Mount Bromo's beware status still make a lot of tourists willing to come

Although the status of Mount Bromo beautiful but it is wary tourists still travel to Bromo. Indeed, when the alert status of Mount Bromo reportedly the first time, visitors to Mount Bromo has dropped dramatically. But lately it many tourists who visit Mount Bromo, mainly foreign tourists.
Status Bromo for the population around a common thing, but for most people Bromo charm with clouds of smoke that looks even more attractive and fascinating. They say "Please rollicking come here because this is a rare phenomenon." Well .. as if the words were true, it is breathtaking though Bromo alert status, charm Bromo even more attractive and beautiful. But for the sake of safety, we recommend the visitors witnessed the Bromo from a distance.
Center for Vulcanologist and Geological Hazard Mitigation, set a safe distance Bromo today is beyond a radius of 3 kilometers, so the sea of sand is the area of prohibition to enter, but still many tourists are arrested daring to enter the ocean sand. Well .. it is in fact Bromo look more attractive in alert status.
Views of sunrise and sunset are the things looked forward to the tourists Bromo. And it seems the charm of sunrise and sunset in Bromo with a puff of smoke more and add to the charm of the mountain. The most appropriate spot to watch the sunrise and sunset is at Pos Mentigen, because in this post we can see the views of sunrise and sunset on Mount Bromo.
Well ... The amount of interest in the tourists to keep visiting Bromo is a blessing for service providers around Mount Bromo, so the economic wheel is still spinning though Bromo is turbulent. Because the charm is still attractive despite Bromo viewed from any angle.

Photo by Kompas Photography and article edited by Eksi from


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