Tour guide along Malioboro street

Malioboro MarketLet's get a walks. .. Anjieya this time will invite you to visit the city of Yogyakarta, namely to Malioboro st,Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Malioboro street is the most famous street in Yogyakarta (Jogja). Because Malioboro street is a shopping center, it is about 1km so that was one of recreation destination in Jogja.
When you walk in Malioboro street, do not just go for shopping. Because along Malioboro street and around many places you can visit. If you like to take a walk, would take a walk along the Malioboro is exciting. Our journey started from Hotel Ina Garuda headed to Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta. Options trip up to you: walk, ride tricycles or wagon ride.
From Ina Yogyakarta Hotel, we walked to the Malioboro Mall. Malioboro Mall is my favorite mall in Jogja, because the mall for me was not monotonous. In this mall you can taste the delicious donut that is "J. CO Donut" and buy an original Dagadu t-shirt and souvenirs. Dagadu t-shirt a famous shirt in Jogja because of the unique words on her jersey.
After the Malioboro Mall, you want to buy batik so many choices of batik and souvenir shops that classy example Danar Hadi (Solo), Keris, Margaria, etc. When you pass through the Mutiara(Perl) hotel, do not forget to stop by the mister who although blind but very intense to play Angklung(traditional music from bambo). If you like his play so give charity for him. He was a very loyal to play Angklung in front of the Mutiara Hotel. After the Mutiara hotel to enjoy the Angklung music concert, you can visit the tourist information center to ask about tourism in Yogyakarta. If you do not need to go to tourist centers, then you can go straight to Beringharjo market.
Malioboro MarketBeringharjo market is the largest traditional market in Yogyakarta. In Beringharjo you can buy batik and souvenirs. Because the market then you should be good at bargaining, if you do not like to bid then you can visit Mirota Batik. But for those not familiar, the smell of incense which became characteristic of Mirota will greatly disturbing your smelling.
Finished shopping let us travel history to the museum fort Vedeburg. The ticket to entrance Vedeburg fortress, it is very cheap. What you can see inside of Vedeburg fortress there are a diorama(maket) story of Indonesia's independence struggle. In front of the castle Vedeburg there is a large white building, the building was once the Istana Negara Indonesia (Indonesia white house) at the cabinet RIS. Well .. in front of the castle and Vedeburg fortress which is called point of zero kilometers and became a favorite in Malioboro street to spend the time and enjoy the scene of busy road.
Malioboro MarketFrom zero kilometer, you also can see Monuments of General Offensive 1 March, this monument quite crowded because it is often used as a festival, such as culinary festivals. Looking south, you will see a white building which has colonial architecture period. The building is a bank of BI, the post office and bank BNI, indeed it is a heritage building of Colonial period. To the south again is the square of Yogyakarta Palace and Malioboro tour ended and now we tour the Sultan palace.

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