Pesugulan (approx. 4 hours). Then proceed to Sembalun Bumbung dan Sembalun Lawang, this takes approximately 3 hours drive. From Sembalun Lawang Plawangan mountain climbers can reach and into the Segara Anak lake with approximately one day's journey. And from the mountain Plawangan then climb Mount Rinjani. This road is quite difficult but the most widely used by the climbers.

4. Route of Sajang
Sajanglocated between Sembalun Lawang and Bayan. Ascent to Mount Plawangan not much different from that of Sembalun Lawang because walking trails not far from the west into one.

5. The route from Koumbi (Sesaut)
Sesaut located in the mountains southwest of Rinjani is just as far as half-hour journey by vehicle to the east of Mataram. Travel until at Babanan takes about 1 and half day, after two days arrived at the Kokok Putih. Trekking the long journey presents a beautiful open landscapes, but appealing to a mountain climber who loves jungle.

Rinjani summit can only be reached from two directions, namely from Mount Plawangan and directly from Aikmel. Travel from Aikmel is very difficult because it will not find the spring flows and takes two days of travel. To be recommended only for who have good navigation and survival ability if want to trying this route.

Mountain Condo or better known as the Mount Sangkareang Daya by local people also called Mount Punduk which first climbed by Basleman in 1966 by using lines from Timbanuh. approximately one day of climbing. From this summit could descend to Segara Anak Lake.

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Misool Eco is a unique resort in Raja Ampat, Papua

Misool Eco ResortI'm still intrigued by the beauty of underwater sea in Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia. Although I can not swim but I'm very interested with diving and snorkeling. Hei.. somebody told me that we don't need swimming skill to try diving. it.

As the information I get from the media, the underwater Raja Ampat scenery is very beautiful and already well known in foreign countries, but unfortunately even less popular in his own country. What a pity indeed. I ever make a post about Raja Ampat, then I am reminded again
about the post and read it again. I noticed the Raja Ampat is unique and beautiful, it like seeing a place that does not exist in Indonesia.
Intrigued by the beauty of Raja Ampat later I was browsing again about the place. And wow ... I found a picture of a beautiful and unique resorts. It is Misool Eco resort. I was reminded again of my friend's story who ever work in Papua, she said there is a very unique resort in Raja Ampat. Does she mean this resort is Misool Eco Resort?

From the characteristics described by my friend, resorts have cottage like a hut but it is very interesting and a lot of tourists visiting this resort. Bingo! Looks like I got the material for my post this time. Hehehe.

Misool Eco Resort
Why I am interested to make a post about this resort, the first reason is because I had a little talk about Raja Ampat and it felt incomplete if I do not support with the facilities there. A second reason is because this resort is very beautiful and very unique. I like the style this resort, e.g peace, comfort and a luxurious simplicity. Indeed when viewed from the outside,look like ugly resort, but its luxury what I mean that every room in the Resort has a view overlooking into the sea and when we see this resort as if floating on the sea because it is built above sea level. Wow .. so cool ...
But now, Raja Ampat also have villa. The villa name is Villa Tabisu, it is first Deluxe Villa in Misool Eco Resort. This gorgeous 2-room villa is conveniently located near the dive center, built on the outer edge of the North Lagoon. Its massive outdoor living area faces east and enjoys glorious sunrise views, all your own. cool.
What attracts between the villas and cottages in Eco Resort Misool both use traditional natural reed grass roof.
Because of its roof made of natural reeds grass makes Misool Eco Resorts like hut resort. But the facilities provided in Misool Eco Resort is the hotels standard and even more interesting than hotels. Here it is another interesting reason for it : in the villas and cottages, both providing Balinese-style bathroom with an open-air shower. Wow..Cool. And one more thing, even though the roof cottages and villas of this resort from natural reeds grass but the floors are made with natural stone. Well .. that's what stands out in Misool Eco Resort. For other facilities the same as most hotels.
Ok..I thinks is all for now, I'm tired but not for say Let's go around the world.
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Misool Eco Resorts Raja Ampat Papua:

Look beautiful at all times with Oxis

You are really love traveling and you always put a beautiful appearance wherever you are. And you also always protect your skin from the evil of ultraviolet. You also have tried various beauty products and even you are planning to do the operation to make you always look beautiful. We recommend that you buried this way the desire for plastic surgery because the surgery was very painful illness and has a big risk.
Embed this in yourself that plastic surgery just for something that was so damaged that need to be dissected and arranged. But not for your face is still beautiful and natural, To postpone aging that appear in your face like wrinkles and dull try using products such as anti-aging, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks & free radical.
If you are really interested try products from Oxis. Where u can get information about oxis, follow the link bellow.
Oxis on Twitter
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From the sites above you can get more than products such as anti-aging, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks & free radical. Because Oxis have many product to make people being healthy and beauty.
Some facts about the company: Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology Oxis International, Inc. (OTCBB: OXIS) is the premiere provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine and through their patented synthetic manufacturing process remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide.

Water sports in Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali


Many people said that Bali is a paradise. But also some people said that Bali is not a paradise. Well ... everybody's got their own opinion. For me,I think Bali is cool for vacation. If you want to search for the most beautiful beaches in the world may be not in Bali, but Bali has a complete facility for the vacation. (Actually Sanur beach, Bali, included to top 10 of the most beautiful beach in the world. ^^)
Currently "Let's go around the world" just want to share, about one of Bali beaches that I ever discussed in the previous article. The article is Bali Beaches. And this article is perfect for those who have water sports hobby. Many water sports are fun and interesting available at this beach. I mean the beach of Tanjung Benoa.
According to several websites that provide package water sports tours on Tanjung Benoa, says there are 11 sports packages that you can try. Approximately what is it?
Here is a list that I managed to gather from various sources:
banana boat, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaI think this game is the most amusing game here. This game uses a single rubber boat pulled by a speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat load capacity is max 4 people plus one person as an assistant instructor. If you want to lose themselves in this game you should ask for dijeburin into the water or with a fairly fast speed. : D
Length of games: 15 minutes

2. Flying Fish
flying fish, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaThis game also categories in funny game and very fun. If you see the shape seems to use a third banana boat held together with additional rubber boat across the front and there is a kind of wing at beside right and left. Flying Fish played by three persons, two passengers in left and a right side and the instructor in the middle. Your position can stand as riding a motorcycle or sleep on her back. Flying Fish will be attracted by speed boat with a line of high-speed against the wind. Thus, flying fish will fly over the water about 2 meters or more depending on wind speeds. Just like a kite. For those who like challenges, do not miss to try this game. Definitely exciting!
Length of games: 15 minutes

3. Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle
glass bottom boat, turtle, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaGLASS BOTTOM BOAT & Turtle Island, is the most suitable tour if you have child who is still small. With the boats which have clear glass in the bottom of the ship, you will be invited to sail to see the deep-sea aquarium located at Tanjung Benoa beach. From the bot you can threw the bread out the sea, the fish will rise and chase the food. In hundreds of tails and colorful. Likewise, deep-sea corals with beautiful scenery. Once satisfied to see the scenery, the boat will glide towards Turtle Island to see the location of breeding turtles, who are quite rare animal existence. Here you will see which turtle that brooded eggs, small turtle, hawksbill turtles teens to adults who are ready to be parents. There is several types of turtle here. In addition, at this location there are also other animals such as birds, bats, snakes, etc. in great tame, so you can hold to be photographed. This activity takes approximately one hour.

4. Jet sky
jet sky, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaIt seemed everyone was familiar with this sport, it's just that maybe there are still many who haven't tried it, including me. There is a few information about jet sky that use of motor vehicles such as motorcycles, here you can not drive themselves, must be accompanied by an instructor, because at Tanjung Benoa beach there are many boats and other water sport activities, so that collisions can be avoided. Do not worry, the instructor will only drive from the beach toward the middle of the sea, well until you turn there who drive, the instructor luggage rack. When the game is 15 minutes.

5. Rolling Doughnut
rolling donuts, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaRolling Donuts is one of the favorite game in Tanjung Benoa. You will sit in a buoy which have donut-shaped and towed by a speed boat.
Length of games: 15 minutes

6. Para sailing
Para sailing, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaPara sailing is a game where you will be wearing a parachute and the parachute is pulled by speed boat draw round Tanjung Benoa beach. So just like real skydiving. When the game was one lap around four minutes in the air. Height of the rope connecting the parachute with a speed boat approximately 80 meters. So the game must be pretty high fly. It is very challenging and full of fun. For those of you who are afraid of heights should not try this game.
Length of Games: first round

7. Scuba diving
scuba diving, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaThis game is most I want to try ,but not in Bali. I want to try it in Raja Ampat in Papua. For information about Scuba diving in Tanjung Benoa, the tourists will be accompanied by an instructor under the water, so no need to worry. Previously, you'll be brief about the ways used to dive right. Depth for beginners ranging between 3 feet - 7 feet in the water for 40 minutes. Taking the bread for fish food, you'll see beautiful scenery under deep-sea coral reefs who fulfilled by a beautiful and colorful ornamental fish of many colors.
Length of games: 1 hour

8. Sea walker
sea walker, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaFor this attraction game I have ever discussed before, to remember back then I will give some idea about this game. Sea Walker is walking on the sea floor using a water-resistant helmet. When we walked on the seabed, the water will not enter into the helmet. Even more cool again, we even no need to remove the glasses when guns were under water. To breathe, we will be assisted by the oxygen gas that flowed through wires connected to the helmet that we use. With the stairs, about 7 meters, we will get to the bottom of the sea and can walk around to see the fish and beautiful coral reefs in the sea Tanjung Benoa.
Length of games: 30 minutes

9. Snorkeling
snorkeling, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaSnorkeling, is swimming looking at the underwater scenery. The main Terms you should know how to swim. By using a mask and fins, you will see ornamental fish and coral imaginable while swimming. I prefer scuba diving, the reason being I could not swim.
Length of games: 1 hour

10. Water Skiing
water skiing, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaWater skiing is a marine tourism are quite challenging. By stepping on a board you will be pulled by speed boat, be like skiing or surfing sports.
Length of games: 15 minutes

wake board, watersport, bali, tanjung benoaWake board is a challenging game of adrenaline in Tanjung Benoa. You will be drawn with speedboat and sliding with the board. Very exciting and challenging.
Length of games: 15 minutes



Funny game at South Square of Yogyakarta Palace

Alun-alun Kidul (AlKid) or the south square is one of Jogjakarta tourism icons is pretty phenomenal. When you visit the square in the afternoon, this place will feel just like most ordinary town square. But notice in the middle of the south square there are two large banyan tree. Well that's where a favorite of ridiculous and funny game but instead sought all the tourists who come to Yogyakarta. What kind of game is it? This game about trust if people can pass through the Banyan trees that called Ringin Kurung at night, with closed eyes and with a straight step so their desires and willing of these people will granted. But keep in mind it's just a myth and just as a game, but the myth is actually able to suck a lot of local and foreign tourists to come to the Alkid. It was strange to most people, pass Ringin Kurung at night, with closed eyes and with a straight step is not easy. So when we noticed that people will tend to walk leaning to the right or left, even some who can spin aimlessly, some really funny scene. No wonder many people are curious to try this game. Name of this game is Masangin.

It was said the famous Indonesian mentalist, Dedy Corbuzier passed Ringin Kurung smoothly and safely, unfortunately I have not witnessed such scenes. The rumor or fact, Dedy Corbuzier capable of passing Ringin Kurung safely because he refers to the force of gravity (perhaps by way of capturing the vibrations of earth gravity, or whatever i'm also not understand). It is not strange because he drove around the capital city of Jakarta with closed eyes and with multiple layers to cover it (I don't know how many layers) has succeeded to survive, well if compared to Ringin Kurung may be to much easy. Because the circumference of Jakarta could have miles pass Ringin Kurung just a few feet, isn't it? Actually he passed Ringin Kurung lightly... is so trivial ... Unfortunately I did not watch so I can not comment about it. If I had tried many times, I just can pass Ringin Kurung for one's time but not with straight step, a little bit turn.

Now that I have a story there is a American who also thinks that the past Ringin Kurung s an easy job, he says you only need the concentration (Yes, right.) And he prepares himself by closing his eyes, and walked exactly like a regular walking as his eyes not closed. He felt confident. He said do not need to accompanied him, the important things if he before he hit something, to please to say it. Now he's companion become don't care about him then she took quite a distance away from that man. Because of stepped so fast then he will hit the wall of Kurung its can't save anymore. At first his leg hit the Kurung wall then his forehead and his nose nearly scratched because hit same crooked the wall of Kurung because of he was too unsteady shock. Automatically he is shocked and angry to his guide. He berate his guides because she do not care, basically all the rude of the USA version's words out. Because guides annoyance, she lived him. Then the American man realized that it was his mistake because he did not care his self. After realizing his stupidity he said "I'm stupid!". and laughing to himself. ... Well i think its pretty funny. For me, who is wrong? I think both is wrong because indeed dangerous if not accompanied. But it could be a lesson for all of us, do not be arrogant and be careful if you want to go ... Do not take everything lightly ..
Let's go around the world...see there is many interesting things out site your room. hahahaha.

Company sells and installs video surveillance equipment in France

This information is specifically made with the French language, because I convey this information to the people of France.

Système de surveillance vidéo ou de télévision en circuit fermé appel de fonction du système de contrôle toutes les activités dans le visuel (audio-visuel) qui est placé sur certaines zones d'un outil tel qu'un appareil photo. Quelles fonctions peut superviser directement, et de l'observation et l'enregistrement des événements dans un lieu, une chambre ou une zone,
Il se compose de: un appareil photo, enregistreurs vidéo numériques et écrans intégrés dans un réseau en ligne du système.

Le but de toute personne utilisant le CCTV est de surveiller de vastes zones et peut-être loin d'une situation difficile à contrôler et à atteindre en même temps.

Avantages L'utilisation de la vidéosurveillance
1. Sécurité
2. Outils Témoignage honnête et solide.
3. Outil d'amélioration du rendement des employés.
4. Outils de commercialisation dans la sécurité, moderne et professionnel.
5. Équipements de télécommande et de réseautage.

Quels liens de surveillance vidéo avec Voyage? Ma réponse est tout simple, tout associé avec un agent de Voyage bons ou autres prestataires de services ont besoin de cet outil. Par exemple, un hôtel, dans la surveillance vidéo besoin désespéré de surveiller les visiteurs à certains points à surveiller ce qui peut être souhaitable, comme le vol ou terroristes possible.
Si vous êtes en France et est intéressé par l'installation de vidéo-surveillance dans votre entreprise, il ya des entreprises qui vendent et servent à l'installation officielle des systèmes de surveillance vidéo. Pour plus de détails, s'il vous plaît visitez le site videosurveillance.

Four Seasons Hualalai is a beautiful place to get married

Summer's is coming, time to enjoy the sun shine...

Are you already preparing and looking for your vacation destination? I think there are some places you already a subscriber as place to spend vacation time or you already have a list of your next vacation spot. Does Hawaii exist in one of your destination list this summer?Do you confused to find a place to stay? If you liked stay in place like a resort , I think the Four Seasons Hualalai is the perfect place for you.

And if you have planning to get married in Hawaii, the Four Seasons Hualalai offers a facility for it. I think Four Seasons Hualalai is so beautiful and romantic place in Hawaii that also give complete over for wedding packages.

Why Four Season Hualai recommended? Here is sort phrase to explain it.
"The Big Island property has been one of the most popular luxury resorts on Earth since it opened 14 years ago, and for good reason. A recent renovation has made it even better, with updated guestroo ms and a new spa to go along with a Jack Nicklaus--designed golf course and other facilities." Robb Report, February 2010 "

View the photos of an intimate wedding at the Four Seasons Hualalai, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Not only is vacationing at this exclusive resort amazing, imagine getting married there. See Julie & Jim's wedding portfolio, photographed by the Hawaii wedding photography team, Perfekt Photo. Perfekt Photo, Hawaii's is premiere photographers brings a refreshing level of sophistication and professionalism to weddings. Their distinctive photo journalistic approach and expertise in sleek fashion photography creates the perfect blend of story-telling. Here is some photo wedding in Four Season Hualalai :

So beautiful and amazing wedding photo, see more photo wedding gallery in Perfekt Photo blog , after I visit that site then I set in my mind that Perfekt Photo also have a perfect photographer. Because I feel that Perfekt Photo shoot the precise and the beautiful moment with so smart and perfect result.

I hope you take the right place for he most beautiful moments in your life and have right photographer to perpetuate the image of that beautiful moment.

Seawalker Bali - Sanur Seawalker

sea walkerYou wanted to feel and play with the fishes and touch it in the sea , but you can not swim. Um ... it's not impossible now. If you're visiting Bali, Indonesia, visit the beach of Sanur. There you can take a walk on the ocean floor without knowing the technique of snorkeling or scuba diving, you are doing is a stroll in the sea like a walk on the onshore course wear special equipment. This special tool such as a helmet like an astronaut helmet. The advantage of this attraction is that if you use glass eyes or contact lenses, you do not need to remove it and your hair is not to be wet also. There are special service here, for Muslim women who wear hijab, were required to wear wetsuit to keep them closed, but for other women who may also fall into the sea using only a bathing suit or bikini or regular clothes. Hihihihi well .. fun.

Astronaut helmets helmets like we used to dive into the sea, is a helmet designed specifically for the stream of pure oxygen. This helmet is designed for children 9 years and older or have at least 140 cm tall, so for children less than 9 years of age or children who have less than 140 cm tall so can not enjoy this attraction. This helmet was very heavy, when on land weighing about 32 kg but when in the sea the weight becomes about 5 kg. Maximum age to join this attraction is 80 years.

sea walkerHowever, this attraction can only reach a certain depth that is about 5-8 meters. It was said that we would not feel the difference between breathing on land and in water. In a package roughly sea walker conducted for 3-4 hours, but the real attraction is the sea walker for approximately 30 minutes, within 30 minutes you can walk under the sea and feed the fish in the sea or danced together the fish in the sea. Total time required 3-4 hours of preparation where the team consists of instructors will explain about the way of execution and also tell what codes are used when doing sea walker attractions. And the time required for travel to photon etc. :puppyeyes:well .. it seems nice. according to the information that I get, sea walker package is also only one in Indonesia today.

What is the price for this attraction?
For the price it could be said cheap or expensive depending on your class and assessment. In my opinion, attractions sea walker is considered expensive but it's comparable to what we can. According to information worth approximately U.S. $ 85.00/person.
What amenities?
- Free hotel transfer in A / C coach or minivan
- Refreshment (coffee / tea)
- Professional Instructor Sea Walker
- All safety approved equipment
- International set lunch menu
- Mineral water
- U.S. $ .100,000 Insurance Cover
Can not we do the attractions during this sea walker photographing or recording with the video?
Could but must use a special camera that can be used for diver depth of more than 8 meters. If you do not have it you can rent a camera / cam recorder at maximum result, at just U.S. $ 8 per photo.
What to Bring:
Sunscreen, a towel, swimming costume, and money or credit cards for drinks or videos and photos.
To try sea walker you can make reservations directly or via the internet. If you wish to order directly please come to Puri Santrian, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia and if you want to order via internet you can visit this wesite:

Really interesting and let's go around the world.:puppyeyes:.

Pict from and article from many sites.

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih (White crater) located in the southern area of Bandung, is about 46 km or 2.5 hours from Bandung to the gate of Kawah Putih location.From entrance to the crater distance of about 5 km or can be taken approximately 20 minutes. Through asphalt road winding with views of natural forest with diverse species of plants. White crater is located in a mountain called Mount Patuha.Long times ago, peoples assume that the crater area haunted because many birds died on the spot through the crater. Then in 1837 a Dutch scientist from German denied this belief. Franz Wilhelm Junghun who is also a Dutch planter who loves the natural preservation of doing research and found that no other such awesomeness caused by the outpouring of lava that smelled of sulfur is very strong. Although when it was discovered, the society is not interested with this place to make it as a tourist attraction. Only after PT Perhutani developed in 1987, the Kawah Putih area was created a tourist attraction in West Java. Water crater on the mountain other than the water a bright color and also always changes, this the main reason why this place more interesting. Surface of the crater is generally rocky and sandy white color, so that the crater was then known as the white crater.

Some researcher said that the mountain Patuha still active, so found several craters that are still swirling jets. Also found a 5-meter-deep cave near this place that used as a sulfur mine. Would no wonder if suddenly crater produce a lot steamy crater, and it makes the visitors found to cough due to inhaling air that smelled of very strong sulfur.
The beauty of the Kawah Putih lake, is very enchanting and amazing. Plus very cool temperatures throughout the day (with temperatures of around 8-22 degrees Celsius). Perhaps because of this crater is located on the mountain which has a height of about 2.434m above sea level. In fact, many people said that there is no more beauty crater lake than Kawah Putih. Because of its natural beauty, is often used as a place for prewedding photos, filming movies and soap operas.
On the way to the crater, we will pass the interesting objects such as old railroad tracks,padi's fields, green tea gardens and pine forest area. In keeping with Kawah Putih point you can continue the journey to the lakes or camping Patengan Upas to the ranch, which is also the breeding of deer, or swim in the Ciwalini's hot springs. If visit Kawah Putih do not forget to stop in Rancabali 's strawberry plantations, in the area you can pick your own strawberrys that you like for brought to home. And for those of you who want to stay around Kawah Putih, there is many inns that have been available. Interesting,isn't it? Let's keep the spirit for 'Let's go around the world.

pict soure :
1. kaskus and another sites.
2. some artikel grap from kawah putih

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