Funny souvenirs from Merapi

Apparently Merapi ash that makes us sneeze, sneezing, make you short of breath and pain in the eyes it makes no economic value as well. Kompas newspaper wrote that a student of Indonesian Arts Institute (Institut Seni Indonesia-ISI) in Yogyakarta, Mr Agus, had the idea to sell the ash Merapi on the fund raising action "Holy Sale" for Merapi's refugees that was held in the field Badminton ISI.
Volcanic ash is packed in bottles with labels supplement beverage "volcano dust" was rewarded 10,000 IDR.
From the idea of a fad, offers local and foreign tourists in Malioboro while singing to raise money for the refugees, it turns out many are interested in purchasing. Than 200 bottles of volcanic ash that has been sold out since the 9th of November. So the Holy Sale fund raising event, from the ashes of Merapi have been collected as many as 2 million USD fund, not to mention other souvenirs such as T-shirts, shoes, mugs, etc. themed Merapi.
Because the ash is very dangerous trim, Agus also include a warning related to hazardous materials contained in each item Merapi ash, such as silica which is very sharp which can puncture the lung tissue. Warning label that functioned to provide understanding for the buyers who packaged the Merapi ash.

Pic and article source from edited by me.

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