Courtyard of the Borobudur Temple reopened.

borobudurCleanup Borobudur temple on the upper floor or Arupadatu because of volcanic ash by the eruption of Mount Merapi a few days ago, has now been completed. Today Arupadatu floor was opened for visitors. Now cleaning move to the lower floor.

Cleaning is done as quickly as possible to deploy 50 workers. This is to prevent the ash seeped into the walls of the temple because of volcanic ash. Volcanic ash containing sulfuric acid with high acidity and the potential to accelerate the weathering of rocks temple and should be quickly cleaned.

As known to all buildings covered Borobudur volcanic ash during explosive eruptions of Merapi experienced on Tuesday (10/26/2010) afternoon, then the manager of a tourist attraction closes the upper floors of the temple of tourist visits. For a while tourists may not be up to the temple that is being cleaned.

Officers conducted a manual cleaning by using a broom stick, and brushes and then after that sucked up by vacuum cleaner, then sprayed with water. Salut for the workers who act quickly in preserving and protecting cultural heritage so that the splendor of Borobudur temple will still be witnessed in a long time. Only yesterday I made a post about the closure of Borobudur temple to the public. Good job. Hehehe.

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