This conversation maybe make you proud to be Indonesian, Yes am I

This is quotes from a thread of a member of Indonesian largest community, I have read it in Bahasa Indonesia then I try to translate it in here, because the quotes make me get goosebumps and make me more proud to be Indonesia and proud with Indonesian. This is one of appreciation that we are Indonesian proud to be Indonesia.

Here I present a conversation between:
A -> I'm an Indonesian
B -> Foreign Nation (who wants to know Indonesia)
The identity of the Indonesian Nation ... Let's Keep / Realize again.

Quote: Rich countries
B: What is interesting from the State of Indonesia?
A: The thing that made the colonists survive 350 years, where every day of their friends was stabbed a piece of bamboo on his stomach.

Quote: The spirit of unity
B: How can I imagine the struggle of Indonesian hero?
A: Imagine millions of tiny termites in the house that is strong, when you're away, the next day will appear more numerous, and when let you, then you lose one of your house.

Quote: Bold heroism
B: Is it true that Indonesia is a brave heroes?
A: Can you run avoid bullets fired from a rifle? If you can not, will you ran toward the rifle with grip a sword?

Quote: Independent country
B: Is the independence of Indonesia is very meaningful to you?
A: When combatants smiling in his death, they were told: "death is the independence of the child my wife one day", is there anything more meaningful than that?

Quote: A friendly nation
B: How do I communicate with an Indonesia where I never knew him?
A: When you looked at their faces and bowed heads, at that moment they are your friend.

Quote: diversity of living things
B: explain about the living things that exist in Indonesia?
A: Imagine 10% of plants, 12% of mammals, 16% of reptiles, 17% of birds, 25% of the fish in the world live and are in Indonesia, though widely Indonesia only 1.3% of the World.
Quote: A moral nation
B: Will you guys if Indonesia wants to be the richest country in the World?
A: If we sell the 1700 islands that are here, where on each island is very maybe you find a valuable mine, maybe we can use stitching jewel in our bodies, but the body we all will not be comparable to an island full of memories, so why cover more valuable with what is in covered.

Quote: Large populations
B: How many people are there in Indonesia?
A: When you act rude to us, then you're ready to face 3.4% of the total world population.
Quote: Sacrifice
B: What do you do to people who are older?
A: As I sat in a bus full, Old Mother came, and I give her my seat, I tried to give in, she smiled and let her son sit down and she was standing beside me.

Quote: Mutual cooperation
B: Are you awake with cooperation among closely?
A: Build a house in our villages, then the candidate neighbor would ask: "Can we help you?" With an innocent smile

Quote: Tolerance
B: What is the meaning of tolerance amongst you?
A: When you suddenly die here as strangers, I'm sure you'll get a decent burial.

Quote: Indonesian
B: What is the meaning of Indonesian in your eyes?
A: The language will attempt to unify at least 200 human soul.

Quote: Rich in ethnic
B: I want to know about all the ethnic groups in Indonesia?
A: You should know at least 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, and it took a lifetime to understand.

Quote: Religious nation
B: Religion what is in Indonesia?
A: Not the kind you need to know, but what the teaching. Indonesia is a country where religious, where all religion teaches the truth.

Quote: The legacy of creative fashion
B: How to fashion excellence in Indonesia?
A: If you never know batik, means you never want wear it.

Precious art heritage music
B: What is Indonesia's traditional music is so diverse?
A: Each of 33 provinces in Indonesia have a traditional music, everyone who played have different styles, and each region has the characteristics of musical instruments are also different.

Quote: Awareness
B: Why do so many poor people in Indonesia?
A: While the top brass smile is a smile a peaceful nation, I believe ... we all can rise.

Something that is not forgotten
A: Why are you asking questions?, Come please come to our country, Indonesia
B replied with a smile ...
B: I'm afraid will not be able to leave it ...

Quote: Conclusion:
Let us form a strong and advanced principles in which we already have a lot of potential in Indonesia. Indonesia has given many things to us, now our turn to give something to Indonesia ... with build, develop, hold, and loved Indonesia. Develop a variety of sectors, education and technology.
Indonesia has given birth to us, we turn regenerates a better Indonesia.

Thanks for sharing friend, I feel the spirit of Indonesian unity through everywhere. Indonesia is big country, many nation very jealous with Indonesia, and many foreign people want to be Indonesian, so we as Indonesian must proud to be Indonesia, yes am I.
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