Let's travel to the city of the Rainbow Troops.

Rainbow Troops film adapted from a novel of the same title, takes original place according to the novel and the author's place is in Belitung, Indonesia. When we look at the Belitung Islands have a nice beach scene and unique, usually beach decorated with a steep rock or sharp but not in the Belitung Islands. Granite boulders that adorn the coast of the Belitung Islands that make the scene at the beach be beautiful and unique.
Formerly Belitung known as the island of tin producer, but now the government already knows how great the potential of tourism on the island of Belitung. The Indonesian government also has made the Belitung Islands as a national tourist icon, to start it then the government will hold a Sail Belitung in 2011.
Um .. wait Sail Belitung in 2011 is still quite long. In the near future, namely in November 2010, the festival of Rainbow Troops will be held.
Rainbow Troops festival will be held for 1 month of 1 to 30 November 2010 with the theme "Dignity Respect for Culture and Tourism East K-State of the Rainbow Troops". This festival will be held in the village of Linggang, Belitung. Linggang Village has the advantage of owning a fishing community, the unique community's of Sawang, Malay and Chinese communities are elderly, and various other tribes. Our landscape consists of rivers, valleys, lakes, mountains, beaches, the location of mines, plantations, fields, and forests. There is also industrial Archaeology, namely facilities and old mining machinery from the Dutch and PT. Tin. It said the village is the deadline Linggang Malay culture. Thus, in this rainbow festival, will also be lifted malay culture. All performances will be held in the middle of specialty coffee shops like the picture of Andrea Hirata in his novels. The Rainbow Troops Festival is a festival of folk and managed by the Office of Letters Linggang Village and will become the largest festival of arts and culture in East Belitong. All festival events are open to the public, free, vibrant education, welfare, and cultural value.
Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the Rainbow Trropss in the real world, let's travel to the village of Rainbow Troops.

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