Tour guide de Kraton (Yogyakarta Sultan's Palace)

After shopping in Malioboro, you must visit Kraton Yogyakarta also. Kraton (Palace) in Yogyakarta (Jogja), not as fancy as the palace in general. Kraton Jogja is a simple palace but highly respect of Javanese culture. For me, Yogyakarta palace is a unique palace. It's just that not all areas can we enter carelessly, when we visited the palace we could only look around.
Our main trip to the main palace where there is a throne hall of King and marquee which is the embryo of the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM). In the middle of the building between the king's throne hall and UGM there is a gate that looks like a small hall. Stand in the middle of this gate, then when you scream or clap your hands then the sound will bounce, the myth that there is a midpoint between Mount Merapi and the South Seas. But in my opinion, architect design the building that makes the sound can bounces.
Then the tour continues towards the palace where the king's residence, where you can watch dance performances, gamelan performance and macapat, also can see the white palace which have floors made of marble and decorated with lights cristal, golden palace ( just the painting color like gold so it is look very glamor), the king's collection like gifts from around the world that was already very old, the collection tells king's life story, a collection of paintings and batik collection. Many can be seen there, but it looks simple.
The next tour is the area outside the palace like a museum Sana Budaya, Museum Kereta, an Old Great Mosque architecture, and Taman Sari. In museum Sana Budaya, you can see many kind of puppet and if you like, you also can to see the puppet show. The puppet show held at the night, this show will be held for 2 hours. And at museum Kereta or carriage museum, you can see many old carriage that still can be use but you can't ride on it, and next to the bath of the king's daughter and mistress, it is called Taman Sari (Water castle).

According to the story, formerly Taman Sari is the area that surrounded by the lake so it is called water castle. But the area become a settlement for the servants for palace, so the lake was flattened (too bad ...). All you can see in the Taman Sari, which is an old pool that should not be used for the public, the former king rooms, and an old mosque that have good architecture (unlike the mosque in general). Then when night come, you also can visit the South Square to play masangan.
That my story when I become tour guide to Kraton, If you want to know more about the Kraton story, you can visit wikipedia or yogyes. I have been visit Kraton for many times but I still like to visit there again, lol.

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  1. i was supposed to go to yogyakarta last august but cancelled at the last minute.. :(


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