Eat, Pray, Love in Ubud Bali

Eat, Pray, Love in Ubud Balixctravel.blogspot.comActually I already do not need to promote about Bali, because Bali has been very famous in the world and even many people know Bali better than Indonesia. Though Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia. And I never deny that Bali is beautiful island and feels more beautiful also have good facility.

I am interested to write about Bali because I was curious with the movie Eat, Pray and Love, starring Julia Robbert lifted from a novel by Elizabeth Gilbert with the same title.
Bali is indeed a paradise, you want to find what kind of entertainment Bali. give it. But when I read a footage of novel by Elizabeth Gilbert, I saw that Elizabeth actually find rest in areas away from the hustle and bustle of tourist attractions in Bali, the place is Ubud.
After Ubud be the place for shooting of movie that starring by Julia Roberts, Ubud became more famous, long ago I know about Ubud is because of its land field and it is a village tourism. And Ubud placed in Gianyar regency, Bali, Indonesia that has been awarded as the best city of Asia-based tourism, a magazine reader survey based in USA, Conde Nast Traveller, the beginning of January last. The area was judged the best of the hospitality community, the atmosphere or the atmosphere, culture, or its site, as well as accommodation, restaurants, and places berbelanjanya.
Ubud is different from most tourist area in Bali. In Ubud, guests who come to drink often entertained with traditional music of Bali, low pitched music or in Ubud senyap.Selain's activities are limited to 22:30 o'clock. By midnight it was not a single shop, shops, restaurants, cafes, and others who are still opening the outlets. Roads around Ubud became deserted. Ubud like going back into "villages" are far from the hustle and bustle of tourist activity.
But it was the calm atmosphere plus the lives of the people who still hold fast to traditions become an attraction for those who underwent a spiritual attitude. The atmosphere is considered to support the positive vibrations that come from nature.
According to the spiritualist Gede Prama, millions of people from around the world come to Ubud since 1930 because of Ubud offers more than just scenery. Ubud has a term or terms of spiritual teachings that are hidden in nature. If these terms are opened, people will be able to "read" or absorb the spiritual aura of this. Ubud name itself comes from the word "ubad", the language of Bali, which means the drug.
Is it true that Ubud has a charm as I wrote above? To proof that story, you may come to Ubud, Bali and see for yourself. Do not forget about word travel lover, let's go around the

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Soto (Indonesian's curry soup)

Another Indonesian culinary tastes are certainly familiar ears to the traveler in Indonesia. Get ready for it, do not blame me when you get hungry and drooling. Well, Soto is kind of curry soup which came from Indonesia as an Indonesian I do not know exactly how many of these types of Soto in Indonesia. Because each region in Indonesia has the characteristic of its own Soto. I took this title because I recommend to you to try the Soto if you come to Indonesia.

Namely xctravel.blogspot.comcommon Soto in Indonesia is:
1. Soto Ayam (Chicken Soto)
2. Soto Sapi (Beef Soto)
3. Soto Kambing (Lamb Soto)
But of the three kinds of soto on top, will produce a variety and taste a variety of all, as I said above that every region in Indonesia has Soto with different taste. The following are some of Soto's what I found from internet and some I have tried to taste it, while others are still hunting process.

1. Soto Sulung
Soto is a beef Soto. Soto Sulung originates from Madura (East Java, Indonesia), but you can find Soto Sulung in any area in Indonesia.

2. Soto Kudus
As the name, Sotxctravel.blogspot.como Kudus comes from Kudus (Central Java, Indonesia). This Soto is usually served in small bowl portion, although it was nice taste but I always hated with a very little portion. As I know Soto Kudus is a chicken Soto.

3. Soto Betawi
As the name implies soto Betawi is derived from Batavia or Jakarta, Indonesia. Soto Betawi generally use coconut cream sauce and a beef.

4. Soto Lamongan
Well Lamongan is one of regencies in East Java, Indonesia. Soto Lamongan as I know is a chicken soto.

5. Soto Padang
xctravel.blogspot.comPadang is the provincial capital of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Soto Padang that I know is a beef Soto.

6. Soto Medan
xctravel.blogspot.comMedan is the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia. Medan has also own Soto. Soto Medan which I know is chicken Soto.

7. Soto Banjar
Banjar here is txctravel.blogspot.comhe provincial capital of Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Soto Banjar is chicken soto. Soto Banjar usually served with chicken wings.

8. Coto Makassar
xctravel.blogspot.comI think Coto Makassar is also a type of soto, Coto Makassar is beef soup that usually taste very spicy. Makassar is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

9. Soto Bogor
xctravel.blogspot.comBogor is one of the districts in West Java, Indonesia. Soto Bogor is beef soto that use the beef brisket.

I'm sure that Soto in Indonesia more than kind of Soto that I mentioned above. As I know of the kinds of Soto, often equipped with rice or a ketupat(rice wrape with young coconut leaves and shaped like diamond), cracker,noodle,angle hair noodle, tofu, potato cakes, celery,etc .

Ehm..soto is a delicious, and hope you like it. Let's get a fun and let's go around the world.

I found some video on youtube about how to make Soto, enjoy it maybe you want to make it by your self. Let's go around the world.

Danau Toba (Toba Lakes)

General Info
Location: North Sumatra Province, Indonesia
Lake Type: Volcanic or Tectonic
Length: 100 km
width: 30 km
Depth: 505 meters

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Lake Toba is a volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide, located in North Sumatra province, Indonesia. In the middle of this lake there is a volcanic island called Samosir Island.
xctravel.blogspot.comdanau toba-xctravel.blogspot.comIt is estimated that Lake Toba was formed when the explosion around 73000-75000 years ago and an eruption Supervolcano (super volcano), the most recent. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner from Michigan Technological University estimate that volcanic materials of the mountain spit out as much 2800km3, with 800km3 2000km3 rocks and volcanic ash overlies the west wind is expected for two weeks.

This incident caused mass death and also participated in several species extinction. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also shrink the number of people until about thousands only.

After the eruption, the caldera formed which was then filled with water and became what is now known as Lake Toba. Pressure upward by magma that has not come out cause the appearance of Samosir Island.

From a post I read, there is a tip if you want to visit Lake Toba. They advised to stop first at Parapat town. Why you should stop in the town of Parapat?
The reason for that is from the town of Parapat that we can see the beauty of Lake Toba is more clear. Parapat also one tourist city in Northern Sumatra. So do not worry for business accommodation, hospitality, and others. Hopefully there is available . And also from Parapat, access to the nearby tourist area of Toba other more easily, because a ship, ferry, or the like that are ready to transport.

Majority ethnic population in the vicinity of Lake Toba is the Batak. In general there community livelihood as farmers, traders and fishermen.
Um .. Well as I know bahawa tourists to visit the lake Toba is down, it is likely due to problems of the facilities available, the less development, less maintenance and promotion of government. Too bad is not it? Lots of potential for Indonesia are not yet known to many people both from domestic and foreign. Common things that block in Indonesia's always tourism facilities. Sad indeed.
Nevertheless .. I remain eager to promote Lets go arround the
danau toba-xctravel.blogspot.comdanau


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Lakes and reservoirs in Indonesia

There is hundreds lakes (danau) and reservoirs (waduk) Indonesia. I'll try to write some of them. lega

In the Province of Aceh :
1. Danau Ancueloot
2. Danau Laut Realoih (See Lake Realoih)
3. Danau Laut Tawar

In the Province of Bali :
1. Danau Batu (Stone Lake)
2. Danau Bratan
3. Danau Buyan
4. Danau Tamblingan
In the Province of Banten :
1. Danau Setu Perigi
2. Danau Situ Gintung

In the Province of Bengkulu:
1. Danau Dendam Tak Sudah (Lake Revenge Not Already)
2. Danau Emas (Gold Lake)
3. Danau Tes (Test Lake)

In the Province of Gorontalo :
1. Danau Limboto

In the Province of Jambi :
1. Danau Dipacampat
2. Danau Sipin

In the Province of West Java :
1. Danau Kawah Putih
2. Danau Situ Bagendit
3. Danau Situ Cileunca
4. Danau Situ Gede, Bogor
5. Danau Situ Langkung
6. Danau Situ Lengkong
7. Danau Situ Lembang
8. Danau Pangkalan
9. Danau Rawa Dano
10. Danau Sipanunjang
11. Danau Wanayasa
12. Danau Telaga Patenggang
13. Danau Waduk Cirata
14. Danau Waduk Darma
15. Danau Waduk Jatiluhur
16. Danau Waduk Saguling

In the Province of Central Java:
1. Danau Telaga Warna (Wonosobo)
2. Danau Telaga Cermin (almost gone because the wild grass have covered the survace)
3. Danau Rawa Pening
4. Danau Telaga Menjer
5. Danau telaga Merdada terdapat telaga Dringo dan telaga Nila(Wonosobo)
6. Danau Waduk Botok
7. Danau Waduk Brambangan
8. Danau Waduk Cacaban
9. Danau Waduk Cengklik
10. Danau Waduk Gajah Mungkur
11. Danau Waduk Kembangan
12. Danau Waduk Malahayu
13. Danau Waduk Sempor
14. Danau Waduk Wadas Lintang

In the Province of East Java:
1. Danau Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater)
2. Danau Kawah Kelud
3. Danau Pacai
4. Danau Rawa Kelinding
5. Danau Telaga Sarangan
6. Danau Waduk Gonclang
7. Danau Waduk Karangkates
8. Danau Waduk Klampis
9. Danau Waduk Lahor
10. Danau Waduk Ngebel
11. Danau Waduk Selarego
12. Danau Waduk Widas

In the Province of Central Kalimantan (central Borneo) :
1. Danau Bambenan
2. Danau Cemburu
3. Danau Danting
4. Danau Gatel
5. Danau Kenamfui
6. Danau Limut
7. Danau Matur
8. Danau Mepara
9. Danau Raya
10. Danau Sembuluh
11. Danau Terusan
12. Danau Tete

In the Province of West Kalimantan :
1. Danau Bekuan
2. Danau Belida
3. Danau Genali
4. Danau Sentarum
5. Danau Tang

In the Province of East Kalimantan :
1. Danau Kakaban
2. Danau Jempang
3. Danau Melintang
4. Danau Semayang

In the Province of South Kalimantan :
1. Danau Bangkau
2. Danau Bitin
3. Danau Waduk Riam Kanan

In the border Province of Lampung and South Sumatra :
1. Danau Jepara
2. Danau waduk Way Rarem
3. Danau Ranau

In the Province of West Nusa Tenggara:
1. Danau Batu Jai
2. Danau Satonda
3. Danau Tambara
4. Danau Segara Anak

In the Province of East Nusa Tenggara:
1. Danau Tuadale
2. Danau Kelimutu (Three Colors Lake)

In the Province of Papua:
1. Danau Anggi Giji
2. Danau Anggi Gita
3. Danau Biru
4. Danau Paninai
5. Danau Rombedai
6. Danau Sentani
7. Danau Tage
8. Danau Ti Bi
9. Danau Tonjidat
10. Danau Yamur
11. Danau Yawasi

In the Province of South Sulawesi:
1. Danau Matana
2. Danau Matano
3. Danau Mahalona
4. Danau Sidenreng
5. Danau Tempe
6. Danau Towuti

In the Province of Central Sulawesi:
1. Danau Lindu
2. Danau Poso

In the Province of Southeast Sulawesi:
1. Danau Napabale

In the Province of North Sulawesi:
1. Danau Linouw
2. Danau Limboto
3. Danau Moat
4. Danau Tondano

In the Province of West Sumatra:
1. Danau Diatas
2. Danau Dibawah
3. Danau Kerinci
4. Danau Maninjau
5. Danau Singkarak

In the Province of North Sumatera:
1. Danau Aek Natonang
2. Danau Sidhoni
3. Danau Toba

In the Province of South Sumatera:
1. Danau Air Hitam (Black Water Lake)
2. Danau Jembawan
3. Danau Lubuk Deling
4. Danau Teloko

Maybe still many lakes and reservoirs that I haven't found. Sorry...praising

Tana Toraja

While so excited to make a post, I'll make many posts about Indonesia. This time my mind take flash to the beauty and uniqueness of Tana Toraja. Indonesian Heritage.

Tana Toraja is one of regencies in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, which is the pride of Sulawesi tourist area. Toraja tribe who inhabit the mountain areas and maintain a typical lifestyle and still show the lifestyle of the original Austronesian.
Here is a list of uniqueness in the Tana Toraja :
1. Londa
tana toraja cultural heritage
tana torajaLonda is the steep rocks on the side of a typical tomb in Tana Toraja. One was located on high ground from the hill with the cave in which the corpse crates arranged in accordance with the family line, the other one left open hillside overlooking the green scenery. Located approximately 5 km to the south of Rantepau.

2. Tau-tau
cultural heritage tana toraja IndonesiaTau-tau is a statue depicting the deceased. At the funeral of the nobility or the rulers/community leaders, one of the elements rapasan (complement traditional ceremonial events) is to produce tau-tau. Tau-tau is made of jackfruit wood is strong and when it logging done must done by custom. Eye of the tau-tau is made of buffalo bone and horn. In the days of yore, tau-tau does not exactly describe the chiseled visage of the late but lately craftsmen carving skills growing up to be able to create exactly the visage of the late.
3. To'Doyan
cultural heritage tana torajaTo'Doyan who is a large tree used as the tomb of a baby (baby who died and has not grown teeth). These trees are naturally gives the roots of which are regularly grown helter-forming cavities. This cavity sandwich man dead baby store.

** To'Doyan and Londa is one of the unique burial ground in the world.

4. Rambu Solo
ceremony cultural heritage tana torajaRambu Solo 'is a customary funeral, which requires the family that the deceased made a party as a sign of their last respects to the deceased who have gone
Solo is the highest Raamabu ceremony in Toraja. Normally the highest ceremonial performed twice with at least one year time span, the first ceremony is called Aluk Pia usually in the execution took place around Tongkonan families who grieve, while the second ceremony that the ceremony is usually held disebuah Rante special field for the ceremony who were the culmination of the funeral procession is usually encountered various rituals that must be lived, such as: Ma'tundan, Ma'balun (body wrap), Ma'roto (put ornaments of gold and silver thread on the coffin), Ma'Parokko Alang (lower body to be buried kelumbung) and the last Ma'Palao (ie, carrying the body of the last resting place).


house cultural heritage tana torajacultural heritage tana torajaTongkonan is building custom homes in Tana Toraja. The roof is made of split bamboo and are prepared overlap, but now many are using zinc. Tongkonan also has appropriate degrees of nobility strata strata of society such as gold, bronze, iron and brass.

Still many interesting things in Tana Toraja like as Ke’te Kesu, Batu Tumonga, Lemo and many unique dances. Enjoy your travel time, lets go around the world.
Here is the map of Tana Toraja :

View Tana Toraja in a larger map

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Raja Ampat, Papua

Raja AmpatOne again, paradise for diving and snorkeling lover and in fact there are still many more in Indonesian Archipelago. But I'll tell one by one according to my current interests. And the choice of places I want to discuss this time was the Raja Ampat, Papua. This place was a long time I wanted to make one of my articles by the recommendation of friends, but what can I say if I am not pleased interested in writing. But this time it turned Raja Ampatout I had to take a glance at the Raja Ampat as a beautiful tourist in my blog.Raja Ampat.
The Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings,” archipelago encompasses Raja Ampatmore than 9.8 million acres of land and sea off the northwestern tip of Indonesia’s West Papua Province. Located in the Coral Triangle, the heart of the world’s coral reef biodiversity, the seas around Raja Ampat possibly hold the richest variety of species in the world.

Raja Ampat developed by the Dutch nationality citizens who fell under the enchantment of the heart to the beauty of the seas, namely Max Ammer. Actually a bit sad and touched that the developers of tourism in Indonesia the average is a foreign. But it didn't matter because after all Raja Ampatthey have opened the eyes of the heart of Indonesian peoples and the world that Indonesia is indeed worthy to be loved and be proud.

Max Ammer is truly someone who loves and entrepreneurs to develop the area around Raja Ampat. Of 100 employees 90 people were natives of Papua, papua diving in the building he uses are all out of only cement and paint are not from this place, he too took the tourists who come to share love papua, many of those tourists who become permanent donors for schools, places of worship, etc..Indonesian Heritage

In fact, because of the role of Max Ammer also, the Raja Ampat since 2005 to get the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program (Coremap) II, a program cRaja Ampatreated by the world bank in cooperation with the global environmental institutions. Raja Ampat, this program covers 17 villages and involve the local population. Fishermen are also trained to cultivate fish, grouper and sea grass.

Enjoy your travel time, lets go arround the world.
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Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)

Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)I want to write about other countries, but I feel haven't enough write about my own country, Indonesia. For me

Indonesia like a never-ending story for lovers of pleasure traveler. For me Indonesia is unique and beautiful like a paradise whether by land or water, but still many place are not yet well known in foreign countries. The most famous tourism in Indonesia absolutely is Bali Island, many people even familiar with Bali than Indonesia. If they know, there is still millions of tourist attractions like the other paradise and like still a Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)virgin place, not famous just like Bali. And unfortunately, the facilities are far different than Bali that is why they are not known very well as Bali, I hope Indonesia will concern about this because facilities very important for tourism even for backpackers lover. For this time I want to introduce some exotic island of Karimun Java.Indonesian.

View Karimun Jawa in a larger map
Karimun Java placed in the Java Sea or the northwest of Java island, which is part of Jepara regency. Before I post this article, I try to find the best recommendation story from the largest Indonesian Community(Kaskus).

Here is the short explanation about Karimun Java :
Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)Karimun Java is a beautiful islands, with white sand and clear blue sea. We'll snorkel and swim much as you like on the islands who were there, or want to try to swim with sharks Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java). You can staying at comfortable hotels located near the coast rather or staying in residential population (maximum 2 pax roommate exclusive). ( don't ask about 5* hotels because it haven't build there ).
Is it interesting? Well .. everyone was ever go there said that they never regret having come to Karimun Java and they highly recommend to all lovers of tourism to come to this island.
Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java) I really want to go there, maybe someday if I have enough money. Why? Because for those who've come there said that travel chKarimun Jawa (Karimun Java)arges pertained to Karimun Java expensive when using a fast boat but if you want a little cheap and impatient, you can choose to use the ferry ship which takes about 6 hours, it will save costs for 3 days during at the Karimun Java. Karimun Jawa (Karimun Java)

Enjoy your travel time, lets go around the world.
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