Beautiful batik from Indonesia

Batik is probably quite foreign for you, so let's get acquainted about what batik is. Batik originated from the Javanese, meaning to write (nitik), and understanding in the world of art, batik defined as the art of painting on fabric by using wax to get a decoration on the cloth.
In Indonesia, there are many types and kinds of batik. Batik in Indonesia are usually named according to region of origin such as Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan, Madura, Cirebon and others. Each region has a unique batik motif itself, and the motifs are usually from symbolic-symbolic form, such as symbol of snakes, birds, butterflies, flowers and others. Formerly known batik with dark colors (white-black-brown), but the batik is now increasingly rich in color and make batik much admired both the Indonesian and foreign nations. Now, batik became the cultural heritage of Indonesia to the world.

Formerly batik is also commonly used as the official apparel and seems so formal, so little demand, but as the development of batik fashion in Indonesia now have become everyday wear with a fashion that can be used in any atmosphere. Batik also has developed into a complementary furnishings and decoration of houses, there are batik bedspreads, curtains batik, batik tablecloth, house slippers and started forth.

There are 2 types of batik, batik painting and batik printed. Batik painting is a batik that made with a manual or it is drawn or painted by hand and batik printed is a batik that being printed with printed tools like a mold. The price of painted batik is also more expensive than printed batik, usually it can 2x or 3x or much more expensive than batik printed, but the two types of batik are equally beautiful. And a good batik is a batik which does not fade when washed.
If you visit Indonesia, do not forget to make batik as your souvenirs. Because you probably will not find in other country such as beautiful patterned like batik from Indonesia, if you find batik in another country possibility that imports from Indonesia. Lol

I got the pictures from many sources but I write this post by my self.


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