Other Bali beaches that not famous as Kuta or Sanur

There are many beautiful beaches in Bali, in addition to the three beaches (Kuta, Sanur, or Nusa Dua) are always crowded with tourists. Now time for you to enjoy other beaches in Bali. Try visiting three beautiful beaches on the south coast of Bali this: Green Bowl Beach, Karma Kandara Beach, and Nyang Nyang Beach. Third beach is located in the sub district of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali, offers something different, the atmosphere quiet and natural, that will make your vacation more memorable and exclusive (specially for your honeymoon). That three beautiful Bali beaches has the same characteristics, like as: lies hidden behind the cliffs, white sand with crystal-clear sea water bluish green, and not known to many tourists. To reach the mouth of the beach, you have to down hundreds of stairs is quite steep. You will not find these three beaches in guide (guide book) or any travel package. However, you do not need to worry because the beaches are located not far from Denpasar or Kuta. All three are in the Peninsula Hill (The Bukit), between the Object of Garuda Wisnu Kencana and Pura Uluwatu so you can visit three beautiful and exotic beaches are within a day.

:: Green Bowl
green bowl beach The first beautiful beach can be visited at the Bukit Peninsula is the Green Coast Bowl. This beautiful beach has three names all of which are from English, namely the Green Bowl Beach, Beach Bali Cliff, and Hidden Beach. Surely there is a separate reason behind giving these three names. Named Green Beach Bowl, because there used to be a company named PT. Green Bowl which will build the hotel (resort) near this beach. Bali Cliff Beach while the name is given because there was once a hotel called the Bali Cliff (now closed), which is at the cliff edge above the beach. Last name, Hidden Beach, is given because the location of this beach which was completely hidden behind a cliff.

::Karma Kandara
karma kandara From Coast Green Bowl, continue your journey to Karma Kandara Beach. Point your vehicle back to Jalan Raya Uluwatu, until arriving at the intersection of the road. From the intersection of these roads, you just turn left until arriving at the fork a little cornering. From the T-junction at Ungasan Village (about 500 meters from the intersection), there is writing Karma Kandara and Di Mare on the left side of the road. Turn to the left and continue to follow that path. Note the signpost that reads Karma Kandara and Di Mare. Next you will pass through two T-junction again. At the first fork (no writing Karma Kandara, too), you turn right. At the second fork (there is sign that writed Nammos Beach Club, Karma Kandara and Di Mare), you turn left, heading in the Mare and Nammos Beach Club. Di Mare is the name of Italian Restaurant in Hotel Karma Kandara while Nammos Beach Club is a restaurant / bar on the edge of Karma Kandara Beach. Do not turn right, because the road right into the Hotel Karma Kandara. For information, entrance Karma Kandara Hotel and Restaurant In the Mare is different and is located very far apart. After walking about 900 meters, you arrived at the restaurant in the Mare.

Last beach can be visited on the south coast of Bali is the Nyang-Nyang Beach. This beach is also located not far from Jalan Raya Uluwatu, to be precise about 1 km before Pura Uluwatu. After passing through the gates of Hotel Puri Bali Nyang-Nyang and Elementary School 03 Jimbaran, you'll see a T-junction with a dirt road equipped signpost that read Nyang-Nyang Beach Surfing (they are a little dull and not so obvious) to the left of the road. Turn to the left and follow the dirt road is rocky limestone until they run out, and you arrive in the parking lot Nyang-Nyang Beach. From the parking lot, Nyang-Nyang Beach in sight vast stretches far below the cliff. The next trip is down hundreds of stairs to reach the beach.
Nyang-Nyang Beach, is slightly different than the beach above. Although both are under the cliffs, white sand beach is clearly visible from the top of the cliff, not hidden by the cliff like the Green Bowl and Karma Kandara. The cliffs on the beach is also higher and the number of stairs any more so it is more exhausting. In addition, the entrance to the beach is very bad, namely limestone rocky dirt road that is not flat (road off road), in contrast to the road to Green Beach Bowl and Karma Kandara which is paved smooth. We encourage you to visit the Nyang-Nyang Beach during the dry season and bring a tall vehicle because the road to this beach a dirt road with a large limestone-large and uneven. In the rainy season, roads are very slippery and can make your vehicle slip.

Ok..adding information about Bali, and this beach should add on your travel list in Bali. Love, enjoy and fun with your adventure spirit. Need personal or packages water sport visit this page "Personal Rates Water Sport Tanjung Benoa" and "Package Rates Water Sport Tanjung Benoa".
Article inspired from lintasberita.com and pics from many sites.


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