Watch the dolphins attraction, beautiful sunrise and sunset at Lovina beach, Bali

Love it .. I still remember that I ever promised to someone on to make a post about the beaches in Bali. And now I am interested in the beach of Lovina, Bali. Lovina Beach is the beach which is famous for dolphins attractions.

Lovina located on north of Bali tourist region, +2.5 hours from Kuta. Lovina is also a leading tourist area of Bali, because here the tourists can enjoy the natural atmosphere which is very different. Mountain landscapes that look very close to the beach make this area more attractive to visit.

Hotels, villas and other lodging types are also very much built here. In the morning, at sunrise, here we can watch the dolphins swimming on the ocean surface. If we want to see dolphins up close, we can rent fishing boats there, then not too far into the ocean we can already see hundreds of dolphins swimming in their habitat. cool.
And if you sunset lovers, I think Lovina beach also give a different sunset scene. lol. Yah..As I know each beach have different sunset sensation. So dont forget to your gf, bf or your lovely family to visit Bali and dont forget to visit Lovina beach also. The most important dont forget to bring your camera to capture the best moment, best sunrise and best sunset with the hundred dolphins in Lovina beach.

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