Thousands of Mount Merapi wildlife inhabitant migrate into Merbabu

Thousands of wildlife species of monkeys on the slopes of Mount Merapi in Boyolali district, was allegedly moved habitats across to the slopes of Mount Merbabu, allegedly due to run out of food and hot temperatures on the slopes of Merapi, due to heat cloud bursts on the eruption of Merapi.
According to witnesses, the monkeys were moved to the slopes Merbabu seen since this past week. Monkeys crossing the main road route has been signed Selo-Magelang Merbabu slope that still has a lot of food for those monkey groups.
Many crops are damaged other than by the impact of volcanic ash but also because a lot of monkeys that invade plantation owned by citizens , so many fields of vegetables and fruits damaged and consumed by the monkeys which pass there during the monkeys migration.
Another feared thing that will happens, if will be struggle for territory between inhabitant Merbabu's monkeys and inhabitant Merapi monkeys. The result of struggle is there is stronge group and loser group. A strong group of monkeys will dominate the area and the loser group usually will leave the territory or become the slave. However, it is estimated that the Merapi's monkeys will return the original kehabitat by itself when the slopes of Merapi situation has been restored and adequate food supplies.lega

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