Affandi Museum in Yogyakarta

Affandi Museum located at Jalan Adi Sucipto Laksda 167, Yogyakarta, located on the edge of Gadjah Wong River. Affandi Museum is a museum that has a beautiful design and attractive buildings (unlike the design of museums in general).
At first Affandi museum is a private house painting maestro of the deceased of Affandi. Form of surface soil from the Affandi's home yard is not flat, but instead generate ideas and inspiration for Affandi to express his blood of art, creating a unique building integrated with the surrounding environment.
Affandi Museum itself is not built immediately, but a gallery buildings that constructed step by step.
The following is a brief history museum Affandi:
Gallery I completed in 1962 and used as a hall show his works are quite large. Gallery I was officially inaugurated in 1974 by prof. Ida Bagus Mantra who was then serving as Director General of Culture. Gallery I have a unique shape. Unlike the usual museum, Gallery I Affandi Museum is very simple but contains a high artistic taste. Moreover, in it there is the work of the legendary Affandi.
In 1987, President Soeharto provide development assistaffandi museumance Gallery II covering an area of 351.5 acres. Then on June 9, 1988, Gallery II, was inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Culture at the time, Prof. Dr. Fuad Hassan. Architecture Gallery II is not much different than the architecture Gallery I, and finally this is the architecture that will be used as a typical regional architecture Affandi Museum. Gallery II contains the work of Affandi and other famous painters.

affandi museumAs part of the museum complex, Affandi's house has a roof-shaped banana leaf, the same as the previous galleries. The house has two floors are mostly made of wood. The top floor is a private room Affandi. In addition, the lower floor is used as a place to relax and there is also a garage. Enjoying the natural ambiance of the basement is a comfort. Relaxed atmosphere that is different from artistic environment filled with a touch of art.

Gallery Iaffandi museumII built by Affandi Foundation and was completed in 1999. Gallery was then inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X in May 2000.Gallery was established to fulfill the last request Affandi who want to have enough place to store the work and the entire collection. Its architecture was not much different from previous buildings - has a roof-shaped banana leaf.Justify Full

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